Organize your Gmail inbox

If you’re used to organizing your email into folders in Outlook Express, Windows Mail, or Outlook, and you have a Gmail account, you’re probably wondering how you can organize your mail into folders. There doesn’t seem to be a way to create new folders. But there is. Gmail uses something they call labels. Think of labels as folders.… Read More »

Using System File Checker

Tip for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 System File Checker, or SFC, is one of the best features of Windows, and also one of the least used. And that’s too bad. Many computer problems can be solved by running it, and yet very few people ever use it. To be honest, we forget about it too. It… Read More »

Tracking cookies? Oh no!

Jim asks about tracking cookies I recently switched from IE8 to Firefox. When I run SUPERAntiSpyware, it finds about 200 tracking cookies each day. They all seem to be related to Firefox. I never encountered this in IE8. You have previously educated me not to be worried about cookies, but are tracking cookies different? I remove them, but… Read More »