New Icons Coming in the Next Version of Windows 10

By | April 21, 2020
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New Icons Coming in the Next Version of Windows 10

Microsoft will be introducing a new set of Windows 10 system icons. Some of these new icons are showing up on the current insider (test) versions of Windows 10.  It will give Windows 10 a much-needed facelift. Windows 10 has featured the same system icons since its release in July 2015.

Most, if not all, of these new icons, should debut with Windows 10 version 2004 due out in May 2020.

If you’re curious or if you’re an icon-lover, here’s what the new icons look like:

[rl_gallery id=”19191″]

Click on the image above to get a closer look.

What do you think? Do you like them?

11 thoughts on “New Icons Coming in the Next Version of Windows 10

  1. Melody

    Gee whiz! I wonder why they are still so bland! I have accumulated many really cool icons over the years and I like to use my snazzy ones to spruce things up on my PC’s and laptop.

  2. Jimbo

    They Look very amateurish and what do they all represent?
    We all know what the old ones look like.

  3. Shirley B Woods

    I don’t like them and I don’t like change without choice. Not happy about this. Have to learn all over again.

  4. Bette Dearing

    Do not like these at all! Yes, way too “bland” I will find some elsewhere.

  5. ralph

    like you said if it aint broke don,t fix it. i like the old ones better

  6. Doug CALLIES

    no no no please,

    if i don’t want or need….then don’t mess the customer

    they look to autonomous. Bland blah

  7. Karen

    I really don’t think they put much thought into these new icons. My Word; so simple compared to what we already have. Sad


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