This Site Can Help You Tell Real Product Reviews From the Fake Reviews

By | October 9, 2018
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This Site Can Help You Tell Real Product Reviews From the Fake Reviews

If you do some or a lot of online shopping and you rely somewhat on customer reviews, I’m sure you’ve also wondered if those reviews are real or fake, especially if you’re relying on the reviews to make a buying choice. There are a whole lot of fake reviews posted by paid trolls and by robots; it can be really hard sometimes to know what to believe.

We discovered a site that may help you sort the wheat from the chaff – the real reviews from the fake one. While the site is far from perfect, this site seems to do a pretty good job weeding out the fakes.

The site is called Fakespot. Here’s what the site’s owners have to say:

Fakespot is a data analytics company committed to changing the way people shop online. We believe in the importance of user reviews. With so many online shopping options, a strong or weak product review can have a huge impact on whether or not a purchase is made. The credibility of these reviews is undermined by businesses who leave fake reviews for themselves or for their competitors – or by individuals with an undisclosed bias.

Shoppers in need of a second opinion use Fakespot when considering their next online purchase. Our patented algorithm looks for patterns to filter out reviews we think are unreliable. But don’t take our word for it – you be the judge

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All you have to do to use Fakespot is visit the site and paste any Amazon, Yelp, TripAdvisor or Apple App store product URL (link) in the form and click the Analyze button.

Fakespot can help you when you’re doing online shopping — especially when you’re relying on customer reviews to choose between similar products. But remember,  Fakespot is only a guide. But when you add Fakespot to your own research and common sense, you should be able to more easily spot the fake reviews.

Why not give Fakespot a try the next time you’re relying on customer reviews to make a choice.

One thought on “This Site Can Help You Tell Real Product Reviews From the Fake Reviews

  1. Charlotte Mitchell

    Thanks for this info as I always check reviews before buying a product. Just a quick tip: it IS necessary to copy and paste the entire link and not just the name of a product in order to get the results. I will be using this often. As always, you make computer life easier and more efficient for your readers.


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