Three Windows secrets

By | May 23, 2011
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  1. Copying the content of Windows dialog box
    Do you want copy the contents of Windows dialog box? Just click anywhere inside the box, press Ctrl + C, open Notepad and press Ctrl+V.
  2. Navigate to your “home” folder in Windows
    The home folder for your user account in Windows XP is “Documents and Settings”. In Windows Vista and Windows 7 your home folder is the default folder for your username with contains folders like “My Pictures”, “My Videos”, “Documents” etc. Would you like to get to your “home folder” fast? Press the Windows Key + R and type “.” in the Run dialog, then press Enter. It takes you right to your home folder – just like that.
  3. Bring up Systems Properties dialog fast!
    Want to see your system information? Just press the Windows Key + Pause/Break key.

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