Add more memory to your computer in a flash

For users of Windows Vista and Windows 7 and newer Not all flash drives are created equal. All flash drives can store data safely and conveniently. Flash drives are useful for so many things – backing up files, taking files with you when you travel, sharing files with a friend, storing photos, music, emails, and more. But some… Read More »

Ten Email Etiquette Tips for you

1. Never type in all caps. Typing in all caps is considered yelling. Besides being considered screaming or yelling, studies show that email typed in all caps takes longer to read (really!) 2. Sending the same email to a group of people is seldom necessary. However, if you do find it necessary to send an email to a… Read More »

RSTRUI – Six letters you’ll learn to love

RSTRUI – Six letters you’ll learn to love Here’s a tip you won’t remember until you need it. But this little tip can pull you out of some serious problems. There are several new rogue security programs on the Web, and they all follow the same M.O. First you see a warning that looks for all the world… Read More »