The Num Lock Key and You

By | January 17, 2016
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The Num Lock Key and You

The Num Lock is seldom used, in fact, most of us never use the Num Lock key. Some of us don’t even know where it is or even care where it is. But, we can show you a couple little tricks using the Num Lock key that are useful. So, for those of you who don’t know where the Num Lock key is, it’s at the top of the Numeric Keypad on the right side of your keyboard, usually on the top of numeric keypad (most laptops do not have numeric keypads – laptop keyboards are a different animal). Take a look – over there on the left. See it? Good!

Did you know if you hold down the Num Lock key for 5 seconds you can turn on “Toggle keys”. Toggle keys will cause your computer to beep whenever you accidentally hit the Caps Lock key Scroll Lock key or the Num Lock key?

Go ahead and try it now. Hold down the Num Lock key for five seconds (a light will come on indicating the Num Lock key is depressed – no it’s not depressed because your pressing on it – or maybe it is!) When the light goes out (in about 5 seconds) a dialog window will appear and tell you that you’ve turned Toggle Keys  and if you want to keep them on to click OK. Obviously, at this point you can also cancel turning Toggle Keys on.

Also, toggling the Num Lock key on and off switches between using the number keys to type numbers like 789456123 and using the number keys as function keys. The function each key performs in function mode (Num Lock key toggled off) are shown on the keys themselves. For instance, pressing certain keys, like “7” for instance, will cause your cursor to jump to the beginning of a line of text. And “4” will backspace one space, and “8” will cause your cursor to move up one line. Other numerical keypads have different functions. Look at the the small icons on each number key find out what each key’s function is when Num Lock is toggled on/off.

Dear laptop users:

To all those with laptops – many laptop keyboards don’t have a Num lock key because they don’t have numeric keypads. We have 4 laptops between EB and I. Only one of ours has a Num lock key. Many laptops without numerical keypads do have a Num Lock key and it can be accessed by using the fn key. If your laptop has a numeric keypad, you will have a Num Lock key. We want to make sure all you laptop user are aware you may not have a Num Lock key. We don’t want all you laptop users going crazy to find it 🙂

5 thoughts on “The Num Lock Key and You

  1. Ron

    I would never buy a laptop without a numeric key pad. It also can be used to many special characters using the Alt key and the numeric keypad.

  2. June

    I am looking & looking at my keyboard with my desktop & I still can’t find the number lock key!! I have a lot of
    F keys. Could it be one of them??

  3. Nigel

    do yo have a numeric keys on the right of the keyboard, if so at the top left hand corner you will see numbers lock

  4. Bonnie

    I have an apple lap top computer and I cant find a num lock key anyone have an answer

    1. infoave Post author

      Usually the “CLEAR” button above the numberpad acts as NUM LOCK for the keyboard. We are not Apple experts – this is basically a Windows forum.


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