The Keylogger In Windows 10

By | March 26, 2017
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The Keylogger In Windows 10

There’s a big uproar on Reddit and other sites about a “keylogger” that is built into Windows 10.  A keylogger is generally considered spyware as it logs and record every keystroke on a PC.

The recent commotion is mostly about exaggerated information and hyperbole, including the claim that Microsoft is logging every single keystroke on your computer and, as one writer put it (really!) “…sharing this information with the rest of the world.”

But that being said there is a keylogger built in to Windows 10 – it’s supposedly there to help Microsoft “…improve typing and writing in the future”.

If you don’t want Windows 10’s “keylogger” logging your keystrokes, you can turn it off right now by going to  Settings–> Privacy. Under the “General” tab you’ll see this:

In many cases this setting will be turned off by default and will be “grayed out” as above. If yours is turned on, you can turn it off by using the On-Off switch.

But the mass hysteria that’s going on about this, is again, way overblown. Users should not take their eye  off the ball  and let fear mongers make you believe that Microsoft is collecting every keystroke on your computer for some distardly nefarious reason. And users should certainly not believe that Microsoft is ever going to share your information with the world.

Instead worry about the real threats – like scams, malware and ransomware. Concentrate on being informed and aware so you never fall victim to any of these serious threats to your computer and your privacy.

If the Windows 10 keylogger is an issue for you, it’s easy enough to turn off the “keylogger” if, in fact, you find that it’s turned on. But turn it off for the right reasons. Privacy is important – turning the so-called keylogger off is just one of many things you can do to enhance your privacy if you use Windows 10.

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    1. infoave Post author

      You can open Task Manager and right-click on Windows Explorer and choose “restart” or you can restart your computer.


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