What’s Hot On Google?

By | January 24, 2018
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What’s Hot On Google?

It’s totally useless, but totally fun to see what people are searching for. Kind of voyeuristic? Nah, just good old curiosity.

Google offers you a chance to peer inside the inner workings of its search engine and see what other people are searching for. By default you see the top searches by date and by country. That’s right… you can even choose from dozens of countries, in case what we’re search for here in the USA doesn’t interest you in the least.

Rather than boring you with a screenshot that will seem old and out-of-date in just a few days, we’re including this post and updated list of what people are searching for on Google  – in the USA.  Of course, you’re welcome to visit the Google Trends page too – from there can change the country of origin for the searches and see what people in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, or a lot of other places around the globe.

So while this might not fit in with a hot tip or trick, it will fit in with “Fun and Interesting”… at least we think so. What about you?

Let’s peer into what Google says is trending now. Refresh this page to update the list. (HINT: Pressing the F5 key will refresh a web page.)

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