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Chrome’s “Reader Mode” is Back

    Chrome’s “Reader Mode” is Back A while back we wrote about distilling webpages with Chrome’s Reader Mode. A lot of people liked that feature because it removed clutter from pages and made them easier to read. Soon after we wrote that article, Google removed “Reader mode” from Chrome’s available experimental feature’s list. In the current version… Read More »

What a Drag it is…

    What a Drag it is… We get plenty of requests for help from people whose computers start freezing up after they’ve been using them for a while. And there are a lot of reasons why this happens including too many programs starting with Windows. But another reason that isn’t often mentioned is Web browsers that are… Read More »

Dark Reader Makes the Web Easier on the Eyes

    Dark Reader Makes the Web Easier on the Eyes Dark Reader is a blessing for your eyes. If you, like me, have trouble reading black text on bright white screens at night, then Dark Reader will be a blessing for your eyes too. Dark Reader is a web browser extension that lets you change the color… Read More »