Optional Non-Security Updates Will Return to Windows 10 in July 2020

By | June 27, 2020
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Optional Non-Security Updates Will Return to Windows 10 in July 2020

Microsoft must think they’ve perfected their Windows update releases and are ready to bring back the oft buggy, “C” and “D” non-critical updates for Windows 10 – which, of course, allows for even greater chances for botched updates. The optional C and D releases were originally included in Windows updates to give developers an advanced look at what was coming for Windows 10. But Microsoft removed these previews because they caused problems for users who installed the updates.

After the recent round of botched updates – both cumulative updates and the May 2020 “feature” update, you’d think that Microsoft would want to apply more scrutiny to monthly Windows 10 updates instead of bringing back the “preview” updates which caused problems. Why would Microsoft want to risk increasing the number of problems for users – you’d think they’d not want to do anything to make things even worse.

But according to this article from The Register, it looks like Microsoft will be bringing back the Optional C & D updates beginning with the July 2020 cumulative updates.

Here’s what The Register says about the return of the optional C and D non-critical updates

C is for ‘Careful now’, D is for ‘Download surprise’: Microsoft to resurrect optional Windows 10 updates as ‘Previews’

They’re baaaack – ‘optional non-security updates’ return to Windows 10

Because, heck, it’s not as though breaking printing once a month is enough, Microsoft has announced that “C” and “D” updates for Windows 10 will be making a comeback after it hit the pause button back in March.

Those optional “C” and “D” releases were intended to give admins a heads-up with regard to what was coming down the pipe in the monthly Patch Tuesday emission, aka the “B” release.

Far be it from us to suggest that “B” might stand for “buggy” or even “borked”. Unless, of course, you wanted to actually print something.

Things are, however, being tweaked a little. To ensure admins know what they’re in for, the optional updates are now being called “Preview” releases, although Microsoft insists they are “validated, production quality”, just like Windows 10 itself, we presume. The previews will also only be delivered in the “C” week and not show up at all for admins using Windows Server Update Services (WSUS).

Patch Tuesday, which we have all started to look forward to in the same way as one anticipates root canal surgery, remains unchanged.

The resumption is planned for July 2020 and is also aimed only at Windows 10 and Windows Server 1809 or later.

Since these are “optional” updates, you should have a choice to not install them. We’ll let you know how to do that as soon as we see how the July updates are presented.


4 thoughts on “Optional Non-Security Updates Will Return to Windows 10 in July 2020

  1. D.

    I guess Microsoft thinks it has thrown in enough ways to recover your machine now they can do this :=)

    Now lets see how gutsy they are about downloading this mess. Maybe we can catch them off guard.

  2. Cheri

    Speaking of updates, what is the verdict on May 2020? I have all updates stopped until July 3. With patch Tues coming up this week is it safe to unlock the door and let Microsoft to its magic? I am sure a lot of us are waiting for the okay.

    1. infoave Post author

      Microsoft’s “Patch Tuesday” occurs on the second Tuesday of each month. So in July, patch Tuesday is July 14, 2020. As far as I know, the May 2020 version update is still not completely fixed. Do not mix up patch Tuesday with version update. Patch Tuesday is when Microsoft releases cumulative updates, security patches, and but fixes. Microsoft does not automatically download version updates (aka Feature updates) on patch Tuesday.

      1. Cheri

        I was thinking it was this coming Tues. I thought I’d check with you before I consider downloading the May 2020. Never knew version updates did not automatically download. Good to know in case it pops up when I resume updates end of July. Thanks for this bit of knowledge now in my file of Cloudeight tips to tell others.


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