This Cloudeight Site Pick is Not Trivial

By | June 15, 2023
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This Cloudeight Site Pick is Not Trivial

Trivia Buffs will Love Trivia Plaza

A long, long time ago, in a kingdom by the sea, there lived a young man who played Trivial Pursuit with anyone who would play it with him. It didn’t take long before everyone who played against him found his Achilles’ heel — the category was “Entertainment”.

Yep, that young man was me and I was a terror at Trivial Pursuit in every category except Entertainment. Like I know who Tom Hanks and Gene Wilder and Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart are. But I have no idea who most actors and actresses are. For example, I thought Reese Witherspoon was a basketball player — and that’s the truth. I thought Kanye West was a girl. Stuff like that. I didn’t know entertainment when I was young and I know even less about it now. Unlike EB I don’t have my head buried in “People” magazine and I sure don’t read “Cosmopolitan” – I know EB should be ashamed.

The point is, and yes I do have one, that almost everyone loves a good trivia quiz. I guess because if you flunk a trivia quiz you can still think you’re smart, whereas if you took a test of general knowledge and flunked you’d probably cry. EB did.

EB has been the butt of my jokes for a long time and I’m sure she’ll continue to be because she treats me so poorly this is the only way I can get back at her and live. Even then, every weekend I live in fear that she’ll be hiding in the dark ready to swat me or do something awful in retribution. But hey, it’s only fair that I get a chance to take a few verbal swipes at her. And yes, everything I tell you about EB is 100% true! Just in case you think I make it all up, I want to tell you she’s as mean as I tell you she is. Just be glad you’re not her neighbor. She has a sign at the end of her driveway that says “Stay out or be shot”. And if you’re tempted just look up at her front porch and you’ll see granny EB sitting there in a housedress cradling a shotgun. I shudder.

Getting back to the subject at hand: One good thing EB did this week – during her idle time, and she has lots of it because I do all the work — was find this site of the week. Of course, she knows I’m a Trivia buff, she just doesn’t think I know anything. But I’m going to prove her wrong. And a lot of you think I’m full of hot air and don’t know much; I’m going to prove you wrong too — just hold onto your britches there buster.

The site is called Trivia Plaza. If you love Trivia as much as I do, then you’ll really love this site. If you waste time as much as EB does, then you’ll really love this site too. And yes, for all you non-believers, I actually really did try the site. Want to see proof?

Cloudeight Internet InfoAve
You can see from the image above, I actually visited our site of the week. You can also see the categories of Trivia offered. Look up! See?

Cloudeight Internet InfoAve
Some of you think I make up 90% of the stuff I write and that I don’t know much about anything, but look up and you’ll see I got an A in the “Computer Abbreviations I” category. Haha!

Cloudeight Internet InfoAve
Proving that I’m an old geezer, look above and you’ll see I scored 100% and got an A in the 1965 lyrics category.

So there you have it folks. You’ve now learned that TC is not completely hopeless and lost, he’s just being held back by the mean and incorrigible EB. Given a chance, as you can see, he shines!

EB would not allow me to post her Trivia test results under threat of horrible things. I don’t like the horrible things she is capable of so, as you can see, I complied. Her results will remain classified!

If you like Trivia as much as we do, you’ll love our site of the week, Trivia Plaza — discovered by EB and conquered by TC!

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