Wednesday Newsbytes: Windows 10 to Get New Features; Surprise Window 11 Updates Brings New Features; Windows 10 Users Get Full-Screen Reminders to Upgrade to Windows 11; FBI Warns of Fake Work-at-Home Ads… and more

By | June 5, 2024
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Wednesday Newsbytes: Windows 10 to Get New Features; Surprise Window 11 Updates Brings New Features; Windows 10 Users Get Full-Screen Reminders to Upgrade to Windows 11; FBI Warns of Fake Work-at-Home Ads… and more

Every day we scan the tech world for interesting news in the world of technology and sometimes from outside the world of technology. Every Wednesday, we feature news articles that grabbed our attention over the past week. We hope you find this week’s  ‘Wednesday Newsbytes’ informative and interesting!

Microsoft reopens Windows 10 beta testing for ‘new features’ and improvements

End of support for Windows 10 is scheduled for 2025, but Microsoft is still adding new features until then

Microsoft is ending support for Windows 10 in October 2025, but the company is now taking the unusual step of reopening its beta program for Windows 10 to test new features and improvements.

Windows 10 already got the AI Copilot feature that was originally exclusive to Windows 11, and it may well get other features soon. “To bring new features and more improvements to Windows 10 as needed, we need a place to do active feature development with Windows Insiders,” explains Microsoft’s Windows Insider team in a blog post. “So today, we are opening the Beta Channel for Windows Insiders who are currently on Windows 10.”

Microsoft hasn’t revealed what additional Windows 10 features it plans to test next, but Windows Insiders can opt into the beta channel to get them early. Crucially, the Windows 10 end of support date of October 14th, 2025 is still unchanged…

Read more at The Verge.

Surprise Windows 11 update drops with helpful goodies galore

Microsoft has released an unscheduled update for Windows 11 that’s brimming with helpful quality of life features.

On May 29, Microsoft began rolling out an unscheduled update for Windows 11. Patch KB5037853 is currently still optional, but the changes are expected to be applied to everyone during June’s Patch Tuesday.

The new features in Windows 11’s patch KB5037853 include:

Account management improvements
Sharing updates
Personalization options

What’s changing in Windows 11 account management

Windows 11 now provides a page called “Add linked devices” in the settings under Accounts. There you can see and manage all PCs and Xbox consoles that are linked to the system.

However, this option is only available for the Home and Pro editions if you sign in to Windows with your Microsoft account.

The new Account Manager is now in the Start menu for easier management of account settings. If you use a Microsoft account to sign in to Windows, you can get an overview of your account benefits here. In the Start menu, you can also enter an email address to recover your account…

Read more at PC World.

Microsoft’s full-screen reminders to upgrade to Windows 11 are back for Windows 10 users, and they might be here to stay

Microsoft ups the pressure to upgrade to Windows 11

Microsoft has taken a new tack with its continued campaign of full-screen banner ads designed to push Windows 10 users to upgrade to Windows 11, and this time, users of suitable and unsuitable PCs – those that don’t meet the hardware requirements for the newest OS – are seeing different adverts.

Windows 11’s market share has remained relatively static in recent months, and Microsoft is clearly eager to change that, with Windows 10 holding the vast majority of market share with around 70% (according to StatCounter).

As for Microsoft’s latest tactic to drive upgrades, Windows Latest noticed two separate initiatives as mentioned. The first was witnessed on a Windows 10 PC that wasn’t eligible for a Windows 11 upgrade, and it showed a screen warning that the device will stop receiving updates come October 2025, reminding users that their PC can’t run Windows 11. The full-screen notification was titled “A new journey with Windows” and appeared after monthly mandatory security updates were installed, possibly implying that this could be a repeating occurrence…

Read more at TechRadar.

FBI warns of fake remote work ads used for cryptocurrency fraud

Today, the FBI issued a warning about scammers using fake remote job ads to steal cryptocurrency from job seekers across the United States while posing as recruiters for legitimate companies.

These work-from-home scams are designed to lure potential victims with easy-to-accomplish tasks like rating various businesses online or “optimizing” a service.

“The scammers pose as a legitimate business, such as a staffing or recruiting agency, and may contact victims via an unsolicited call or message,” the FBI warned.

“Scammers design the fake job to have a confusing compensation structure that requires victims to make cryptocurrency payments in order to earn more money or ‘unlock’ work, and the payments go directly to the scammer.”

To make their fraudulent schemes more persuasive, the scammers will also ask victims to use a fake portal showing how much money they’ve earned, although they can’t cash out any funds…

Read more at Bleeping Computer.

Microsoft’s newest tactic to convert Windows 10 users is giving them a big comparison list

Microsoft believes that all Windows 10 users need is a little convincing, but people aren’t jumping over for reasons far more complex than that.

Microsoft has a big problem on its hands. Adoption of Windows 11 from Windows 10 hasn’t been as fast as the company likes, and there is even some evidence to say that people are downgrading to Windows 10 from Windows 11. Microsoft has tried a few methods to encourage people to make the jump, including making a video of the upgrading process despite there being roadblocks for Windows 11 that stop Windows 10 users from upgrading. Now, the company has revealed its latest strategy; a big list of things that Windows 11 can do that 10 can’t…

Read more at XDA Developers.

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