Our Top Ten Windows Key Shortcuts

By | January 12, 2021
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Our Top 10 Windows Key Shortcuts

Cloudeight Windows Key Shortcuts

These shortcuts work on all supported versions of Windows 10.

Everyone uses their computers differently. We use Windows shortcuts every day because they save time… but only if you use them.

Here is a list of our top ten Windows Key shortcuts. We hope you find these shortcuts useful.

Windows Key + E Opens File Explorer
Windows Key + i  Opens Windows 10 Settings
Windows Key + L  Locks the PC and allows you to switch accounts (works only on computers with more than one user account.
Windows Key + D Shows the Windows Desktop
Windows Key + U Opens Ease of Access Center
Windows Key + X Opens the Start button Right-click Menu
Windows Key + V Opens the clipboard app.
Windows Key + W Opens Windows 10 Workspace (Sticky Notes, Sketchpad, Screen Sketch)
Windows Key + R Opens a Run dialog
Windows Key +. or Windows Key + ; Windows Key plus the period key or semi-colon key opens Windows 10 Emoji pad.

Note: Windows Key shortcuts are not case sensitive. For clarity, we show most shortcuts using uppercase letters.

Using Windows Key shortcuts save time. Do you use Windows Key shortcuts as much as we do?

2 thoughts on “Our Top Ten Windows Key Shortcuts

  1. judy warden

    no, I don’t but I’m trying to use them. I type so slow that if shortcuts prove to help then a hug for you. Sure will copy and paste this in front of me.

  2. Darlene Anderson

    I used the D key for desktop on my old computer because I kept a shortcut for everything there, but now I use it when I save something to the desktop before sending it away.

    I had never used the E, I or U, but they will be handy. Thanks for cluing me in.


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