Recycle Bin Tips

By | October 1, 2016
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Recycle Bin Tips

These tips work in Windows 7, Windows 8x, & Windows 10

1. Use shift / delete to bypass the Recycle Bin.

2. Use the option to make different settings for how Recycle Bin works on all drives, including external – e.g. you can control the amount of space allocated for the Recycle Bin on each drive. You can also change a setting and bypass the Recycle Bin completely as in the previous tip.

3. If you accidently delete a file, use Ctrl + Z to restore it.

4. You can choose whether or not you want Windows to display the delete confirmation box – i.e. “Are you sure…”.

5. If you’ve got nothing better to do and want to change the sound that plays when you empty your recycle bin – just go to Control Panel, Sounds and click on the Sound tab. Now scroll down to File Explorer, find Empty Recycle bin, and browse for a any new sound you want to play when you empty the trash 🙂
Cloudeight InfoAve
Set the maximum size for your Recycle Bins

Cloudeight InfoAve
Turn the delete confirmation dialog on / off.

Cloudeight InfoAve
Change the Empty Recycle Bin Sound.

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