Things you should never post on Facebook

By | July 19, 2014
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The following is an excerpt from a very interesting article which appeared on MakeUseOf recently. Any of you who are using Facebook should read the entire article.

We want to remind you that the views expressed in posts other than our own do not necessarily reflect our views – we publish them to provide you with information you can use or information which can help you stay safe on the Internet. Sometimes the articles are controversial. This article is one we personally happen to agree with; if you’re a avid Facebook user, you’d be wise to follow some of the guidelines published in this article. Remember this is only an excerpt – so be sure to read the entire article.

…Let’s look at some of the ways that are dangerous to you if you say the wrong thing on Facebook. They’re not “it will kill you” dangerous, but instead dangerous in terms of your reputation, your finances, etc.

You tell your followers that you are feeling down and possibly depressed. Facebook sells your info to an insurance company, and when you try to apply for life insurance, you are denied. On Facebook, you get constant ads about making your peace with God, and making up your will before you go. If you were hesitating about making the final leap, ads like that might persuade you.

You gripe that you have a bad back and you are on long term sick leave from work. Suddenly you get ads about medicine, wellness spas, etc. What’s worse is that your insurance premiums go up. Don’t believe that something like this would happen? It was strongly suspected this year that fitness tracker Fitbit was selling user information to insurance companies, who were then seeing if any of the users were customers. If so, they used the fitness information to adjust the premiums accordingly. Fitbit strongly denies the charge but who knows if they are lying or not? Now if Fitbit is suspected doing it, do you think Facebook would have any qualms about trying the same if the price was right?

You are discussing NSFW subjects with a Facebook follower, while at work. Suddenly you get ads for dildos and sex dolls. The boss walks past and sees it. Suddenly it’s “can I see you in my office please?”. Next step – the unemployment office.

Now these are three things that instantly came to mind. I am confident there are numerous others, and I am sure you can cite some in the comments.

Be extremely careful what you talk about, and always keep that kind of conversation “friends only”. Even better, get off Facebook altogether and discuss your hemorrhoids elsewhere.

So the moral of this story kiddies is : be careful, be suspicious, and be paranoid. Because sometimes they really are out to get you.

Read the entire MakeUseOf article here.

5 thoughts on “Things you should never post on Facebook

  1. Ken Davis

    I have never been on Facebook or intend to go on Facebook. Too much junk from what I’m told. I read what I want to read on the Internet and leave all those who want to be like sheep and follow the leader to get fleeced. We all have choices, thank goodness! and I make my own.

  2. Nancy Wallace

    I am on Facebook all the time and am having a wonderful time. I have reconnected with friends as far back as first grade and seen so many pictures I would never have seen otherwise. I don’t post obvious things like soc sec numbers, etc. and have never had a bad experience. Just want to add my two cents.

  3. Ellie

    I think FaceBook is the most OVERATED excuse for an internet program. All it’s done is make the developer, a millionaire many times over, and yes I know his name, just didn’t print it here. Who needs it?? What’s happened to face to face conversation? People have lost that art, and resort to FaceBook instead and then cry because things get posted that have no business being posted. Remember the suicides that have happened because of things posted on FaceBook???? That’s terrible.
    A much better program is NOTH, without the dangers of FaceBook. I realize NOTH is not for everyone, but I sure feel safe on that website.

  4. Jean

    Thank you for this post ! I try to keep things on the light side, also enjoy being able to communicate with friends and family. The one think I don’t care for on Facebook is letting people showing porno pics as I call it.

    My son wrote to Facebook about an offensive picture his cousin posted. Their answer from F.B. said it wasn’t offensive. I would hate to see my young grandkids see something like this. So beware what my see or hear.

  5. Irene

    I wish I could unsubscribe from Facebook. The few times lately that I have gone to my facebook page there are full of articles and such that do not even pertain to me. I did try to disactivate my Facebook but could not find the place. So I just do not go on it anymore. I also tell others to watch what they post and secure all postings and friends.


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