The Num Lock Key

By | May 28, 2011
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Most of us never use the Num Lock key. Some of us don’t even know where it is or even care where it is. But, we’re going to show you a little trick using the Num Lock key that is really useful. So, in case you don’t know where the Num Lock key is, it’s at the top of the Numeric Keypad on your keyboard. See it? Good!

Did you know if you hold that key down for 5 seconds you can turn on Accessibility Options that will cause your computer to beep whenever you accidentally hit the Caps Lock key Scroll Lock key or the Num Lock key? Well it does, try it! Hold down the Num Lock key for five seconds (a light will come on indicating the Num Lock key is depressed – no it’s not depressed because your pressing on it – or maybe it is!) When the light goes out (in about 5 seconds) a dialog window will appear and tell you that you’ve turned your Accessibility Options and if you want to keep them on to click OK. And you should click OK because that’s the entire point of this trick, isn’t it?

Yes – this works in Windows XP, Vista, & Windows 7.

2 thoughts on “The Num Lock Key

  1. Ratsy

    and to think I thought it will was a useless key LOL Kind of like the old oil idiot lights in cars. really liked the tip and am using. thx and luv your informative tips and humorous style

  2. Barb Branca

    It’s great for making special characters too like the cent sign, degree sign, etc. Actually, a very useful


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