Retro Valentine’s: Our newest Valentine’s stationery collection

By | February 12, 2012
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Cloudeight Stationery - Retro Valentines

Our newest Cloudeight Valentine’s Day collection, “Retro Valentine’s”, is a collection filled with nostalgic stationery from days gone by. and colorful This new Cloudeight Stationery collection features many designs, so you’re sure to find exactly the right stationery for each of those special emails you’ll be sending to your sweethearts :-). Many of these stationery are made so you can use them every day and not just during the Valentine’s season. Love knows no season!

Because this collection has been created in several different versions, you’ll find exactly the right collection for your favorite email program, whether it be Windows Live Mail, Windows Mail, Outlook Express, or Thunderbird.

Our “Retro Valentine’s” stationery collection features these eight great stationery designs:

  • Be Mine
  • Love Always
  • Love You Beary Much
  • Puppy Love
  • Suit Me to a Tea
  • Take My Heart
  • To My Sweetheart
  • You Have Mail

You can preview and download our brand new Retro Valentine’s collection from here!

2 thoughts on “Retro Valentine’s: Our newest Valentine’s stationery collection

  1. Jim Dening

    If you are not going to support or recommend Incredimail any longer and offer new stationery for it, you should say so explicitly, rather than doing so by omitting the latest stationery like Retro Valentine’s for it. Maybe I haven’t been reading your Premium Newsletter carefully enough and if you’ve already told your followers of your decision — I stand corrected. I realize times change and if I should now be using a different e-mail client, perhaps it would be helpful if you mentioned how to remove Incredimail and how to install a best alternative that you anticipate being a Cloudeight-recommended e-mail client for the forseeable future! Thanks and good luck to you!

    1. infoave Post author

      Perhaps you should read the IncrediMail section before you write things that aren’t true. IncrediMail has changed. They’ve added more and more adware and home-page hijackers. The program has become monstrous – sucking up 100+ MB of resources. This is not acceptable for an email program. Maybe in your world things never change – but in the world of the Internet they change quite often. We’re not going to continue to support an email program that causes problems with people’s computers, steals their home page and promotes adware. Sorry if that doesn’t suit you needs.


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