The Power Is Still Out In Our Little Corner Of the World

By | December 27, 2013
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Winter Storm Update – Our Power Is Still Out!

The ice storm which devastated parts of the Mid-West last weeked is still affecting our business. Our power has been out since last Saturday and as of this morning, it is still not back. So we have not been able to answer mail as we usually do — but we have made arrangements to ensure that all orders are filled within 48 hours – and usually sooner. Hopefully the power will be back on soon and we can get caught up and back to normal. This will be a Holiday Season we’ll never forget!  Thanks so much for your patience…you can rest assured that anything you order will be filled within 48 hours — usually sooner.

If you’ve requested an appointment for Cloudeight Direct Computer Care Repair Service

If you’ve purchased Cloudeight Direct Computer Care Service keys and you’ve requested an appointment confirmation — please bear with us! The power outage has affected our scheduling as welll: we hope to get everything caught up as soon as power is restored. Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding!

7 thoughts on “The Power Is Still Out In Our Little Corner Of the World

  1. Roz Klaiman

    Sorry to hear you are still out. Terrible. NE states still in problems and Toronto ON Canada where I am still has 25,000 people without power, possibly until the weekend or beyond if forecast snow rolls in. Truly a storm to remember. I hope you get power back soon and can continue the good work you do I have been subscribing to your news letter since it began, now a permanent subscriber, don’t know how I’d do anything without it. Have bought a few keys for future, hopefully will not have to use them anytime soon.

  2. mary billman

    have you ever heard of a website called whats your take?

    1. infoave Post author

      Not familiar with that particular site, but we have seen others that promise to unsubscribe you from things and some to basically erase you from the Internet (not free). We will take a look an Unroll Me – soon.

  3. muriel schlecht

    I can relate wholeheartedly to “trying to live without power” for days. or weeks. Once from a similar ice storm, and once in warmer temps from a hurricane. Luckily we had gas to cook with, and a wood stove for heat, but we didn’t have water because we needed the power for the water pump to keep the water flowing. Before the storm, we had filled the bathtub and other vessels with water and drained the water pipes so at least they wouldn’t burst from water freezing in them. At least we could have some hot food and drink, water to brush our teeth, and the ability to “bucket flush”. In the cold temp, we could store our frozen food outside, but in the warmer temps, we had to keep cooking so we wouldn’t lose all the food.
    The ones I worry about are those who live where they can’t make those adjustments, and the sick and elderly. I pray for you all.

    I just had news from a relative in Canada trying to survive the ice storm. A considerable amount of snow is falling on top of the ice. Their snow blower is
    in the driveway frozen to the ground. Now they REALLY wish they had built the
    garage they had talked about last summer.

  4. Darlene Anderson

    So sorry to hear the news. I am seeing this on TV and feeling your pain. All of us who have lived through a bad storm can pull up the memories. When we moved to WA from Alaska, I was so glad there would be no snow to shovel. Jim had been a cardiac patient all our married life so I had to shovel all the Alaska snow. He died in 1990, and in 1991 we had a storm right out of a nightmare. Deep snow and biting cold. No power for a couple of weeks. But I had a stove insert on both floors, so I was chopping and hauling wood to keep pipes from freezing. I was wishing I had moved farther SOUTH! LOL The past few years have been less from snow than from wind damage and downed trees taking out power lines. So far, we have really lucked out. I worry that the Great Grandaddy of Earthquakes is waiting in the wings. Since unlucky 13 is almost over, here’s hoping that 14 will be kinder to us all. Hoping you have power back for a Happy New Year. I sent my order for a pair of repairs. I think that was yesterday. No hurry for the keys anyway. All is working well right now. Stay warm and hug each other. Keeps you warm and reminds you that you are lucky to both be alive and to have each other.

  5. Leslie

    In 2011 we had a snow storm on Halloween – the leaves were still on the trees. I’m sure you can imagine what 10″ of wet snow on leafy branches can do. We had the resort plan of power outages – 7 days and 6 nights. Luckily we lived in a house with a wood stove and had a gas kitchen stove. The second night out we had cookies & cream ice cream soup and I moved the rest of the freezer contents to the screened porch so I didn’t have to embark on round the clock cooking. The local fire station had a generator so I went up frequently to fill jugs with water (no power means no water out here in the country) and recharge my phone and laptop.

    I guess I’m taking the long way of saying I feel your pain. I know you’ll make it through this. Be well, stay safe and be grateful for having a place to charge up the batteries and stay in contact with the outside world. May 2014 start well and continue that way.

  6. Melanie Wood

    Boy, I feel like such a wuzz. Griping about the cold outside and we are’t allowed to use fireplace. Boo! I was freezing again this morning, but only like 29 or so – now, we HAVE had some teens a couple of weeks ago for a few days. My GGF left Rhode Island in the mid 1800s then had the good sense to bring his genes out here to California so I wouldn’t perish, delicate petal that I am.

    Sending wishes for power, and warmth and someone to share it with for all you caught in that Big Kids Freeze.


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