WOT the ??? (Web of Trust)

 WOT The ??? We pulled our recommendation for Web of Trust (WOT) quite a while ago. Before I get started, I want you to know that the idea behind WOT was one that sounded great conceptually, but fails miserably in reality. The idea of having hundreds of thousands of people rating web sites and giving others a heads-up… Read More »

Use Google Chrome to open PDF files

Are you sick of Adobe and other PDF readers? Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 You will need Google Chrome browser installed Are you tired of Adobe’s security flaws which seem to need to be patched every week. Are you tired of freeware PDF readers that suddenly decide they’re not going to be free anymore, or try to… Read More »

Joan asks about our recommendation of IncrediMail

Joan asks about our recommendation of IncrediMail TC and EB You Are The Best! Cloudeight is a Godsend! I have sent you a few queries in the past, and you have responded quickly and succinctly. I thank you for those times. When I made to switch from Windows XP to Windows Vista…then Windows 7, I finally had to… Read More »

Nine tips for saving battery power

A tip for users of laptops, smartphones, and tablet computers 1. Keep out of temperature extremes. Extreme heat and extreme cold can cause your battery to drain more quickly. 2. Most of us keep our screens at maximum brightness, and this is a huge cause of battery drain. Try reducing brightness by 10% increments and you may be… Read More »