Radiooooo: A Musical Time Machine

By | February 27, 2024
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Radiooooo: A Musical Time Machine

Dive into the world of music through time and space with Radiooooo, a unique, fascinating, and entertaining website.

Radiooooo is something different and unique. It’s nothing like your typical online radio station or streaming service. Radiooooo lets you choose a decade from the 1900s to the present and a country from anywhere in the world. As soon as you do, you’re transported to a specific era, experiencing the music that shaped that time and place.

Radiooooo is not a cold machine-curated site. Radiooooo is curated by humans – yep like you and me. It has a distinctively human touch. Curators have carefully selected songs for each location and decade, ensuring you get a taste of the most popular and culturally significant music.

Radiooooo does more than simply play music. Each song includes information about the artist, album, and even the person who “discovered” it for the site. The human touch is what makes this site so engaging. And helps you to learn more about the music you’re enjoying.

Whether you’re a music history buff, a music explorer, or just looking for something new and unique, Radiooooo has something for everyone. It’s a fascinating way to discover hidden gems, listen to nostalgic favorites, and maybe even broaden your musical horizons.

The website’s design is simple and visually appealing… with a vintage touch. Navigation is very intuitive, making it easy to switch between different locations and decades.

Radiooooo - A Cloudeight Site Pick - Have Fun!

Radiooooo - a Cloudeight Site Pick - Have fun!

Let’s take a minute and let the folks that curate Radiooooo, tell you about their endeavor…

Radiooooo, The Musical Time Machine

Radiooooo is a project born in 2013, dreamt up by a little family of friends, both djs and music lovers, who decided to share their record collections and the fruit of many years of research, for all to enjoy. « Sharing and discovering » , « curiosity and pleasure » these are the foundations of this musical time machine.

Radiooooo is a collaborative website, which goal is to open each and everyone’s horizons through culture and beauty.

Its members’ objective is to create a more open-minded and richer world. A better world.

The treasures that constitute this ever growing library come from the collective memory of our humanity, in its most universal and timeless form: music.

By using Radiooooo, you are encouraging where everyone understands and appreciates each other better through musical culture. You are cultivating your garden and helping your neighbors to grow theirs.

Become the explorers of this bountiful world that opens up to us.

Thank you for being so different and for sharing these differences with us. We sincerely hope you enjoy the ride.

Bon voyage!

Radiooooo is a fun and educational experience for music lovers of all ages. It’s a free and easy journey into the eclectic world of music. Radiooooo is a place where you can travel through time and across borders to experience the power of music and sound.

Before we send you off to visit Radiooooo you should know that Radiooooo does not offer features like creating playlists or personalized recommendations. Also, the selection of music might be limited for some specific countries or decades.

Radiooooo is a fun, unique, and entertaining website that we think deserves a look and a listen – and maybe even a spot in your Favorites of Bookmarks.

You don’t have to join anything to enjoy Radiooooo, when you first visit the site just click “Continue in Basic Mode” and you’re on the way to a musical journey with no strings attached… except for maybe some violins 🙂

Turn up the volume – or put on your headphones, and begin a musical journey by visiting our Cloudeight Site Pick – Radiooooo! 


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  1. Joyce Linsenmeyer

    Just wanted you to know you also have to click the USA and highlight it to get the music of our times.


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