The Thing About Fonts

By | February 20, 2024
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The thing about fonts -Cloudeight

We love fonts. I must have 200 fonts installed. we use them when making logos or headers for posts or newsletters, or use them when creating graphics for our tips and tricks and articles.  And while fonts look cool if you use them to compose emails or social media posts unless the person reading it has the same font you used installed on their computer, they won’t see your fancy fonts, they’ll see it in their default system font which on Windows is currently Segoe UI. 

Here we’ll show you … we wrote the following a font called Komika Axis. And since the example below is a screenshot, you can see the Komika Axis font as we used it.

One thing you should know about fonts... Cloudeight InfoAve

But if you don’t have the Komika Axis font installed, what you will see will be something like this…

You might think fonts are cool – we sure do.  But the thing about fonts many people don’t know is that for other people to see them, they need to have the same font installed on their computer or whatever device they’re reading the email on. otherwise, they will see your font as their default font which is usually something uninteresting like Arial or Segoe UI.

You’re seeing this font because it’s a picture of an email, but if I sent this to you, and you did not have the “Komika Axis” font installed, you would see it in your device’s default font.

This is not only true when you write emails but also when you post on any of your social media accounts.

It looks cool to you – but others will not see your special fonts unless they have them installed.

Your pals – TC & Darcy

So if you’re like us and you love fonts, keep in mind that if you use them in emails and/or social media posts unless the people reading your email or posts have the same font installed on their device, people won’t see your super-duper fancy fonts…they’ll see whatever you wrote in their device’s bland system font.

Yes, You Can Embed Fonts If You Really Want To

Oh yes, there are ways around this such as embedding fonts, but that’s a geeky thing that requires a lot of expertise most people aren’t going to even want to mess with, but if you want to know about embedded fonts … you can embed fonts in Word documents, PDF files, PowerPoint presentations and websites.

And yes, you can embed fonts in HTML email with certain email clients but it takes some advanced HTML knowledge and editing that most people won’t want to do. But just to cover all the bases, if you want to embed fonts in email read this Adobe tutorial.


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