Watching Out For You

By | February 24, 2018
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Cloudeight InfoAveWatching Out For You

We’ve been on the Web since 1998. And we’ve seen it all. From the fantasyland the web used to be when only a few people knew about it, until now when the world could not function without it We have seen high times and low times and times everywhere in between. And we are still here fighting for you.

We started our InfoAve newsletter back in 2002 – 16 years ago. That was back in the days when Cloudeight Stationery was in the top 200 web sites on the Web. Time change. When Windows 7 was released almost 9 years ago, it marked the beginning of the end of our stationery. We had two choices:

  1. To completely reinvent our business
  2. Go out of business

We reinvented ourselves and decided to share on our computer knowledge and experience with our readers and to help people as much as we can.  We directly help more than 100 people a week by email and with our Cloudeight Direct Computer Care services. And we help thousands more via our daily and weekly newsletters which feature Windows tips & tricks, advice, answers to your question, site picks, freeware picks and more.

Since we started our InfoAve newsletters, we made a promise to our readers and site visitors – it was the same promise we made to the millions who downloaded and used our free stationery – we would never do anything to violate the trust of those who came to us for stationery or for computer information. We turned down hundreds of thousands of dollars (that’s absolutely true) because we would not sell out our site visitors, our members, or our subscribers. And we never will. But sometimes making ends meet is no easy task.

So, every year at this time (February & March) things get a little tougher for us and we reach out to you for help. We have a fund raising drive and we offer special prices on our most popular services. This year is no exception. We ask for your help and your support.

2018 Donataion Drive


Make a small donation and help us help you!

We are beginning our annual winter donation drive today. If you don’t need any of our products or services right now, please help us with a donation. Even the smallest gift is appreciated. Every donation helps us to provide useful information that helps you with your computer as well as helping to keep you safe on the Internet. We offer free help to thousands of people every year… and we offer an honest and inexpensive computer repair service too. We do everything we can to help you with your computer and keep you safe too.

So if you don’t need any our products or services right now, please consider helping us with a small donation. If you’re not a Cloudeight Booster already, you’ll be invited to join our boosters after you make a donation of any amount. Our boosters get freebies and special booster-only offers

lease help us by making a donation right now.

Interested in making a monthly gift? Visit this page. Help us keep helping you!


We are currently offering a special Pay What You Like Sale in honor of Cloudie’s (our mascot) 17th birthday.  This sale continues through the end of February 2018. Name your own price on some of our most popular services and products.

Visit our Pay What You Like Page to get some great prices on some great products & services.

Your purchase helps us to keep on helping you.

Thank you very much for taking time out to read this and to lend us a hand. Our commitment to you continues: We’ll never do anything to violate your trust – and we’ll always do everything we can to keep you safe by providing useful computer tips, tricks and help, written so everyone can understand them.

We are watching out for you!


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