The Future of Cloudeight

By | December 28, 2012
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John Lennon once said, “Life is what happens to your while you’re busy making other plans.” And it is so true.

The last few weeks we’ve been forced to take a look at our business, our income, and ourselves — and it’s been tough. One of the toughest things to do is to see things as they really are — and not how we would like them to be. Sometimes the truth can be brutal.

We’ve been online since 1998  — and many of you have been with since the beginning.. We seen changes come and go on the Web, many changes for the better, and many not. We have had to learn to survive. Many changes we didn’t agree with yet we were able to adapt and we’ve never had to sacrifice a single one of our core values.

But sometimes life is a harsh teacher, she likes to give the tests first and lessons second. Both of us have spent a great deal of time discussing ways we can keep our business going while keeping our pledge of trust to those of you who have been with us since the beginning. In a world that is changing faster now than ever, it’s not been easy.

Both of us have put in more 16 – 18 hour days than we care to count. We’ve worked hard building and tending and nurturing our small business. We’ve watched some of our friends who once had prospering small businesses, close — we’ve watched as the web sites of our friends and some of those who started at the same time as we did, back in the 1990’s, simply disappear. We have watched as Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Adobe and others have bought out prospering Mom and Pop businesses — and we’ve watched too while he giants on the Internet brutally pushed the mom and pops out of business.

All the while, we’ve been able to find ways to stay current and keep our business going – and a large part of that is because of those who support us — our friends and our fans who have been with us for long time and who have come to count on us as much as we have come to count on them.

Recently, TC has had to deal with some serious health problems (but luckily, with treatment he’ll be all right), and life is what happened to us while we were busy making other plans. And as 2013 approaches, we have had found ourselves being forced to make some really tough decisions as to where we’re going and what we’re going to be doing– and in what direction we’re going to be headed in the new year.

There are some things we’d like you to know.

It should come as no surprise to you that we’ve been struggling to ends meet. Our struggles began when Microsoft introduced Windows 7, which took away the stationery-friendly Windows Mail/Outlook Express email programs that all of us had come to rely on over the years. At the time Windows 7 was introduced, our stationery site accounted for more than 70% of our businesses income and much of our growth. Cloudeight was synonymous with email stationery — and almost everyone who used Email stationery knew of Cloudeight.

As fewer and fewer people had access to Outlook Express and Windows Mail, we watched as our audience dwindled to less than 10% of what it once was. Not having the resources to develop full-featured, stationery friendly email program, we found ourselves in a very bad situation. More and more people upgraded their Windows XP computers to Windows 7. Many others upgraded Vista to Windows 7 — and all the while we were getting mixed signals from Microsoft that perhaps soon, they’d bring back Windows Mail in Windows 7 or Windows 8 and we’d be able to save our stationery site and all the thousands of days and hundreds of thousands of hours we had invested in it. Our stationery site once used by millions of people, is now used by just thousands — and even that market continues to dwindle as more and more people upgrade aging Windows machines newer versions of Windows.

With stationery fading, we began emphasizing and featuring Windows tips and tricks, Windows answers and help and other computer-related information. We were carving out a niche for Cloudeight and trying to survive as a business. Early in 2012 we started Cloudeight Direct Computer Care which has been a great blessing to us. If it had not been for Cloudeight Direct and your support, we would have been facing reality much sooner.

With TC’s recent health scare and the rapid decline of one of our core businesses, the wake-up call we received was bitter and harsh. We have spent a great deal of time recently deciding what direction we are going to take and how we’re going to survive in a increasingly difficult business climate.

First — what we are not going to do: 

1. We will not start bundling our Software or using any underhanded means of funding our business — we would rather go broke than grow crooked.

We contemplated bundling software with our software at 50 cents to $1 per download. We currently average 40,000 downloads a month. We could have made an easy choice and easily ended our money woes and saved our business by bundling our software with adware/spyware/malware and duping our users into installing the bad with the good. Even though this model could have saved our business, we couldn’t do that to those who have trusted us. We turned down the company that wanted us to bundle software. We will never abuse the trust you’ve placed in us — even if it means we have to close up shop.

2. Finding affiliate software (particularly AntiVirus and security software) just to have something to sell you.

We have, for a long time, maintained that free antivirus software was as good as the kind you buy. This is our personal feeling and we used free antivirus on our own computers (business and personal). We could have legitimately claimed to have found some commercial anti-virus (Norton is paying 45% commission) and enjoyed a nice boost in income by recommending antivirus software we really didn’t believe in. We didn’t do it because we’d rather go out of business than to lie to you. We won’t ever lie to you in order to make money or save our business.

3. Partnering with other sites and products for profit.

We discussed giving up some autonomy in order to expand our business and our business model. But that wouldn’t be us. We’ve prided ourselves on thinking differently from others. We’d end up agreeing with things we really didn’t believe in — hence we’d not be true to ourselves.

In short, we’ve decided, that we’ll never sell ourselves out and we’ll never sell you out, no matter what. If selling out our customers or selling out what we believe in is the only way for us to stay in business, we will go out of business.

We’re going to stay true to ourselves…

We’ve decided to take the choose the difficult journey and be true to ourselves. We’ve looked at our services and our pricing and found out we tend to consistently undercharge for them. In 2013 we are going to change our pricing to and charge a fair market value for our Cloudeight Direct Services — keeping our pricing in line with what others charge. We believe our services are superior to any other remote computer repair service. Charging a fair price for our services is the right thing to do. We believe we offer the best remote computer repair available and we will be charging fair market value for those services based on what others charge for similar services.

We will continue to recommend and sell products that we believe in and charge a fair price for them. We’re not going to be able to offer you the same deep discounts we’ve offered you in the past — we just cannot afford to do that any longer. We will continue to offer you top-quality products and sell them at the lowest possible prices so that we can make a little money and you can save a little money; and we both win.

We want to be fair. We want you to be aware what we are doing and why our prices are going to change after the first of the new year. And that’s why we’re offering you a chance to get the products you want at the lowest prices of this year. It’s only fair that we give you a chance to save money on our most popular products and services.

We’re offering you a chance to get our Cloudeight Direct Repair Service Keys and Cloudeight recommended Software products at the lowest prices ever, until January 1, 2013. We’ll also be offering an easy way for you to donate any amount if you’d like to help us in that way too. We want to be fair and we ned

So on January 1, 2013 our prices on many of our services and products will be going up. We will make sure that our services and software will continue to be outstanding values for you. And we’re giving you one more chance to get our most popular products and services at rock-bottom prices.

Our newsletters will be expanding too… Our Windows newsletters have always been full of tips and tricks and answers to your most often asked questions. But the world is changing and smartphones and tablets are changing the way many of us access the Internet. So, we will have more tablet and smart phone tips in our newsletters for you.. As more and more of you depend on smart phones and tablets, to access Web content and Internet services, we will expand our newsletters and offer more tips and tricks for tablets and smartphone users, both Android and Apple. And of course we’ll continue to provide you with the best tips and tricks and answers to your PC and laptop questions.

We will never violate the trust you place in us…

One thing we want you to know above everything else is that we’ll never sell out the people who’ve trusted us for more than a decade. We decided if came down to going out of business or being less than honest with those who have trusted us for so long, we would rather go out of business.

We believe that if we do the right thing, then good things will happen. We look forward to being here for you in 2013 and beyond, and in helping you with your computer. If you like to take advantage of our Year-end pricing, please visit  today — help us and help yourself to some really good deals before they’re gone forever.

And regardless what the future holds, we want you to know that we consider you our friend and whatever we decided in the future will be based on your trust in us — and in that regard,  we’ll never let you down.

We hope you’ll be able to take advantage of the great year-end specials we’re offering you through the end of the year.

54 thoughts on “The Future of Cloudeight

  1. Chuck Miller

    I have an elderly lady friend who is having problems with s new PC. I am suggesting your service and forwarding the newsletter to her. Hoping she contacts you. You might watch for Lois Hudec. Here’s hoping. Best wishes to you both for your wonderful letters.
    Chuck Miller

  2. virginia gibson

    I am 78 and have depended on you since I first got a PC. I will continue to support you. I purchased one of repairs in May. Waiting until after the New Year to use it. Good luck and keep up the good work. Sincerely, Virginia Gibson

  3. Rose

    Thank you for all these years of help. I’m grateful to have gotten in on the ground floor, so to speak, since funds are so limited now. I recommend you frequently and will concentrate on doing more of that.
    For anyone who is unsure whether to trust you, I ran much of your information by a geek friend who fixes many computers, and he always agreed with you and even learned some things.

    Thank you again,


  4. Robyn Walker

    I am 75 and have been with you both since I got my computer in 2000..I have learnt so much from you both ..have bought most of your programs and donated as well..I wish I could do more for you both.. unfortunately being a pensioner finances are really tight trying to make ends meet..but I’m so sorry to hear TC has had a health scare and you are both finding it tough..I’ll keep you both in my prayers..asking for TC to regain his health completely and Cloudeight to prosper in 2013..God Bless you both.. Love and Hugs.. Robyn (aussierob)

  5. Graycrab

    I am 77. Have been with you for a very long time and do appreciate all you have done and all I have learned from you.
    I wish I could help you out but my finances will not allow it, sorry.
    I will keep you in my prayers and wish you both a successful, healthy, Happy New Year! Graycrab

  6. madeline

    such a beautiful sincere letter from you….i completely understand the difficulty you are having..times are tough for everyone but i hope my small purchase of a repair key is a bit of help..i wish you both a healthy and prosperous new year in 2013…i thank you for all of your help, warnings, etc……i wish i could do more to help you but i also am in dire straits…i will pray for TC to get better soon and lighten your load……

  7. LaBonBon

    Dear TC and Eightball–continued best of luck! As one who runs a blog I know how difficult it is to make a living online. I applaud your ethics!! I would so like to make a living off of my blog but do not for many of the reasons you mentioned.

    I wish I could contribute but I have been unemployed for over a year. Instead I will send you both my best wishes and pray for TC’s speedy and complete recovery.

    Love and blessings from one who has been with you since the early days.

  8. Frankie Msrtin

    I am soon 74 and have been with you guys since the very beginning. All I know about computers, you tought me and I highly appreciate it. It is with great interest that I read your letter and I am very happy of your decision to stick around. So sorry about TC’s health scare. Hope all is well now. I wish you both the best of 2013, mostly health and prosperity. Whenever I can, I will keep helping financially. For now, its Christmas and its rather tight, but good days are soon coming. Happy New Year to both. Hugs…Frankie

  9. Darla Ritchie

    Dear TC & EB, I have been a friend of yours since the beginning and I am so proud to say that you two are the best on the Internet bar none. I know that you have struggled and I tried to support you as much as I could and I will continue to do so. I have learned so much from you both and I thank you for all of the excellent information. There is no one like you two on the Internet and I want you to know how much I appreciate all you do. Thank You!

  10. Charlyne Craver

    Thank you for your honesty, helpfulness, and just plain goodness. Although I am “old”, my children and grandchildren are amazed at what I can do with my computer – thanks to you. I will support you as much as I can and will pray for health for TC and success for Cloudeight. You are both fantastic.

  11. kiwibarb

    Thank you both for your honesty. I am another oldie of 78 and probably wouldn’t have a computer at all by now, without the help I have received from you two. Very best wishes for 2013, both health-wise and financially. I’ll join Frankie in doing whatever I can to help.

  12. June

    I’m another senior…aged 72 who had never seen a computer before 1999 when I purchased my first one…Windows8…ugh…lol
    I didn’t know a thing about viruses or the like, now from reading your letters I feel comfortable helping others with small problems they might have.
    I loved my Outlook Express, then a not too different Windows Mail with Vista…ugh again to Vista ,but dislike Windows Live Mail…One of the features I miss the most besides not being able to use your stationary is not being able to edit out any html that wasn’t needed when forwarding mail.
    I hope TCs’ Health issues continue to improve and wish you both a HAPPY and HEALTHY 2013.
    June … another Aussie

  13. Rhonda Stephen

    Dear TC and EB:
    What a sincere and “from the heart” letter. I rely on your site for all my computer problems, your advice, and your tips and tricks, etc. I have recommended you to anybody and everybody telling them about your friendly and honest advice, software and programs. You are my “computer Bible”.
    I am very sorry for TC’s health scare and hope that he is well on the road to recovery. I would be totally lost without you (plural) and can’t imagine what all of us would do if you had to close up shop. I admire your honesty and ethics and how you think of all of us first. Your prices are exceptional and because you have held out for so long just shows where your hearts are. I hope that the stress that you must have been going through didn’t contribute to TC’s health problems.
    I hope this letter and the coming year makes a financial turn around for your site. You deserve it!
    You are the best.
    Rhonda Stephen

  14. Bea Killian

    My Dears:
    I SO wish I could contribute, or at least buy a couple of your repair keys, but my situation is rather dire, also. I’ve bought a lot of your e-books, flash drives, and other things, in the past, when I still had a few dollars. Hoping for better times, in 2013, and when I can, I’ll contribute, in some way. You are both so dear, and I’ve learned so much from you! I’m 75, and had always adored your stationery, plus you help. Wish things didn’t keep changing, but that’s life, I guess! My best, and TC, stay health, EB – you, too!

  15. Nancy

    I am distressed by your news but it isn’t totally unexpected. You have done well to have survived until now. I remember an earlier plea when you found your supporters were all there to help out. Unfortunately most of us have been through downsizing and outsourced from our jobs also. I have more faith in you than I do any other source to do the job you have done so well. I pray 2013 brings good physical & financial health to both of you. I will recommend your services to all I know and continue to do what I can to be supportive also.
    I would suggest you might want to do some type of how to user manual for I & Smart phones. They are very intimidating to the older user and hard to understand when we aren’t as technology literate as the younger user.

  16. Albert (Tom) Van Dyke

    I have been a member of Cloud Eight newsletters for many years. I believe I have a lifetime membership. If I don’t, I’ll buy one. I’ve been very ill the past two years but am recovering now. I’d like to resume detting your full newsletter if you don’t mind. Can you direct me to the proper place to do so? I would really appreciate it. I have contributed to you in the in the way of donations and buying your software. You have, by far, the best newsletter in the business. I think you are perfectly warranted in raising your prices as I believe your products will still be a bargain.
    Tjank you. Tom Van Dyke

  17. Sue

    It came as no surprise to read that you both have put in 16-18 hour days. I have been in awe of your knowledge and output for many years. Following that, it also came as no surprise to learn of TC’s health problem probably because of the stress of so many hours in so many years. Thank you very much for all of your kind consideration of our wallets, but it’s long past time that you charge a fair market value for your service. You are so worth it. Especially because of your integrity. (And now you’re even going to include tips on tablets and smart phones?!) Your fair market fee will still be the best value in town. TC, I wish for you a quaint little secluded cottage filled with all of your (non computer)favorite reading material on a green hill of Scotland.

  18. Joan

    You stated that ‘with treatment’ TC is going to be alright. This is wonderful news and it always puts everything else into its proper perspective. Your integrity is greatly admired, but business is business. You really have no choice but to increase your prices. Like everyone else you too must earn a living. There will be members who cannot afford anything monetary, but their prayers are priceless. I recall a number of years back a talk show host had requested the listening audience to contribute $10.00. Not one cent more. It was for a tragic family situation. Within one week this host announced the amount had reached $250,000.00 and please, no more donations to the bank where the account for the remaining family members was established. If members who can afford $5.00, $10.00, $15.00 or more per month and make this commitment for a minimum of 6 months (hopefully longer, and for those who can spare more send more) this would be wonderful. It is a good start. I will begin my commitment with $10.00 on the first of each month. I say a prayer that your many appreciative fans will join me. God Bless you both with a Very Healthy and Prosperous 2013.

  19. Colin Jones

    I was sorry to hear about TC’s health worries and sincerely hope that those worries are behind you now. I have been a long time supporter of you both and shall continue to do so, having availed myself of your remote service in the past with very satisfactory results.
    I wish you both well and look forward to future relations.

  20. Ellie Tone

    I am so sorry TC, to hear of your health problem and join in all the others who wish you better health in 2013 and beyond. I have subscribed to your newsletters and stationery for many years and enjoy your humor along with all of your tips and tricks. The help I got from them is priceless. Also, I agree that we all should try to help with purchases and donations. I will continue to do what I can to help you and hopefully things will improve for you both in 2013, healthwise and financially. Many thanks for all the help you have already provided. Ellie T.

  21. caroline

    i wish you all the best – you have the best stationery of all … but you can’t exist on air alone…nobody would object to a fee for service they pay for it for everything else..regards caroline

  22. Amy DeMeo

    TC….can we purchase Capt & Registry now before Jan 1 and have it added on when our current subs run out?

    1. Muriel Schlacht

      Donate $25 and choose Captain Optimizer or Registry Commander. GREAT deal. And yes, wait for your current one to run out. When it asks for a renewal just plug in the activation code from your new one.

  23. Jeff

    Hi TC & EB, you just need to be able to keep your chin up, as when things are tough the going gets rough without, let alone health problems. That’s what my lovely late wife said to me on her death bed. (you will have to keep your chin up) Anyway, I am glad to hear you say TC is looking up and my best wishes and sympathy and a speedy turn around both health wise and business wise. That brings us to the point, you, EB & TC, definitely should be charging more for your services with all the time you are putting in. Where would we be without you? a lot worse off than having to pay a bit extra for your services! Just think about it people!!
    I am intending to purchase a or some computer repair keys, but will wait until 2013 and will be happy to pay the extra, hoping to kick start 2013 for EB & TC.
    I say this with a genuine feeling of trust in Cloudeight and will sign off with my kindest regards to EB & TC,

  24. Rachel Henderson

    I am so glad you are not leaving!!!!!! Increasing your prices is only fair. I honestly do not know how you continued for as long as you did. I am distressed over TC’s health problems, as I did not know, and desperately wish I could have helped. But prayers are going up for a full recovery and return to robust health. God bless both of you!!!!! May this New Year see things get better. Much better. Love you guys!!!!

  25. Caroline Powell

    I am 74 and my daughter introduced you to me when I got my first computer years ago. I have loved the stationary and regret that I can’t use it anymore. I enjoy your newsletter and all the tips you give us and have tried many. Best wishes TC & EB in the comming year and thank you for continuing your service and all the help you have been to me in the past Do what you have to do and I will support you in your effort. TC get well and strong. Love you both, Caroline

  26. Deb Livingston

    I’m another one who’s been there from the beginning, learning so much from you! I speak about you to my “non-computer” family by your first names, ha! With so many faithful and trusting followers, you can know that, indeed you are, choosing the right path! Yes, TC has my prayers as well, for returning good health, and you both have my prayers for a profitable and enjoyable new year. Thanks for being upfront with all of us, and we will have no problem paying for what’s needed in the future from you. Happy New Year’s Blessings!

  27. Carole Gonzalez

    Nothing but the best for the best! Thank you for all the years of help and humor. May 2013 find both of you healthy, wealthy, and of course, as always wise!

  28. Julie

    I want to purchase a security program for my computer and my son’s as well. I started to get your’s a month or so ago, but never did. I need to get two programs now before you leave for good. If I dont use it right now.. will it still be good and can you point me in the right direction as what you have. Thanks!

  29. Anne Carr

    I understand that you both have been trying hard to make ends meet. I’ve enjoyed your site for many years now and want you to be able to continue. I fully support your pricing at an equitable cost for you and us – gee guys you’ve gotta make a living. I have purchased/donated over time but I’m just one of many.
    You have my full support.
    Best wishes for the New Year. Hugs from Canada.

  30. roberta

    TC AND EB,
    wow what a great letter,
    so happy you are still out there,
    fair prices are the best way to go,
    we who know and love you both,
    will still be out here too,
    been with you both since the beginning,
    and your advice and tip, and programs are the best of the best,
    TC,wishes are sent from us all–for you to continue getting better
    nanabert aka roberta

  31. Ben White

    Dear TC and EB,
    As my late Father said, “Always Be Honest with Your Customers” That motto took him from his territory in North Dakota to the Head of the company he worked for. I followed that motto from being a salesman, to the tops in my field. You also have been honest with your customers and we GREATLY appreciate that. May good health be with you in the future.

  32. Peggy Dorris

    Praying for TC’s recovery, a successful new year, and all good things for you good people and your business of integrity. I have bought your repair program and will be using it in 2013. I have also tried to support you by buying many things you have offered and giving small donations. I am 80 years old and on a fixed income but will continue to aid your business as much as possible. You have taught me much.

  33. Pete

    I have been with you two for about nine years (I think). I still have a key for your online repair, but have not used it because I have always kept my 3 computers current with all your recommendations. I don’t know if I’ll ever use it. No big deal. You two have always been there for any questions I have had, and I appreciate it. Have a wonderful new year and I hope I can continue to support you through 2013. GOD BLESS!

    A 75 year old novice.

  34. JoAnn Bolen

    I just made a donation, but would like to do more to help you out for sure. Could you please tell me how often I can use a repair key? Also, do they ever expire? I do have a problem w/memory, so I’m hoping that if I lose repair key numbers that you would be able to track them for me. I try my best to keep “good records” – even duplicates to help me find things – but sometimes…Almost everything I have learned about computers came straight from CloudEight & I am so thankful that I got my lifetime membership years & years ago. Thanks to you two for everything you do for so many in this computer age. J.B.

  35. Judi

    I have been with you since day one and you have been invaluable to me. Your direct computer repair is without doubt the best there is. I have used this service and can’t send enough cudos for what you have assisted me with. I have one key left but will be buying more before the year end. Prayers to TC for a speedy recovery back to good health. Thank you for being there and watching out for all of us, the little guys.

  36. Jackie Schachter

    I have given a very small donation – wish it could
    have been more. I have been receiving your news-
    letters for years and have complete trust in what
    you say. As I live in Israel I do not use
    your services, but I do read a lot of what you
    write. I hope TC gets his health back soon and
    wish you both a healthy, happy 2013.

  37. Lillian

    Dearest Darcy and TC,
    I am 83 yrs. old and have been with you from the begfinning and that being said, I would not be able to write this email. You have both always been there for all of us. Like all Sr’s comment I have read, we all want you to know the help you have been to us and always with respect. I think Joan’s idea is wonderful even if our donation is $5.00 as I’m sure we will share share what we can for all you’ve done for us. I will also have you on my monthly list for $10. I’m so sorry to hear of TC being ill and that he is improving. Your beautiful Rants are all nestled away in their own file and find myself going back to them on one of those days when a person feels as tho the world is against you. GOD BLESS YOU BOTH WITH HEALTH AND PROSPERITY for 2013.

  38. Gaye

    OMG! I read your beautiful message with dread that the other shoe would finally drop and you’d say your shutting up shop. How easy it would be though to just say “this is all just too hard and stressful”, and walk away. I so admire your integrity and gumption for sticking at it. Thankyou for all you do for us technically-challenged ones. I for one would be happy to pay full market price from such a reputable company as Cloudeight. I’ve marvelled over the years at how you’ve been able to give so much for so little renumeration. You guys are overdue for a pay rise, so no guilt trips, it is justly deserved!!! I just wish to add my New Years’ wishes for a healthier and more prosperous 2013 dear EB & TC. Cheers from Brisbane, Australia. Gaye

  39. Brian

    Dear T.C. & E.B

    Words escape me! What a sad commentary on BIG BUSINESS and “their agenda.” ‘Tis the same Machiavellian Mantra they make manifest in the bricks and mortar world. As such, ‘our’ dollar needs to consistently support small business. T.C. & E.B.,DON’T CAPITULATE! Let your loyal membership help bear the brunt. Open up a “special” blog where, on a continuing basis, we can comment and propose. You are our reason for being here! Let’s brainstorm. There is a solution…lets find it together.
    Have a Happy and Blessed New Year.
    T.C., get well soon…we need you! E.B., stay strong…for all of us!

    God’s blessing be upon all here at Cloudeight!

  40. Margaret

    Dear TB and EB
    I am very sorry to hear of the health issue and glad that it will be resolved I will pray for your health and your business.
    I have been using the stationary for years and really enjoyed the themes etc. thank you for your hard work!
    I have been using if I may say that Cloudeight since I had my second computer since around 2000, and your tips and tricks and software recommendations have gone from one computer to the next over the years,I thank you for making that easier for me.
    I just love the name Cloudeight and I really appreciate Darcy the Dragon too.
    I am sad that technology is driving so fast to no where really and that, that sped is leaving so many good things behind and people behind. Wish that I could slow it down to manageable instead of “who can get there the fasted without providing anything substantial and useful” like Cloudeight has all these years,thank you again.
    I will continue to subscribe to Info Ave I is very valuable to me because of the content and the heart that it is written with.
    Kudos TB and EB give yourselves a standing ovation or a sitting one you both deserve it!!!

  41. Carol Bromund

    Hello TC & EB… I’ve read many of the notes left for you here, and so many of them express what I feel about you that I can’t find better words to put into print here. I do want to wish TC well and offer prayers for his quick recovery. I too, am a 70ish senior, 76 to be exact, and you have helped me so much, and just like the others, I’ve been with you pretty close to your beginnings so I don’t want to see you go away. Since I already have three computer repair keys, I left you a donation and hope that a lot of others will do the same. We need you!!! And really, we can’t afford to not have you around. If you were gone, our kids would not like us very much because we’d be bothering them with all our questions. ;)~

  42. Isabelle

    Dear TB and EB,

    Your so open minded letter to us brought tears to my eyes. I have been with you since day one as so many of us, and I always could count on you, got the help in many occasions I needed to understand the cyber world. I can not imagine turning my computer on and not seeing your homepage, youy own webpage and all the info you have given us throughout those long years. I admire you and have since I first signed up for your newsletter and I am proud as many of us are to count you as a “family”, you have done so much for us and we all know that you struggled as well as many of us did or still do. But, you never gave up, and all I am asking you now, do not give up, hang in there with us I am sure that we all can find a way. What shall we do without you? You might have noticed that most of us are a little bit over 35….:-)and that makes it harder for us to understand the cyber world. You were and are great teachers so keep teaching us, we have not learned everything yet. Will we ever???
    For 2013 I wish you all the best, and I believe together we can handle a new year.
    Thank you again for all you have done, God bless you and HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!

  43. Muriel Schlacht

    Awww! What a difficult letter to write. Ya did good, sweetie. But as always, your heartfelt honesty and integrity rises to the top. That is, after all, why you guys are sooo different. I’m also proud of you for sticking to your convictions and taking the time to reaffirm them to your readers. You have done you’re best and continue to prove yourselves trustWORTHY.

    Apologetic for having the need to charge a little more?
    There’s no need for an apology from you guys. Most of us ARE like family in a way….family = love, faith, help, and respect. No matter what the future brings for your business, you both will continue to have that because of the people you are.

    TC, I’m so distressed to learn about your recent health battle, and will pray for complete recovery. I didn’t know. There’s really nothing more I can add since so many others have already said it much better than I. Besides, you’ve told us many times that you do things so much better than EB, that it would be very mean of you to leave her “holding the bag” for too long.

    With that being said, I want you guys around for as long as we can keep you. Some of the suggestions in the responses here are really doable. One, in particular that is doable for me, is to make a recurring donation commitment BUT, I DO NOT want you to automatically send me something from your stock, like you did the last time I tried to send you “free” money. It’s a GIFT TO YOU over and above whatever I might want to buy in the future. Receiving recurring “gifts of money” asking for nothing material in return (in essence, a pledge) maybe is a problem to work around from an accounting standpoint. If you haven’t already, ask your tax person what’s a good way to set something like that up, if it’s possible at all, to insure your compliance with the for-profit business tax codes. Then, please let us know if we can or can’t do it that way. In the meantime, I’ve sent a small donation with the intent to continue.

    I have a few $$-making suggestions of my own that may be a fit for you, but will send them in an email once I’ve thought them through a little more.

  44. Nancy

    I just wanted to tell you that I absolutely love you both and that we’d be lost without you. I too agree that if we could all commit to $10 a month and more if we are able is a super idea! After all we are kinda of like family . . . yes? And I too will keep you both in my prayers and just know you are loved and we are all grateful for all the help you’ve been to us with our pc’s. I’m committing to $10 and more when I can. Blessings, Nancy

  45. Polly

    I fervently hope TC’s health problems are in the past and that all will be well in the future. I am one of the oldies…80yrs who has been with you for many years. You’ve kept me going on my old pc and I depend on you so much! I certainly understand what you must do to keep your business going and I hope you are able to. I have many of your programs and those you recommend and I will continue to support you with donations when I can.
    I wish you both good health and prosperity in 2013 and beyond.
    Again, many thanks and Happy New Year

  46. Gail

    That would be so sad to lose you guys and if I had lots of money I would give a really big donation. I do have a suggestion which is to do with Windows 8. I have been with computers since DOS before there was even a Windows and have had no problems finding my way around any version of Windows (I like my Mac better though). Anyway I think Windows 8 is totally confusing for anyone new to Windows 8 from Windows 7 and perhaps you could produce a “talking book” showing how to become familiar with Windows 8 and set it up so that you have the familiar stuff like “Computer” where you can get to it = pictures, voice etc. to help people to not want to shoot the people who made this new OS. Sell the book to millions of computer users and make a fortune. Hope you guys don’t disappear from the net because good TCs and EBs are hard to find.

  47. Jann Muhlhauser

    My laptop gave up the ghost so i’m just hearing about all this now. TC, please know that you are in my prayers daily. It’s so good to hear treatment has been successful & you will soon be back up to speed. Darcy, you’ve done a bang-up job holding down the fort for this amount of time & deserve many kudos.

    I’ve been with you for many years & have about everything i need (& then some) but i think pledging a monthly amount is a great idea. I often want to donate but it’s hard to pick out a “gift” when as i said i have most of them now. LOL if it’s at all possible would you be willing to set up a donation page where we can give to you for a change just because we love you & want to help as you’ve helped us for so many years? I agree with joan that that would be wonderful for us.

    Anyway, thanks for always being there for us. Now it’s our turn to be there for you two.

  48. Gretel H. Rutledge

    I also am a retired person who got her computer more than 10 years ago and read every tip and trick you posted, copied them because I could not remember all the tips and tricks and put them in a book. Then you came out with the cds. Thank you for all the help. I also bought many things you offered but having had several different computers since you helped me learn the differences of each. Thank you for that. I also bought the option to have you look at my computer to repair or improve it and I will use it soon. My kids also thank you for the help you gave me so they were not asked for help the many times I had a problem. I will try and make a small donation and think if every one does that it may help you, wish it could be bigger. ghr

  49. Beverly

    First, I’m hoping that TC’s health is on its way to complete wellness.

    There have been so many replies of good wishes to you, due to time contraints I did not read all of them yet but plan to later. Perhaps someone already suggested this, but many organizations have recurring contributions. For example, to support my local art museum, I have pledged $10 per month. That amount is automatically deducted from my credit card. Those monthly deductions mean that I annually contribute $120 – an amount that I possibly wouldn’t have done in a lump sum. In addition, that is money that the museum can depend upon. I notice that you don’t have a recurring donation feature. Would you consider it? Throughout the years I knew I could depend on you for honest, helpful advice of a type that I couldn’t find anywhere else, and I, for one, would be glad to become a recurring donor in order to have access to it. Let me know if you decide to go this route. I’d be honored to be your first recurring donor.

  50. LuAnn Brodigan

    I will be forever greatful for all the tips you have brought to me over the years in the weekly newsletters. It has been so helpful, I would pay for it if need be.
    I was so reluctant to upgrade to Windows 7 because I was a Thundercloud freak and used the stationary for all my email correspondence, including work. I hate my bare naked emails! Since I did just purchase a new computer, I have not taken advantage of your online service yet, but rest assured, when the need arises, I will be contacting you!
    Best wishes to TC in his recovery.


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