Moving from LastPass to Bitwarden is Easy

By | March 2, 2021
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Moving from LastPass to Bitwarden is Easy

How to move from LastPass to Bitwarden- A Cloudeight Tutorial

I’ve been testing Bitwarden for about 10 days now. Now I’ve become a fan of Bitwarden. Now, keep in mind, I’ve been a LastPass user for over ten years. We all like what we’re used to better than something new and different. But over these last ten days, Bitwarden has impressed me and I’m ready to leave LastPass behind.

As we recently reported, LastPass is going to limit their free version to one device type. I’m not going to go over all the changes here, but if you want to learn about the changes coming to the free version of LastPass on March 16, 2021, visit our post here.

If you’re interested in moving from LastPass to Bitwarden, it’s pretty easy. Here’s our step-by-step tutorial showing you how to do it.

First, let’s export your data from LastPass

1. Click the LastPass icon in your browser — then click Account Options.

From LastPass to Bitwarden - A Cloudeight Tutorial

2. Select Advanced

 From LastPass to Bitwarden - A Cloudeight Tutorial

3. Then click Export…

 From LastPass to Bitwarden - A Cloudeight Tutorial

4. Select LastPass CSV File

 From LastPass to Bitwarden - A Cloudeight Tutorial

You may have to type in your LastPass master password to proceed.

Your LastPass CSV file will immediately be downloaded (usually) to your Downloads folder.

5. Next, select Export again and select Form Fills

A Cloudeight Tutorial

Your LastPass FormFill CSV file will immediately be downloaded (usually) to your Downloads folder.

Getting Started with Bitwarden

OK, you’re all done with LastPass for now. It’s time to get Bitwarden and a free Bitwarden account and install Bitwarden in your favorite browser. 

 From LastPass to Bitwarden - A Cloudeight Tutorial

Once you’ve installed Bitwarden and created an account login to your Bitwarden account.

From the menu at the top, click on Tools…

 From LastPass to Bitwarden - A Cloudeight Tutorial

From the Tools dropdown choose Import Data (see screenshot above). Under Select, the format of the import file, click the down arrow and choose LastPass (CSV). Click on “Choose File” and browse to the LastPass.csv file you exported, then click on the blue “Import Data”. button (see screenshot above).

If you exported LastPass and LastPass Form Fills, click on “Choose File” and choose the lastpass_formfill_export.csv file you exported from LastPass.

It’s a good idea to delete the CSV files you exported from LastPass since they are not encrypted and could be read by anyone.

If you need more help, Bitwarden has a great help page for those moving from LastPass to Bitwarden.

If you have questions or problems visit for help.

And that’s it. You’re all set to go with Bitwarden.


13 thoughts on “Moving from LastPass to Bitwarden is Easy

  1. Kerryn

    Thanks so much. I could never use LastPass on my phone anyway unless I paid the fee which I did at first but the price kept going up and up.
    Can you tell me is there a Bitwarden extension for Google Chrome browser like there is for LastPass?


    Thank you so much! Your help and research is very much appreciated!

  3. Charles H

    I moved from LastPass, which I’d used for years, under Windows 10 and under Linux, to Bitwarden on 12/31/2019. It works great for me, in Linux Mint Xfce. I pay the easy $10/yr. fee for the additional features. I haven’t missed LP at all.

  4. Dennis Rayl

    Does switching to Bitwarden mean setting a a new account for and on each device or can it be done from one device?

    1. infoave Post author

      Once you set up a Bitwarden account, you use the same account on all devices regardless if you’re using the Bitwarden Android app or the Bitwarden browser extensions on Windows.

  5. Ila in Maine

    And done. So I can delete Last Pass and go about my day.

    Thanks so very much.

  6. David Foltz

    Greetings. No “Tools” to select. I only have “File/Edit/View/Account/Window/Help” at the top of the Vault. Under “File”, “Export Vault” only (no “Import”). Please advise. Thanks.

    1. infoave Post author

      Please see the screenshot below. The article was written for someone installing BitWarden for the first time.


      If you still need help let us know.

  7. Frank Mitchell

    I have installed BitWarden. I like it. How do I uninstall LastPass to remove all of my data? Frank

    1. infoave Post author

      If you installed the browser extension just remove the extension from your browser.If you installed it on Widnows for use on more than one browser go to Settings> Apps >Apps & features (Windows 10) or Settings > Apps > Installed app (Windows 11) and find LastPass, click on it, and select “Uninstall”. Then go to this pageand delete your LastPass account.


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