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By | March 14, 2011
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So, you got some gift cards for Christmas, or for your birthday, your cremation celebration, National Toenail Day, Americans Love Otters Day, or some other equally important occasion..   but you’d rather have the money than a $50.00 giftcard good for dinner at The Lower Slobovian Good Eats Emporium . Or you’d rather have the money than a $50 gift card to Eyelashes Is Us.

Our site of the week lets you sell your gift cards for money and/or buy gift cards at a discount. Granted $4.00 off a $50.00 gift card isn’t much but it’s better than paying $50. If you can afford to waste $4.00, waste it on me! Four dollars buys a gallon of gas (almost) or a box of Girl Scout Cookies. Some discounts are higher too. And you can sell your unwanted gift cards for up to 85% of their face value. If you’re not going to use them, you might as well get the cash right? Then when you get the cash, send it to us! Be altruistic! Be philanthropic! Be generous!

OK, time to stop the yammering and start getting down to business.

From the Plastic Jungle Web site comes this succinct description:

“How Plastic Jungle Works

As the premier destination to sell, buy, exchange, and donate gift cards in a trusted environment, Plastic Jungle offers the simplest and safest way to save money at your favorite stores and turn unwanted gift cards into cash. All transactions are guaranteed, and we offer industry-leading features such as gift card replacement protection in case they are lost or damaged. ”

OK. Now you know where to buy gift cards for less and where to sell all those gift cards you got for National Morel Mushroom Day and get money in your pocket.

Because our job is to find things you might like – and because in this economy a gift card to Omar Kayam’s Arabian Buffet might not be worth as much to you as $40 in your pocket —we’ve named Plastic Jungle or site of the week! Visit Plastic Jungle right now. Even if you have no gift cards to buy or sell, it’s still fun to look around.


Speaking of discounts…

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Captain Optimizer – A complete computer maintenance toolkit – to keep your computer running great! $20 off!

Registry Commander – An easy to use, professional-grade, registry cleaner and optimizer. $20 off right now!

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