Wednesday Newsbytes – News for You – 021622

By | February 16, 2022
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Wednesday Newsbytes – News for You – 021622

Every day we scan the tech world for news that affects all of us who use Windows computers. Today, we’re featuring three news articles that grabbed our attention over the past week. We had a lot of positive feedback and excellent readership for our first “Wednesday Newsbytes” last week so we are going to make “Wednesday Newsbytes” a regular feature — as long as you continue to enjoy it. 

Windows 10 warning: Terrifying bug is back and every PC owner needs to be on high alert

A VICIOUS Windows bug with the ability to steal your emails, browsing history and banking details in minutes is making an unwelcome comeback.

Windows 10 users need to be high alert due to the resurgence of the nasty QBot bug. This malware first reared its ugly head back in 2007, but now it’s back and more terrifying than ever. According to security experts at Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR), this latest threat can give hackers full access to personal files such as emails, passwords and web browsing history within 30 minutes of the initial infection taking place.

That’s hardly enough time for PC owners to realise they have downloaded malware – let alone identify it, safeguard their data, and remove the

Read more at Express Online.


Beware: This fake Windows 11 upgrade infects you with malware instead

Hackers created an impressive fake Microsoft site to steal personal info and cryptocurrency.

When it comes to computer security, one must remain ever vigilant. If you need a refresher on that lesson, HP’s Threat Research department is ready to give you one today. Researchers spotted an incredibly convincing fake website, purporting to offer Windows 11 upgrades straight from Microsoft. Instead it served up a heaping helping of malware.

The scam is actually pretty impressive. The operators of “” (now decommissioned) copied Microsoft’s presentation and style perfectly, with a big friendly “download now” button for all those interested in an upgrade or clean install. What duped users actually got was a 1.5MB ZIP file containing “Windows11InstallationAssistant.exe”, which downloads a DLL disguised as a JPEG file.

The end result is the installation of the well-known RedLine Stealer…

Read more at PC World.


HACK ATTACK Google warns all 3 BILLION Chrome users of ‘urgent’ hack risk – fix it right now

GOOGLE is urging more than 3 billion Chrome users worldwide to update their browsers or risk becoming the target of a cyber attack.

The US tech giant said Monday (14 February 2022) that it had released an emergency patch for the service that includes 11 crucial security fixes.

They’re designed to mend bugs in Chrome that, if left exposed, could be exploited by cybercriminals.

Google confirmed in a blog post that one of the exploits, CVE-2022-0609, exists “in the wild”.

That means hackers are aware of the software flaw and are using it to launch attacks on unsuspecting users.

Read more on The U.S. Sun.



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