What about Bullguard?

By | July 16, 2011
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Ted wants to know about Bullguard
I have a friend who owns a computer repair shop near me, and I’ve always trusted his advice (not as much as yours though). He said that he didn’t think very highly of Microsoft Security Essentials – he doesn’t think very highly of Microsoft in general. He recommended Bullguard Internet Security. So I ask you – what do you think?

Our Answer
First of all, we generally share his opinion of Microsoft and its products. It seems Microsoft is reeling from its realization that other companies – like Apple and Google – have passed them by and left them scratching their heads.

Microsoft is playing catch-up now, but they’ll never catch up by imitating the success of others. The disaster of Windows Phone is just one example – Microsoft must have been out of their minds to think they’d put out a cell phone operating system that would survive in the marketplace with Apple’s iPhone and the many Android-based cellphones out there. They really believe, I think, that if it says “Microsoft” people will buy it. But the world has changed.

That being said, Microsoft Security Essentials, is an excellent anti-virus program. It rates highly – above most others – in many independent tests. I’m not particularly enamored with anything Microsoft – but we trust our computers to MSE – because it’s good, Microsoft or not. It does not matter who makes it – what matters is: Does it work? Does it protect your computer?

We checked out Bullguard and their Web site. First we notice that their price is $59.95 – rather a hefty price tag for a security “suite”. Consider McAfee and Norton both charge about the same and their name recognition is much greater. We’re not saying Norton or McAfee are worth it – or that they’re better or worse than Bullguard – we’re just saying $59.95 is expensive – and an unnecessary expense. Why waste your money?

And it’s not immediately evident if that’s for an annual subscription or if it’s a lifetime license. A quick look at their site didn’t turn up the answer to a question that should be addressed right up front. We had to dig into their FAQ page to find out it’s a subscription. So you pay $59.95 every year  for yet another security suite that doesn’t protect your computer any better than the free Microsoft Security Essentials and a lifetime license for SUPERAntiSpyware for $25.  So why would you pay Bullguard $59.95 every year for protection you could get for $25 – for a lifetime? Makes no sense to us.

About Bullguard:

It contains an anti-virus product (Microsoft Security Essentials is rated higher by independent labs – and is free)
It contains an antispyware product – we can’t find out how it rates.
It contains a firewall – you don’t need a 3rd-party firewall – leave your Windows Firewall turned on.
It contains a spam filter – we’ve never yet seen a spam filter that didn’t filter good emails too; you don’t need it.

You can install anything you want on your computer – but it’s your computer. You would be further ahead both in protection of your computer and money-wise by installing Microsoft Security Essentials (the anti-virus component is superb) and SUPERAntiSpyware Professional for $25 for a lifetime license. You’d be better protected and further ahead.

There are dozens of security software suites – most of them are expensive. But price has nothing to do with protection – the two are not related. We’re not saying Bullguard won’t protect your system, we’re saying you don’t need to spend $60 a year to protect your computer.

Stick with Microsoft Security Essentials and save your money. That’s our advice.

4 thoughts on “What about Bullguard?

  1. Charlene Roberts

    I for 1 really love the MSE. I does what it is supposed to do and love the fact that you get a screen that checks pages and you know when it is checking your emails. I have an old Windows XP Home Computer and am not ready to give it up. I have tried almost every anti-virus program there is free and non-free and this one is the best. Hard to believe the Micro-Soft gave it to us free but sure an glad they did. Thank you for letting all your readers know that it was out there .
    Keep up the good work and great find on this program.

  2. Michael

    Article is curious to me because I went to a local computer repair shop and he gave me the same story but with a different product. I just wonder if they are getting any residuals for recommending any of these products. Probably not but can’t help to wonder.

  3. Janice Preston

    I totally agree with you about Microsoft Security Essentials. I am a tech for a software company but if any of our clients ask me I always recommend it as opposed to Norton etc. I feel that MSE along with the SuperAntispyware Professional (lifetime)and Windows Firewall is all you need. I also recommend your website as you do a terrific job and help so many people by telling the truth.

    Unlike the previous writer I tend to think a lot of salespeople probably do get some type of bonus for recommending various AntiVirus/Spyware suites. I hope I am wrong but I don’t think so.

    Best wishes to you both, it is so nice to see people who really care and really help others without getting anything back in return.


    1. Joan G

      RE: Janice Preston comment…..’people who really care and help others without getting anything back in return’
      ……TC and EB get exactly what they deserve in return….Gratitude, Trust & Loyalty from members, and as has been shown during these terrible times of economic misery…as much, or MORE, financial support as can be scraped together from their Grateful, Trusting and Loyal members…..of which I am one!


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