Some Windows 7 Quick-tips for you

By | February 16, 2011
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Many of you are now using Windows 7. Some of the more affluent among you received a new Windows 7 computer for Christmas. Quick-tips are tips you can learn and use quickly. See? Quick-tips? Got it?

Here are a few Quick-tips for those of you who are now using Windows 7:

Windows 7 Quickie – You can minimize all open windows except for the one you have on top, by clicking Windows Key + Home Key. Click again to re-open all those windows.

IE 8 Address Bar Surprise in Windows 7 – One of my favorite features in Windows 7! Just drag the address bar downwards using your left mouse key, and the address bar will slowly expand to show you your History, Favorites and Typed URLs.

Rearranging Icons in your Taskbar or System Tray -You can quickly and easily rearrange the items/icons in your taskbar by simply holding your left mouse key down and dragging them from one spot to another. You can reorder both pinned shortcuts or running applications to suit your needs.

Did you know you can also change the order of the icons in your system tray? You can even drag them into and out of view. I keep programs I open often, such as Roboform icon, in view close to my system clock. I moved CalendarPal’s weather icon next to the system clock for quick view and moved antivirus and other system icons out of view.

More Wallpaper in Windows 7 – Windows 7 includes wallpaper with images from beautiful places from your country (if you are in US, it installs US landmarks, if you are in Canada, it installs Canada landmarks, etc. ) If you would like to choose from some of the other country choices, they are actually right on your computer. Just type or copy the following into your browser: C:\Windows\Globalization\MCT It will open a folder on your hard drive that has wallpaper choices from a number of countries including the USA, Australia, UK, Canada and South Africa. Look in the “Theme” Folder, double click the file to activate the choices.

Since each icon is larger and appears as a graphical thumbnail, you can easily see what each icon is for. For even more user friendly features, if you hover over any of the thumbnails in the taskbar, it expands to a larger view for an even better peek at what is open. Finally, you can change the size of the icons. This is just a glimpse at what you will be able to do with the new thumbnail taskbar!

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