What kind of stationery would you like?

By | June 16, 2012
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While we’re waiting to see what Microsoft does with the “new” email program in Windows 8 (we’re testing Windows 8 Release Preview right now) we’d like you to tell us what you like.

More than 60% of you have now moved to Windows 7 and you, like us, are probably very disappointed in the choice of email programs you have.

We’d love to go back to making our regular stationery but the new email programs can’t use it – Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird and Outlook 2010 limit what we can do with stationery.

So for now, until Windows 8 is final, we need you to tell us what you like best. Since we’re limited to full backgrounds (backgrounds that cover the entire email) or Β top border stationery.

Do you want our next collection to be full background stationery, top border stationery, or a combination of both. What categories would you like to see? Wildlife? Scenic? Fun?

Please give us your opinions and we’ll do our best. We want to create what you like. And since we’re so limited by what Microsoft has done with Windows 7 (we do have some hope for Windows 8), we really need to hear you voice!

Tell us what you want and we’ll do our best for you.

Thank you very much.

186 thoughts on “What kind of stationery would you like?

  1. Carole B Martin

    love to see more of animals particularly the big cats

    1. Sunny

      I, too, would like to see more domestic cats – black, tabby, calico, etc.
      But I want to see “real” cats – not silly cartoons.

  2. Frances Gentry

    I would like to see full page with music and scrolling if this is possible. I miss the stationery I had on my Windows XP. Hoping you are successful with your attempts at bringing the stationery to Windows 7.
    F M Gentry

  3. Carol DeCosta

    The stationary that I like is full page background, the reason is that when people reply, it comes through readable where the top border reply stationary, the writing is mixed in with the top border. I love animals, flowers, clouds, water for the background. Keep up the good work.

  4. Lynnese Paulson

    I am ‘stuck’ with only gmail mail to use. I am on the verge of not using e-mail because of it. I still use Windows XP and love Outlook Express and used your stationery all the time. Those days are gone, and I can’t even clean up e-mail I forward anymore. It disgusts and saddens me. I can’t afford to upgrade, so will have to use webmail for my email from now on… not happy. Thank you for all you have done to make my email experience for the last 10 + years a great one!

    Lynnese Paulson

  5. Donna Sullivan

    You started me using your stationery in the days of Outlook Express. I have been with you for at least 10 years as a lifetime member. You’ve spoiled us!! I really love the themed stationery, i.e. all holidays, the floral patterns. Scrolling is not necessary if that helps. In fact, for some of my recipients, it bothers them. Please do what is easiest for you and the most cost efficient. If we have to do without backgrounds in order to get your sage advice then I would say we can get along just fine without the stationery. We all so appreciate you and want what is best for you. Blessings, Donna

    1. NR Salinas

      I too like the Quick Notes, but am using Thunderbird & have trouble getting the stationery. I prefer no music and not scrolling. Thanks.

  6. Thelma Kok

    Hi, I think a little of everything would be great! You always come up with nice stationery. I have no special preference.

  7. Ellie Maziekien

    Given the limitations, I’d like to see a combination of both types of stationary – however,I do think that the top of the page one does look nicer. Also, I love the nature and scenic themes – and I’d like to see more dogs. Thanks for the great work you do for us.

  8. Lizzyann

    I would like to see both full page background and top border stationery. If you could do scenic, wildlife and seasonal that would be great.

  9. Jan Sims

    I now have Windows 7 and am so disappointed in that the beautiful, scrolling musical stationery is no longer available & usable for Windows 7.

  10. Karen Glamp

    Well since I have no problems with Incredmail, I wish you would continue making stationary for it. But I gather you’re not going to continue with it. I had a very hard time using your stationary with Windows Mail. And a lot of problems with that mail program. Like I said before, I have no problem with Incredimail.

  11. Carrie Williams

    Since you no longer do music, I rarely use your stationery. The scrolling and themes set to music was awesome and really loved by everyone. I love new technology, but it’s really sad you have to eliminate something because of it. I have been with you for years, and it’s been sad parting.

  12. Elizabeth Siskey

    Thanks for the two e-mails preceding my reply. I will have to mirror Karen and Donna’s opinions. I have enjoyed the opportunity to use your available stationary over the years, Incredmail is great as well as Outlook Express in an earlier Windows. Keep doing your great design work.

  13. Cathy Prichard

    I like the full screen background stationary the best. Thanks for all your help

  14. Jan

    I seldom use stationary anymore but when I do, I like bold colors and more modern graphics.

  15. Lester Shapiro

    I have windows 7 bu still use Outlook 2003. I would like to see more stationary available for that program.

  16. Phily

    I miss the kind of stationery that I used when I had Outlook Express. I enjoyed the seasonal ones. I also enjoy scenic and floral. I think a combination of top border and full page backgrounds would be great! Music and scrolling are NOT needed – the music scares some of my friends who are not aware it is going to happen. Thanks for all of your great work – you are much appreciated!!

  17. Linda Frey

    I also like Wildlife and Theme Stationary but not necessary Scrolling Stationary. I really don’t have any Trouble with Windows Live Mail. So far I like windows 7 as well as my Windows XP I had for 8 yrs.But like Everyone else I say do whatever is saving Time and Money! You’s both are just Great! Yes ,I’m a life time Member,Too. Love yas

  18. Rebecca Sise

    I enjoy the scrolling & music as do many of my recipients; however, that’s not a big deal either way. Top or side are both nice, but if the scrolling isn’t going to be present then a complete image would look nicer as opposed to the tiled/repeated image. It would just have a more finished look. Background is also okay as long as it isn’t overwhelming. The plaid/stripes that came out recently just were not very easy on the eye.

    Images from artists we’ve used before are always welcome: Nene Thomas, Jessica Galbreth, Jonathan Earl Bowser, Josephine Wall to name a few. Sheila Wolk would be a wonderful addition. Cartoon characters would be fun (Calvin & Hobbes, Peanuts, etc.) but don’t know how feasible that would be.

    And, as always, astronomical images would be wonderful to see as would “Tea” items…teapots, tea time, etc.

    Thanks for wanting the input and for continuing the great work with the stationery and NOTH.


    Too much??? πŸ˜‰

  19. dorene

    I have used your stationery since Outlook Express! I have also used in Outlook 98, and 03, Thunderbird, Windows Mail (we don’t have that anymore with not having anything older than Windows 7 now) and Windows Live Mail. My outlook does not work well with Windows 7 for some reason so I have switched to the Thunderbird arrangement that you have and am happy with that. I also occasionally use Windows Live Mail with that stationery – I can use smileycons with WLM but not Thunderbird for some reason…

    I would not be switching to Windows 8 anytime soon so will appreciate your continuing to make stationery for Windows 7 users for Thunderbird and WLM. Thank you! I don’t care about scrolling very much and enjoy both top of the page stationery as well as full screen.

  20. Ann

    I’ve also been with Cloudeight since the days of Outlook Express and have enjoyed all the iterations of your stationery versions. I personally love your scenic and holiday themed stationery sets, while the occupational cartoons of Dennis Cox were also amusing. I’d prefer a combination of both background and top border designs, although scrolling and music are not necessary. I especially like animated gifs embedded in the stationery.

  21. Carole

    I agree with Donna completely. I did enjoy the music and the scrolling,however. If that is a problem, then forget it. We just appreciate so much what you already do. I use gmail so haven’t had the use of stationery for quite some time now. I do miss it but can live without it. Whatever is easiest for you.

  22. Norma Jean Hill

    I use Windows mail and VISTA. I love all the different themes, like CHRISTMAS, NEW YEARS, HALLOWEEN, ETC. LOVE THE MUSIC, ALSO. THAT GOES WITH THEM. CAN THAT BE ADDED?? WHIMISCAL ONES. love them all in fact. THANKS FOR ALL OF THEM. nj

  23. Joy

    Thank you for asking our opinion. While I like a mix of theme, seasonal, I would like to see more full colored backgrounds, with SUBDUED designs of flecks, polkadots, even stripes. I am sorry to tell you those bold horizontal stripes recently offered were most unappealling, making usage difficult to read with type. Thank you again for all you do to give us variety – really appreciate it.

  24. Mary K Pace

    Now that I am confined to Windows 7, I really miss your stationery with music. The stationery with beautiful wildlife and scenic (not cartoony) backgrounds were my faves on Outlook Express..no scrolling,please. Here’s hoping Microsoft will correct their gigantic mistake in the murder of Outlook Express.

  25. Barb Branca

    I have always enjoyed your stationery for many years. I too agree thought that scrolling and music are not needed
    but nice to have.

    Enjoy the stationery that you have for holidays and special occasions and the great variety you have.

    So many people have commented on the stationery when I use it and are pleasantly surprised that they’ve receied an e-mail with nice stationery.

    I appreciate the effort you put into your stationery and all the rest of the great information, etc., that you have on your site.

    Much thanks to both of you!

  26. Jean Hardister

    I would like more months,days, seasons and fun things. Full page is fine. I appreciate your stationeries, whatever they are.

    I send stationeries to only two of my friends, others do not like them?

    Jean Hardister

  27. JO

    I intend to keep using Vista as long as I can. Therefore I’m “stuck” with all your ‘old’ stationary until I can no longer use it. (Please note tongue in cheek!)

    I like many of the “fun” ones you created some time ago.

  28. Christy

    I too miss the “good ole days” when the emails I sent were full of the best Smileys on the planet and beautiful stationery; all thanks to Cloudeight. My emails have received compliments for years. My hope is Windows 8 will give us all the wonderful opportunity to enjoy your stationery to the fullest and you two will be so busy creating you just can’t stand all the fun you’ll be having. πŸ˜‰ As summer approachs I’d love to see some summertime stationery..maybe tropical landscapes or waterscapes that make us feel like we’re on a vacation or summer flowers like sunflowers, plumeria, orchids any tropical flowers, etc. I too like border and full background combinations. Thanks for all the beautiful things you have created and please don’t totally forget about creating new Smileys….I do miss them.

  29. San

    I love QUICKNOTES. I would love more (clip art) type choices…Baby stuff..rattle, baby blanket etc. Cute KITTENS Nothing funky for me. Old man, lady gardner etc.

    I have used you for years, and will continue to do so. I get frustrated when I have used a clip before and when I (for the life of me) cannot find it again.

    Thank you for your continued effort to keep this user friendly.


  30. Jason Miller

    I have tried most all of the email programs out there since going to Windows 7. In order to use your stationary easily, Incredimail is, by far, the best in that respect. The Windows programs and Thunderbird. I feel like I have to jump through hoops just to change stationary compaired to Incredimail. I read your complaint about them but I have not had any problem with the program. I usually shut it off when I am not going to check my email so it is not running in the background as I do with any program that I can do that to. This way I do not have a resource problem that affects anything else.
    I would prefer you do not have the music or the scrolling. The music is a distraction when I send it to someone at their work and the scrolling is a distraction when someone is trying to read what I sent. I like the florals and the scenic backgrounds the best besides the cosmic shots of the universe from the Huble telescope. Some of those are spectacular. Those are best as side or top bars or else you would not be able to read the print.
    I would like it if you were doing stationary for MS Office Outlook 2007. It works almost as simple as Incredimail as far as stationary and signatures go. I just do not like the fact all the emails get dumped into one email address and you have to separate them manually. Those are my main reasons for not dropping Incredimail and going with Outlook. Outlook does so many other things and it comes with Office.
    I want to thank you for a great newsletter and keeping all of us informed as to what is coming up and what is going to go away. Your tips and tricks are great time savers and, now, you have your computer care service. If I run into a problem, I would trust you more than anyone else to do the job right and not try to sell me something I really do not need to keep my computer running smoothly. Whenever I have a few extra dollars, I send it to you. At 70 years old, that is now once in a while.

  31. Bonnie Calhoun

    I used your stationary since I got my very first computer in 2000. It was Windows 98. Until I got this Windows 7 I have been able to use all of it. I hate this part of Windows 7 and wish I could of waited till Windows 8 to buy a new tower. But I had to get one in February. I loved my xp but had had it in the shop 2 or 3 times at a cost of $70 each time so decided to buy a new one. You can be sure if I have problem I will be in touch with you as I have to depend on someone else to take it to the repair shop as I am on a walker. Thanks for the new service. Bonnie Calhoun

  32. Carole

    I have had no problems with IncrediMail and was hoping you’d continue with it. I will really miss getting it as I really liked your stationery. If you decided to ‘delete’ it, then I will miss your name on my e-mails.

  33. Maureen

    I think I may be in the minority but I do enjoy the music in most of your e-mails and perhaps there are others like me! I still miss OE and think it was the best thing Microsoft has ever done)

    Can you create the option to include music (Windows 7/Windows Live Mail 2011 does not appear to have a background music option) so that we can insert a midi file, for example? As well, do you have more in the line of sports and personalities??

    No matter what, I have enjoyed your stationery over the years and welcome your fortΓ© in delivering other beautiful backgrounds and landscapes! Keep up the good work and may God richly bless all your efforts!

  34. Sheila Brown

    Well, reading the previous posts it seems all of your stationery is a favorite. I like the top border or side border if it can be done. I prefer the fun & floral borders. If the full page background could be made shorter and used as a border that would be nice too. I especially like the lemonade stationery but not full page.
    Music and scrolling are not a must for me. However, one with music that I am partial to is called “clowning around”. I can’t use it with Win7 but I still like it.

    Thanks for giving us choices.

  35. roberta

    you have always given us the advice–now you want ours—WOW—as for stationery and what we like–simple–all of it–whatever fits for the season or reason–top design–full page–scrolling–really does not matter –its all wonderful–been with you both for many a year–never been dis-appointed—do what ever is best for the e-mail programs available—-hope window 8 will give us a good one–and we can use all the different types of stationery you like to make–MEAN WHILE–WE JUST ALL LIKE TO DRESS UP OUR E-MAILS HOWEVER WE CAN—keep up the great job you do>>>~~~~

  36. Barbara Rhoades

    Since I am unable to download ANY of your stationery, I would just be happy to be able to use it again. Not since I went to Outlook have I been able to download.

  37. June

    I have Windows Vista and I do miss the scrolling side stationary with the music that I was once able to use from Cloud 8. I prefer the full page stationary to the top bar if that is all your are able to offer. I like Season & Scenic Stationary. Thank you for your Newsletters, they are very informative.

  38. Barbara Cooper

    I like the border stationary, and the simpler full background. Don’t like the scrolling much. I like the seasonal, and any stational with a sea, sand or ocean theme. I have subscribed to your Info Avenue for years, and depend on you to give good advice.
    Thanks for all your research and hard work!
    P.S. Music is not necesary

  39. Donnakay

    I like the themed stationary & the short notes. Don’t care for the scrolling or the full background. I like sound with it which is very limited with Incredimail. I liked Outlook Express a lot but don’t have that anymore.

  40. JoAnn S.

    I’ve been with you since you started and enjoy and still use Outlook Express but know that life cycle is coming to an end. I like the different stationeries. I too agree that scrolling and music are not needed. I enjoy the variety of special holiday and birthday stationery. Keep up the great work! You are the best!

  41. Donald L Henry

    I have been a lifetime member for many years now and I do so appreciate all that you have done for us stationery lovers.
    I just love the stationery in which you feature the artists. I can do my own scrolling and music.
    Question: will the mail program in Win 8, suport html scripting. I sure hope so because that is what I love to use. At the present I use Win 7 and have installed Win Mail, for my stationery.
    Keep up the super great work.

  42. Sandra Morgan

    I am a fan of the plainer background, non scrolling stationery without music. Also, not a fan of the super dark backgrounds. So, plain, pastel, with or without side or top boarder please.

  43. Chrikijay

    I absolutely loved using stationary in Outlook Express but with the Windows now and the problems with email programs I have stopped using stationary. The ones that I liked the best were Scenic, Animals and Seasonal and I enjoyed the left side borders as well in the Florals. Hopefully Microsoft will come back with something easy to use and simple to understand like Outlook Express. I can dream, can’t I ?

  44. Carolyn

    I enjoy the seasonal ones. I also enjoy scenic and floral. I think a combination of top border and full page backgrounds would be great! I don’t care for the
    scolling. I appreciate all you send us and we are lucky
    you found a way for us to have stationery on Windows 7!! Thanks for all you do!

  45. Brian Lager

    I use Windows 7 and find the stationary you provide does work well with Windows Live mail. The Holiday collection is great. I used Incredimail for years but now find it bloated.
    What would I like to see?
    Great looking backgrounds. No moving banners. Seasonal headers with appropriate backgrounds. Try to make the backgrounds truly just that.
    Give us the ability to put our own pictures in your stationary. Full page stationay but loose the music. Only annoys the recipient.
    By the way, great newsletters. Keep them coming.

  46. Linda

    Like many others I can manage without the scrolling and music. I do like the seasonal and fun stationery.I too prefer Outlook to Windows mail.
    Appreciate the Newsletters and being kept up to date with what you are doing.

  47. Suzanne

    I went and tried mozilla thunderbird and it’s very hard to use it. Not anything like incredimail. So I guess I will stick with it.. I go to websites and download there stationery for free that you can use with incredimail. I know you used to have stationery for Incredimail but not anymore. Oh! well but still like your site for computer info. thanks for all your hard work.

  48. Lori K

    I love your floral and seasonal stationary best, with some of the “fun” ones as well. Do not care about the scrolling. I realy like the full background coverage, but also have some very nice “heading” ones as well. My friends all love getting notes from me on all the beautiful stationary I have been using for many years!

  49. Debi

    I use Incredimail and have for years. I wish you would go back to making more for that program.

  50. Jean Lewis

    I miss your wonderful stationery which I’ve used for many years. But now that I’ve been forced to use & learn how to use Windows live mail, am so disappointed in the stationery choice. Please give us pictures across the top – Holidays, seasons & fun things. You already have a zillion of useable pictures!
    Thanks so much for all of your efforts!!!!

  51. Jean

    I would like to have some months, days of week,new holiday, seasons, don’t need the music/scrolling, I had so many pretty ones but when my pc was last worked on the tech took them out, now just have the ones you put out. I think the other people have stopped doing stationery because of the cost.
    Just looking forward to some new ones.
    I wish I could get this to come in on my Outlook but doesn’t anymore, had for years and all of a sudden it won’t, I have to go to Yahoo to check for it, but I have a friend that forwards them to me.

  52. connie

    I LOVE your stationery, especially the animals and the scenery shots. I especially liked the old-time movie clips (Gone With The Wind, etc._) that had music with them. And also the seasonal ones, the patriotic ones, the foreign street/city clips, etc. Just about ANYTHING you did before was excellent.

  53. Robert Fricks

    Hi Guys,(I know…One guy, One girl LOL)
    Since Outlook Express(OE) is not with Windows7, I really haven’t used any stationery except maybe once or twice. I paid for the Incredimail upgrade a year or two ago but am not a big fan of them; so, I have even quit using it. I don’t think I will use your great stationery (yours is the best sans scrolling and music) until I upgrade to Windows 8 and you are able to write stationery for it.
    I don’t know if you are interested or not; but after recommending EmailTray to you, I have since moved to Postbox for my default email client. I am sure WebCEO (EmailTray is English I believe) is a good company; but, Postbox is a good American company with a friendly email client that is closest to OE in form and function in my opinion.

    You Two Rock,
    Robert Fricks
    Lifetime Nagger πŸ™‚

  54. Lena Arrington

    I love cloudeight stationery as its beautiful and so enjoy being able to put music to it. Please these windows has about driven me nuts. I am on Windows Vista Home edition and its ok, but wish I had never changed from windows XP a much easier program to work with. I purchased a new comp and had no choice but get windows vista or windows 7. I have finally gotten my email where I can do what I want. so no thank you as I am not in favor of Windows 8. Lena

  55. Pat

    Please — no music — some folks don’t like it and/or it’s irritating to have to listen to it while reading email. No scrolling necessary either.
    More full page designs would be great. Less border designs — sometimes they’re overwhelming.
    Y’all do a great job — keep it up! Thanks!

  56. Trudy

    I prefer full page designs and left side borders. I do not like top borders, when someone replies their replay comes up in the border. I do not care for the scrolling or music.

    I like seasonal & holiday stationery, solid colors & floral or animal themed. Also design that covers the entire page.

    I am currently using Outlook Express.

  57. Nicole Lapierre

    I have been with you since you began and have always used your stationery – loved it SO much. Since I had no choice but to leave XP and go to Windows 7, I had to leave all that beautiful side stationery behind. Boohoo!! You have done a marvelous job in creating full page stationery but I still really miss the side stationery. I especially loved the seasonal and special occasions ones. Because the scrolling ones made me queasy, I was always able to very easily go into the codes in Outlook Express, and delete them – same as the music. Now I use my own music but only for special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas/New Years. Now it is much harder to get into the codes for any stationery in Windows Live Mail. Why oh why did Microsoft have to take out the indentations in stationery?? It would be so so simple for them to give it back to us in a Windows update. Let’s hope they’ve received enough flak back to rethink that problem in Windows 8. How good it makes us all feel to know that you are always watching out for our needs. Tks a heap from all of us – and I know that I speak for all members. Always nice to know that you are there!!

  58. Mave

    I have Vista and Since I consider Incredimail to be the best, I will continue using it. Too bad the scrolling backgrouds with accompanying music does not work but the many, many backgrounds I get are worth it. Also so sad that you aren’t offering Incredimail stationary any longer…I always looked forward to getting your new beautiful releases. Lets hope this can somehow be rectified.

  59. Pat

    PS from Pat. I forgot to give you my opinion on what kind of backgrounds. I prefer the scenic/landscape ones that are not too garish — just light and beautiful, with pastel colors.
    Thanks again!

  60. liz

    I’ve been a subscriber for years also… I use mine with Outlook 2003, though I’m about to switch to Outlook 2010 soon (bought Office 2010 for my new pc). Love your old stationery, not that thrilled with the new stuff. Complaints I got from people – they found the background too busy, so it was hard to read the text. A lot of people said the music didn’t work, too, or it caused problems. My suggestion would be to do away with the music, and possibly the scrolling (as some have suggested).

    In light of all that, I think a top border stationery would work best – maybe have the background a pale solid color pulled from the top border to coordinate. But you guys are the designers, not me, so do whatever you think is best. I like most of the categories you’ve had in the past – seasonal, holiday, scenics & wildlife. Flowers are okay, too, but not that big into that.

  61. Cindy Faulkner

    I like the full background stationery best.

    Also, more nature and less people on it.

  62. Frances

    I love using this stationary! I have Vista and it works fine for me.

    I do not use/like scrolling or music stationary as too distracting. My favorite stationary is the one that goes down the side,or across the top. I prefer no pattern at all in the portion where a person will be putting the message as it is too hard to read. On some of the stationary when I go to input the message,the font is in bold (with no option to take the bold off). If none of the fonts were in bold to start with, and the person wants bold, they can do it themselves simply by clicking the bold icon within the email. I like the florals and scenic/seasons ones best. But it’s ALL GOOD, really!

    I only use this for one person who has Vista, the others, with other programs are not able to receive this stationary properly.

  63. Sandy Hecht

    As a long time subscriber and user, I love the “old” stationery with music. Wish the holiday stationery would come out earlier ….like 3-4 weeks before a holiday. My favorite stationeries are the cute animated ones like Cloudie,or the crayon that writes with the hand. Animals and holidays are favorites.I am still using Vista with Windows Mail and will do so as long as I can.

  64. pat fitzgerald

    I have Incredimail and have been unable to get new mail for some time as you know. If it comes back, I would love to have weather changes, days of week and seasons. I have a lot that works well but gets boring.Thank you for all you do!

  65. Linda E Fisher

    Have been with you almost since you opened. I have used your stationery since you started offering it and I too am a lifer. HOWEVER as others have stated since getting Windows 7, nothing is the same. I truly miss using your stationery, so many folks commented on it.

    Again, I agree that music and scrolling isn’t a necessity for your stationery. The seasonals, days of the week, months and holidays are great for me. The tags were always great too. If there could be a few Christian pieces that would also be nice.

    Thanks for all you have done over the years, hope that Windows 8 will be better for all of us!

  66. Coco

    How about a few french ones?
    I prefer florals, seasons, ocean scenes, sunsets etc.

    I love scrolling headings, and sides as well.

    I really don’t like full background. I find it distracting.
    Hope this will help making your decisions. Have a great day.

  67. Robin Busald

    I would like to see monthly seasonal themes, scenery for all four seasons, and Christian. A combination of both top border and full page background. I found your website in 2000 shortly after getting my first Dell Windows ME computer. A lot of changes since then. But you guys are still doing an awesome job. We all have learned so much from you. It would be really nice to be able to send pretty emails again. Thanks for all you do.

  68. Terry Bell

    I’ve been with you since almost the beginning. I’m disappointed I can’t use your stationery as frequently as I used to. The loss of OE has hit me (and you) hard.

    Being Canadian I would appreciate seeing more material featuring our National holidays and scenery.

    Humour is always well received at this end.

    Thanks for hangin’ in there in the face of adversity.

    Have a great summer!

  69. Betty

    Have always loved your newsletters and stationery. Am using Incredimail now and am very pleased with it. Hopefully you will continue providing stationery for Incredimail. Also loved it when Outlook Express was available. Love angels, animals, flowers and holiday designs best.
    Thanks so much for all you do!

  70. Lucy Marshall

    I use Incredimail and have since you recommended. I have the paid version and have absolutely NO problems with it. I love it and therefore would like to continue to see stationary made for that. If not, then hopefully I will be able to continue using the stationary I already have downloaded. I almost liked Outlook Express but I hope Windows 8 comes up with a good email program that works similarly to either Outlook Express or Incredimail.


    I love stationery and am so unhappy that many of the email servers make it difficult to use. I am currently using Outlook 2010 and have used some of your backgrounds. My sisters and I make our own stationeries–they still use Outlook Express while I use Outlook. I have to jump thru some hoops to do this, since we like to write on each other’s stationery, which means it must be sent back and forth. So many email programs will allow one to receive the stationery, but not to return it.
    I love Smileys!! No one has mentioned them. Will you still keep doing them? There hasn’t been an update in a long time. I also like humorous stationery.
    Oh, can you make stationery for ipad? Stationery shows up well on my ipad, but somethimes the whole screen does not show up.
    It is disappointing that so much of your hard work on the stationery goes unappreciated by many of my recipients. Scrolling and music are not necessary for me.
    Keep up the good work.

  72. Randkw

    I miss the pets and animals stationery you used to make and I also miss the music. I am disappointed you no longer make stationery for IncrediMail.

  73. Jane Anton

    I love your quick notes stationary. I’m still using OE on my XP computer and hope to keep it as long as possible. I appreciate that you still create stationary for OE. I’d like to see a Happy New Year theme that doesn’t have the year included in order to use it each year.

    Thank you for your time and efforts!

  74. Marian Trippe

    I have enjoyed your stationery for many, many years and thank you so much for offering it to us as you have.

    I wish I liked stationery with busy backgrounds, but I really can’t handle them. I do like those with a border across the top, but it is annoying when that border repeats further down the message, so if the message is rather long, it will run over top of the repeat border. Is there some way to prevent repeat borders from appearing down the page?

  75. Charles Boley

    Like Theresa Moore, I would like more Christian stationery. And more Christian Christmas stationery. By that I mean stationery without Santa Claus, Candy Canes, etc. Stationery that shows what the reason for Christmas is all about. The same for Easter stationery. Some without bunnies, and Easter eggs, etc.
    I am a lifetime subscriber and have enjoyed your site, help, and tips for several years.

    I am a paid lifetime subscriber to Incredimail. I took your advise and removed it. I’ll probably re-download it. I miss it. When I run my virus scans I still get what I did before removing Incredimail. I didn’t notice any advertisement in my paid version.

    I also have the repair license thingy but have misplaced the number. Hopefully before or when I need it I’ll find it because I think I remember that it wasn’t replaceable.

    I also am using Windows 8 Preview. So when you have some stationery for that I’d be glad to help you test it.

    Anyway, keep up your good work. When I get a few extra dollars I send it along to you folks to help keep you in business so we can all benefit.

    Thanks so much

  76. Ralph in Ottawa

    Listen up folks, I think it’s high time we started thinking outside the box. If we continue to allow ourselves to be led around cyberspace by the myopic luminaries at Microsoft, all we will achieve in the end is a compromise of the level of quality and performance that we have established to support our individual computing requirements. Simply because Microsoft’s clocks run backwards is no reason for us to succumb to any compelling urge to follow suit.

    Outlook Express established itself as a near de facto standard for those of us with a preference for managing our e-mail in-house, rather than on some far off server somewhere in never-never-land. Coupled with the diamond mine of extraordinarily beautiful stationery that the wonderful people of Cloudeight have made available to us over many years, the combination created boundless opportunities to dress our communications to suit both the message we were conveying and the recipients of our thoughts.

    Regrettably MS in its inimitable fashion, decided to trash their product for some elusive reason and in the process, succeeded in tossing the baby out with the bath water. Several iterations of a replacement for their e-mail product have ensued, each one just a bit more dull, prosaic and limiting than its predecessor.

    Personally, I feel that all of us who share a passion for the creative genius behind Cloudeight’s stationery should be recommending a viable alternative to Outlook Express as an appropriate vehicle for it to travel in, and not waste time trying to push our own innocent, but biased viewpoints as to whether the artwork should scroll, play music or dance the Highland Fling,because it’s a topic that knows no end. Each of us have independent tastes, along with varied audiences and subject matter to accommodate. Cloudeight have all the choices anyone could possibly want, so let’s not go redesigning the wheel.

    Mozilla’s Thunderbird is just about as close to Outlook Express as any alternative can get. All we need to do is band together and convince them to loosen up their code and allow for a less convoluted method of utilizing a magnificent art gallery of stationery which is currently lying shamefully fallow. This would also give Mozilla a distinct marketing advantage if they would only recognize it.

    If the folks at Cloudeight are continually forced to spend their limited resources on new methods of catering to Microsoft’s schizophrenic business modeling, we as users will lose the opportunity of preserving what we have and mourn the loss when it’s gone.

    Who will second the motion?

  77. Mae

    I like scenes and flowers. I’m still using Visa and XP.I prefer static stationary. I like the seasonal one too.
    Have been a life member and purchased many of your specials too. Thanks for all the advise over the years. My friends consider me an expert, ah ah But I can help them.

  78. Verla Lindstrom

    I am still on Windows XP Pro and enjoying the “old Stationery”that I still have on my pc at this time. I would love to see Windows 8 give the ability to have stationery like the “old days” what a sad thing to see it go away. I know before long I will need to get a new Windows either 8 or 7….seven sounds like I don’t want it….smile!! Keep us posted on the chance Windows 8 will be more likely to have the “good” stationery everyone has enjoyed over the years….thank you so much for everything you do….

  79. Kris

    Oh how I miss making my own stationery! Altho your stationery is most unique… where are the moving backgrounds, the scrolling.. well you know what’s all missing that could be done. Along with you, wish you had the money to have your own email program like the old “Outlook Express”. I’ve written to twice to Steven Stinofsky and told him what was on my mind. (You’d be proud of me). I’m on Vista and still make my own email stationery, but nothing like I used to make.

    If only…

    Sincerely, Kris

  80. Bill Cloose

    For years I would say that I’ve used your stationery with OE, but in the last several, all my email people use text. No one uses stationery. I think that is crass, but not a thing I can do about it so as a result I very seldom use it anymore. Sad huh? I used to send various stationery to several friends of mine as well–the computer ‘experts’ who were afraid to click on anything for fear their computer would disappear. πŸ™‚ Anyway, I like all your stationery and thank you so much for all that you do for us computer folks. I do look forward to your publication each week. Bill

  81. John Cook

    It is very obvious from reading the comments you have received so far that you can’t please everbody. For instance I prefer Fun stationery, scrolling and sound, but several others don’t want them.
    Probably the easiest solution would be to duplicate the full range of options you previously supplied!
    I applaud the effort you are making to provide a decent mail program and wish you success in doing so.
    We will accept whatever you will be able to achieve and be grateful for all the hard work you do on our behalf.

  82. Pearl Nemeth

    I often look for a particular theme for each stationery and would prefer being able to download a single stationery rather than a group of them. Just a good assortment of daily and special occasion themes would be great. I do miss the old Outlook Express but agree that the scrolling and music may not be appreciated by my receiver. I can always add my own music if I want it. Thanks so much for your great work in this area!

  83. Ruth Van Horne

    Hi to both of you!!

    As you know by now I’ve been with you since almost the beginning and have learned so much and had your sage advice assist me many times. I started using Windows 7 about 5 months ago……I’ve always used Outlook Express, which I loved, along with all the wonderful stationery you supplied for it. I tried using Windows Live Mail but really didn’t like it so installed Incredimail instead. I know you no longer support or recommend it, however, I’m really enjoying it and find it very “user friendly”m so obviously I would love it if you could see your way clear to again make stationery which can be used in that program. If not, then I will continue to use what you did have for Incredimail and then using the ones they supply.

    Thanks for all the wonderful years of clear, understandable, TRUTHFUL advice and help you offer on a weekly basis.

    All the best,

  84. Mary Karr

    First of all I want to ‘Thank You All!’ for the wonderful job you do making all the stationary. For some reason I like the full pages. When I get replies my previous e-mail is now in the top header. I know that most of my friends could do without the music. Also love thseasonalstationary and Christian stationary.
    Thanks again

  85. Ken Harness

    I use Windows 7 and Outlook 2007. Both work well for me right now but can’t get your stationary to work. If a fix is in that would be great. Personally like nature type stationary but not crazy about the “scrolling type”. Just want stationary to enhance my emails. My email doesn’t have to “dance”!

  86. Verniece

    Loved the stationary in Outlook Express.
    Windows is very hard so don’t use it.

  87. maureen black

    Feel totally deprived when plain black and white stationery arrives hence never use it but have been downloading Cloudeight for years with much pleasure. I have never yet found how to write ‘short’ emails and consequently stationery with pretty headings which are eventually repeated annoy me immensely – I used to have a ‘Preview’ but Windows 7 removed that and now I have to guess where to start the second page when it has been broken by a header. The same goes for a left side bar that is at times repeated on the right hand side – would love both these repeats eliminated. Scrolling and music not necessary for me. Dont really like full screen display with typing all over background. Finally I just like a selection of any topic. I download each set of stationery and just delete what I dont like. Well done – it makes me a very happier emailer.

    1. Joan Mudge

      I agree totally with your comments about not repeating and repeating for I write long notes too.

  88. Pat Johnson

    Hi there
    I absolutely loved your backgrounds when I had Outlook Express but now I have windows live mail and it never seems to work. I’ve given up trying, in fact. If you can sort this out I’ll be back in a heartbeat.
    Music and scrolling aren’t necessary at all. I love all the rest. I hope this info helps.

  89. heather e

    I love the themed stationery best, ie Christmas and prefer funny to old fashioned,, a smile is best any day.
    I liked the stationery set to the side best of all and prefer non scolling. But number one will always be your wonderful computer help and advice,, Stationery is great but given the choice, tis no contest….

  90. Jeb

    I used your stationery a lot in OE but haven’t used it much with Thunderbird. Not sure I really like Thunderbird, but don’t have time to switch everything to another program. I would prefer being able to download a single stationery rather than a group of them. I enjoy seasonal (but no year indicated), special events, Christian, days of week, but no wizardy, witchy stuff. Music is nice; scrolling not necessary. I appreciate your newsletter and stationery.

  91. Joan Resch

    I have loved your stationery for as long as you’ve had it, even though I’ve not been able to use it since I had to go to gmail as an email program. Have not cared for Incredimail since all I see is an ad at the bottom of the email for the program and don’t see the stationery itself. Am waiting for the day you can figure out how to make stationery for the rest of us floating around out here.
    You are my homepage and I donate when I can. Hoping you find a good solution soon.

  92. Robert Weil

    My favorite of all are the pages with the pictures running in a vertical strip along the left edge of the page. And the page itself some soft pastel color taken from a color in the pictures. If you can make pictures at the top of the page, why can you no longer make them along the left side of the page? The code is basically the same. Thanks for allowing my input.

  93. Nora Borts

    I have switched back from Windows 7 to Windows XP and Cloud eight is one of the reasons. I love the stationary. When looking at Cloud eight I choose a background to fit my need birthday, sympathy, get well, or holiday. I love them all. Please keep them coming.

  94. NR Salinas

    Thank you for your assortment of stationery, especially liked the Quick Notes. Do not particularly care for the music and scrolling; also prefer florals, landscapes, whimsical themes, and holidays. I use Thunderbird & I too have trouble using your stationery in this program & I use Windows 7. Thank you again for the work you do. Great job!

  95. Bill Vaught

    The old Outlook express stationery was the best. I prefer Westerns.

  96. Jim

    I’d like to continue using Incredimail. I installed it at your recommendation and have no problems with it. I was very disappointed in your decision to terminate new stationery for it and to begin “dissing” it. I wish you’d reconsider. If that’s not to be, then I think you should post detailed conversion instructions to remove and replace Incredimail with your recommended replacement — one which would work in XP, Windows 7, and also Windows 8. It should be compatible with your existing stationery collections as much as possible. As far as stationery design, I agree that scrolling is not as important as top border, and full backgrounds are most important. I like scenic designs and holiday collections, especially antique greeting cards. I don’t care for cartoons, except for ones that are occupation-related. Thanks for the opportunity to provide “feedback” on the e-mail client and stationery issue!

  97. Joan Batchelor

    I loved all the scenic and animal stationery… especially cats… also fun types. I agree scrolling and music, although nice, is NOT necessary. I have one computer with XP but O.E. has not worked for 3 years and MSN won’t help and I can’t afford their prices that only guarantee the results for 7 days. The other is Windows 7 and I don’t understand that Windows Live Mail at all even though it is supposed to be the same as O.E. according to MSN. What I really miss is not being able to use my Smileycons (lifetime subscription).

  98. Vincent Fricano

    Been a Loyal user since ’98, and OExpress was great for me. Am now 87 and expect to use my Vista for my time left on the planet. I like the animals and flowers however do what you decide is best for you and ‘us’.Can do without the scrolling and music. You haven’t sent me on the wrong path so far. Thanks for asking my opinion, trusting you TC and EB. God bless and good fortune to both.
    Vince Fricano

  99. Tim Mobley

    I use outlook 2003, but i think you said they microsoft does not support it anymore so you therefore do not make stationary for it, is that correct? if so what do u recomed me to use so i can get stationary in my emails, i like outlook because of calandar, contact list etc… i never like outlook express. thanks πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  100. Betty Thompson

    Since I am a new subscriber, the first thing I like about your stationery is that it is FREE.
    The theme, nature, animal stationery are my choices

  101. Lois

    Hi TC and Darcy!

    I’ve been appreciating all you do for over ten years now. I still use all your older stationery on my PC with XP. On my laptop with Windows 7, I have Thunderbird set up for my default email. My choice, when scrolling and music are not compatible, would be to have the combination of both the top border and the background. Being an older lady in my mid-seventies, I love flowers, scenery and animals; and it’s nice to have special stationery for all the seasons and special holidays, too. Thank you so very much for all you do to make our computers so much more enjoyable to use.

    Wishing you many blessings,

  102. Sharon K

    I must say that I have used and preferred IncrediMail for years and have had NO problems whatsoever. I love the stationary and all the variety out there. Also, the ease in changing it with cute options. I wish you would make stationary for IM because it just makes sense. It’s a great email program and very streamline to use. Many people use it and love it. LIKE ME!

  103. Mike

    Thanks guys
    all the stuff is great
    perhaps some generic New Years, Christmas, Birthdats for win7 stuff like that
    am really missing the ones that I had with XP so much, nearly dident upgrade

    again thanks


  104. Gwynne Logan

    Well, I’m still using Windows XP and love all my old stationary that I have gotten from you over the years. I am hoping to take your advice and buy a new laptop with Windows 7 and a free or inexpensive upgrade to Windows 8 this coming fall season.

    I like designs at the top of the page, but wish it would only appear at the top of the first page. If you write a long e-mail the top design pops up somewhere down the page and obscures the writing. Other than top designs, the full page, but faint designs work best for me.

    I like scenic, seasonal, and fantasy designs.

    Many, many thanks for all the great things you do.

  105. Bea Killian

    I, too, used to absolutely LOVE using all the stationery, along with the music and scrolling – been a user and subscriber of yours for probably 15 years, and the only thing about it was that people on AOL claimed they never saw it, and some companies’ IT would censor it. I stopped Incredimail a long time ago, and have only been able to use the “boring” stationery, on Yahoo! I think a top or side design would be great, and if it is easier, by all means forget about music & scrolling! Also, light colored full page would be swell! I’ve ad a reversal of fortune, since my retirement in 2009, or I’d be buying and donating for y’all, ’cause I LOVE and ADMIRE you so much!!! Thanks for everything, Bea πŸ™‚




  107. Emmy Beyer

    I have loved your stationery for years. I would like to see more animals (esp. cats) and patriotic themes. Music and scrolling are not needed IMHO. And I like background email over top borders.
    I can only hope that the email program in Windows 8 is a GREAT improvement over Win.Live Mail which I hate along with Windows 7. I can’t tell you how much I miss Outlook Express.
    Thank you for all your tips and help thru the years. You guys do a wonderful job and I realy appreciate it.
    All the Best,

  108. Woody

    Windows 8 for desktops will be a bigger disaster than Vista. I will not buy any PC running the W8 O/S. Outlook Express type stationery will always be my first choice. I still have two desktops running XP Home SP3, one desktop on W7 using the IncrediMail Premium client and one laptop on W7 also using IncrediMail Premium.



  110. Yvonne Sapach

    Scrolling & Music is not necessary for me. I would like to see more fun stationery. My friends that have hotmail don’t seem to get my stationery when I e-mail them. I am still using Windows XP.

  111. Juel

    I like to make my own stationery to insert music and scrolling.The scrolling can be turned off if people are so easily distracted by going into fwd. As for music. only light classics. That surely wouldn’t frighten anyone and it can be turned off or down

    I think it is nice when you can take picture of the garden or amimals and then turn them into pretty stationery with frames or what ever you fancy Still keeping my XP and will have it till one of us dies.
    Have been with you people a loooong time.Have enjoyed your NewLetter and have bought quite a few things over time..
    Do value you opinion
    Regards to you both

  112. Sylvia Kendall

    Great to get a glimmer of hope for a different and hopefully, better email client with Windows 8. I used to use OE and really liked it and you made such lovely stationery for it. Never did get to grips with Incredimail although I have seen some really nice stationery around for it. Ditched Windows Live Mail after a very short trial and got a patch so I could run Windows Mail on Windows 7. This does present some problems although overall, its much better than the alternatives I’ve tried.

    Now to stationery. I’ve loved all the stationery I’ve had from you over many years, scrolling, non-scrolling, with or without music, top bars, side bars, background – it’s all been great. My favourites are florals, animals, seasonals and any nature themed stationery. Although I enjoyed the scrolling and music, I know lots of people don’t and some email clients don’t seem to display them. How about using small animations eg slowly waving grasses, water weeds etc if some kind of movement is wanted? Could this be incorporated into the stationery?

    I look forward to seeing what Microsoft is offering and hope it is much better than Windows Live Mail. I also look forward to being able to use your beautiful stationery for a long time to come. Thank you for your great service and dedication.

  113. Heidi

    I really started using stationery with you and liked a lot of it in older days but not nowadays any more as I don’t like just a small picture on top of a mail but need the pictures going down all the mail. So back to creating my own stationery from my own photos. I am using Windows Vista and Outlook 2010 and doing pretty well since I am using png as picture-format, as only this way the pictures seem to show up in quite similar size when I send my stationery to a friend using Windows Mail. Scrolling and music are not necessary at all. And if it should not work that the stationery keeps the margin with all programmes – would it be so difficult to explain people how to push the cursor further so that they can write aside the pictures? Anyway, looking forward to the possible changes by Microsoft that you mentioned! Best wishes Heidi

  114. Glenys

    I have loved and used all your beautiful stationery, with and without scrolling and music, for many years. I purchased and changed to Incredimail when you recommended it and used your stationery as well as theirs. When updating their programme you did have to be very careful and remove all the ticks they had already put in for you or you would end up with tool bars, home pages etc. etc. I have just deleted Incredimail and moved to Windows Live mail and have no trouble using your stationery there. I was amazed at the amount of “stuff” they had installed on my computer. I think Revo Uninstaller found about 300 items on my registry after the initial uninstall!!! Incredible Incredimail.
    Shame Microsoft took so to realise most of us like stationery and are now putting it back on Windows 8.
    I would like to say any kind of your stationery would be great. I have 2 email accounts as I can’t use stationery in gmail. That’s a thought!! Any chance of that happening? Please keep up the good work of designing stationery and thank you for your years of help and advice.

  115. Thea Sheriff

    I have been a great fan of your stationery for many years, and I have no trouble whatever in using it in Outlook. I just download it, save it to My documents/My Cloudeight stationery, click on my choice, and up it comes in a blank email message ready to go……soooo simple. What I would like though, is some stationery for special occasions e.g. birthday, congratulations, get well, and anything flowery always appeals to me. Cloudeight appeals to me too – you are an awesome pair and I would trust you both 100% with anything. God bless you both…..Thea

  116. Graham

    I agree with most of the views expressed above.
    I have been using your stationery since the days of Windows XP and Outlook Express but since I upgraded to Windows 7 I have missed these designs which brighten up the emails.
    My preference would be for themed pictorial designs.
    The music and scrolling do not seem popular with people that I send emails to and do seem to slow down the process of sending emails.
    A great many of your designs to seem to be American themed so a few with a more british interest would be nice

  117. Shirley Harper

    I would like to have the original scrolling type stationery again, and especially with the music which I loved. I would like it for special occasions, birthdays, Christmas etc. and to be able to use it with Windows 7 which I won’t be changing from anytime soon.

  118. Margaret Magri

    You were right sooner or later we will have to go to windows 7 and that I did and I hate it….we got spoilt using xp and your stationery was wonderful to download, send letters etc. I am happy that you have some stationery for windows live, but I miss the scrolling and the music that came with it. Windows 7 is not that user friendly with stationery….I would like to see more stationery for windows 7 in friendship, cuties, bears, cats and flowers those are my favorites, have many in a folder from xp but cannot use them as well. thank you for all that you do.

  119. Valerie

    I have a lot of your stationery for Outlook Express, I’m still using XP, and I love it. I also use Incredimail and have no problems with it, so I wish you’d continue to offer stationery for it.

  120. walter taylor

    As the saying goes,if ,”variety is the spice of life” then just carry on with your excellent productions as of yore……cheers…Walter

  121. LizzyD

    I don’t care for scrolling borders as most of my friends or family use webmail and the scrolling doesn’t work in them. After Outlook Express was eliminated, I started using Incredimail and have used it for about 8-10 years. Incredimail is ok but with all of their changes, it seems to be more buggy. So, I switched to Thunderbird with the drawback that the stationery options are limited and is not viewable in a lot of webmail. Keep us posted with your findings, please. Oh, and I love fun whimsical stationery as well as seasonal and holiday.

  122. EvaLilyna

    I have loved and also used all of your beautiful stationery, with and without scrolling and music, for ages and ages. I just love it to death and will not accept any other email program like OE, since every thing is more then boring, life less and absolutely without any taste. I don’t like Incredimail with passion especially the free version. I got rid of incredimail maybe 10 minutes after I had down loaded it. Your stationery was beautiful and nice. I always am enjoying your stationery, still to this day am using it. My only hope is, that the new Windows 8 consider having the same program as OE is. I am using still Windows XP just because I will not be forced by now one to use stationery and on top of every thing to pay for it. To me it’s disgrace full. The artists were offering the stationery free and why not down load it. Incredimail’s free version is the last and the paid one is a bit better and why not ???? They get paid by people who like to pay for simple stationery. I will not ever get a stationery program for one I have to pay. Never.
    I love and always will love your stationery, no matter what kind. I hope, you’ll continue to keep up the excellent work.

  123. Jackie Gerwitz

    I would love if you made more fun stationery as well as stationery that you can use everyday! I like both the full and the top border stationery so I would continue to create a mixture of them. I have always loved your stationey but I really miss the days of when I could use the scrolling ones with the music thanks to Microsoft! Continue the great work!

  124. Jeanne

    Thank you so much for all the hard work you do and continue to do. I look forward to the newsletters and stationery updates so much! I have learned more than you know about computers and stationery! I love it. I wish Windows 7 had more to offer so Windows 8 had better step it up. I love side borders and full backgrounds of seasonal items, fun and floral. More backgrounds usable for the work environment would be great. I get so many compliments! – They are tasteful yet not too busy. Keep up the great work!

  125. Barbara Rinard

    I have Vista and until they won’t let me use it anymore I go with the old saying “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” I love your stationary and if you must change things for the folks with seven and eight so be it. I will use what you let me. I could definitely do without the music or scrolling -top or side are fine. What even helps you money wise… you are just great trying to please everyone and that can’t be. I have been with you for so long and will stick with what Vista can use.
    Thanks for the best place on the net and also have a key just in case this goes crazy one day.

  126. Barbara Rinard

    I posted so don’t understand why again, or is that for your use?

  127. Vicki

    I love the victorian era with some animation to it. We plan on getting a computer when windows 8 comes out. Thank you for allowing me to give my suggestions!

  128. mary ragno

    i’ve always loved incredimail…it has had a lot of problems lately…but as far as i’m concerned, there is nothing that compares to it…i would like you to continue or again making stationary for it…i’m hoping incredimail fixes all it’s problems..and it’s sites…there are not what they used to be…my nephew does not like incredimail…i think he is opening his email on his cell phone and it shuts down…i don’t think his cell phone can handle the graphic’s…he gets upset with me…i told him to open up my mail on his computer…you guys are the greatest..i’ve learned a lot with your tips and tricks..thanks…lol…

  129. Dianne Taff

    I like a mixture of both: top and complete bkg. I’ve always liked your stationery, & I do miss the scrolling & music. I use PostBox Express a lot & love it–so I’m going to see if I can get your full bkg stationery to work with it.

  130. Jean Wells

    As I am still on HP I now realize why I have not been able to download any of the graphics or music. So sad as I loved it, maybe I will think of moving to 8,but they usually have so many problems when they first come out.I use Outlook. I hope I will soon be able to download CLoudeight again as I miss it. As long as I am able to get it I do not wind what format you decide on. Thankyou.

  131. Joyce

    i have windows xp, and i have used your stationary, which is very nice!!. i like incredimail, and i have had no problems at all, with them. i plan on getting windows eight, as soon as it is available, i guess this fall . so , hope to see your stationary on windows eight. keep up the good work. i love your straight forward opinons and answers on everything .p.s. i like the flower stationary. have a great day.

  132. Tracy Mills

    I’m using the paid version of Incredimail and I do like it. I’d like to see more anniversary and birthday themes. I like most all of your stationary. Keep up the great work!

  133. Rita

    I prefer full page themed stationery without the scrolling. I have been with you since Outlook Express and Windows 98 and you have always been there for us. Keep up the great work on everything you do. I recommend you to all my friends and have your link on my website also.

  134. Trish

    I am very fond of kitties and love having them as stationary. I ADORE Cloudeight! You have always been such a help to me. I have screensavers of kitties, cats and in a few more weeks I will have my own tabby cat.
    I had Windows XP, now I have Windows 7. I’d rather have XP, but this new computer is not my fav at all.
    Keep up the great work.

  135. Pam

    I have always enjoyed your stationery, and I thank you so much for taking the time and putting forth the effort to provide it to us – for free. You two rock. πŸ™‚

    I enjoyed the scrolling borders and music for holiday stationery, but other than that, it seemed that people (including myself) tended to find it annoying. I prefer side or top border non-scrolling stationery, without music. I must admit that I do not like the simple backgrounds with no borders – I don’t use them at all. I’ve always liked the variety of stationery that you provided – there was something for everyone, and that was great. I hate to mention a favourite style, as I think it’s wonderful to see the variety, but I think that getting an idea of what people use most would probably help you to not waste your time (which I think you must have very little of, with all you do!) working on stationery that no one seems to use. So what I use most is holiday (Christmas and Hallowe’en), seasonal, and nature themes.

    I use Mozilla Thunderbird, and I find that with the simple stationery plug-in, your stationery works without a hitch. When I first tried Thunderbird I didn’t like it, but after trying many other programs, I decided to give Thunderbird one more shot. I took a bit more time to explore what I could and couldn’t do with it (simple searches of “how do I do *this* with Thunderbird” gave me all the information needed), and after discovering and downloading a couple of plug-ins, I was thrilled with how Thunderbird worked for me. So I would highly recommend it to anyone, especially if they’re looking for a good email client to use stationery with. Sure there are a couple of things I’m not thrilled with, but then there were a couple of things I wasn’t thrilled with in Outlook Express too. πŸ™‚

    I don’t use stationery a lot these days, as most people I know now use emails clients that it won’t run on, but on the occasions that I do use it, I still enjoy having your lovely offerings on hand, and once again, I thank you so much for them.

  136. cami

    I would like to see more stationaries about different people’s career (doctor, dentist, artist, singer …).

  137. Dave C.

    And now from a male point of view.
    Never mind the fancy stationery just get us a decent Email program.
    I know you suggested Postbox and I tried it. Anything is better than Win.7 live Mail, but come on now, Postbox has got to be the most stupid Email program ever with all these lines and boxes.
    They were on the right track but veered off terribly somewhere before they finished.
    Surely I can’t be the only one to feel this way…
    Dave C.

  138. Eleanor Simmons

    Oh my, I agree with the comments I read above, the main theme being how much we love and appreciate you and Cloudeight. I don’t know how you can satisfy us all since we seem to like different things. While my personal preference is top border, no scroll, no music or just quiet music, whatever will allow us to keep your advice and counsel is the most important to us all, I’m sure. I liked the plain solid colors of Outlook too, but took it off my computer for other reasons. I’ve kept XP through all the horrible MS followups like Vista and Windows 7 because I refused to give up Outlook Express. I’m praying Windows 8 gives us a good email program or I might keep XP till my computer dies. Unless you decide the majority rules, it sounds like you’ll need to keep a little bit of everything to satisfy all of us. I don’t envy you that decision. Keep up the excellent work and you have our grateful thanks.

  139. Patsy Hollie

    I liked the way that you had the stationery, just all different kinds and we could just pick the ones we liked best. I liked some of all of them, keep up the good work !

  140. Patricia D. Brown

    I too, would like to see OutLook Express return. I have Windows 7 and I cannot get any stationery to work. I really miss Cloudeight and the lovely stationeries with scrolling and music.
    Three cheers for all of you!!!

  141. Maureen

    I had windows XP and could use any of the stationary, but my computer died and now have a new computer with windows 7. I cannot get your stationary to work with windows 7. I really miss your stationary and everything else you have to offer. I like all of your stationary and really hope you can get it to work with windows 7. I am a lifetime member of your site and have been for many years. Cloudeight is a really great place to go for any and all information and help you might need to keep the computer going. Keep up the good work. You do a great job!

  142. Joyce Flory

    I use your stationery every week day. So over the years I have used most of them that you have posted and some of them twice. I need more new ones desperately. I love animals, nature and cute stationery. Can you still post new stationery for XP users?
    If you can help, I would appreciate it very much.
    Thank you kindly,

  143. Jean Pomo

    I would love to see more “Wildlife” like the beautiful wolves, cougars, birds, dogs (especially German Shepherds) & cats you had. Life is so dull without these on my screen.

  144. Gay

    First off a big thanks to the two of you for all the wonderful help and support you provide! I am a long-time fan and supporter of Cloudeight! Can’t imagine what we’d do without you!

    Like everyone else above, I was thrilled with all the stationery we could use with XP. I am now using Win 7 and a paid version of Incredimail, and used all your stationery when you had it for Incredimail. After reading the remarks above about Thunderbird, I will now try it as not nearly as happy with Incredimail as I used to be. It seems to be getting more ‘junky’!

    As to the stationery, I pretty much agree with everyone else that I will be happy with whatever you can provide. Variety is great, and it’s nice to have choices. I especially like holiday, occasions (birthday, get well, etc.) and month/day stationery.

    I love music with my stationery, as do most of the recipients of my emails. However, it is pretty easy (at least with Incredimail) to add your own choice of midi file. It may not be necessary to incorporate music with your stationery, if we have an option to add it ourselves.

    You are both much appreciated! Keep up the good work!

  145. Shirley

    I have read all the comments and there are some comments that I totally agree with. To stay with the subject at hand, I don’t care for the music or the scrolling. It annoyed some of my email buddies, so I didn’t use it. I always use your Quick Notes and Fun Letters. They are so easy to use and you’ve always come up with nice ones. I’ve been with you for so very many years and I look forward to your Premium newsletter every Friday.I use Internet Explorer and have Windows Mail. Had no prblem with either on of them. I still thin the Internet Explorer is the best.

  146. Darlene

    Any stationery you offered for OE was fantastic – I had XP SP3 and used it from 98 through XP. The options of scrolling and or music were favorites of mine. Now, I’m STUCK with Win7 and haven’t found anything yet to like about the system. I so very much appreciated the Cloud 8 varieties and really miss them all.

  147. Sandy

    I also am a lifetime member and I truelly miss your stationeries. I hope Microsoft realizes the damage they did when they ruined our Cloudeight stationery and come up with a better 8. I loved all your stationery. I used it and used it, now nothing. But if you ever can get it to work in windows 7 or 8 I’ll be the first to download it. I love your backyard birds, top or side scrolling. Love the music you put with it. Everything. I’m also like most of your followers, I don’t know what I’d do without you two. Thank you for hanging in there all these years. Great work you two.

  148. debby

    I would like to see full stationary. Tops and boarders not not that great. Most replys do not tab over. I’d like to see desert mountains, southwest desert scenes. Maybe something with a Mexican flair.

  149. Elaine

    Incredimail please,it’s the best. Thank you for all your hard work,we love you.

  150. Gina

    Since leaving XP hate most things about windows 7 including the rubbish email. The stationary in windows 7 was great choices. The stationary I would like would be dog breeds (Golden Retrievers), and a lot of travel type stationary, ie. beach, mountains, waterfalls, woods, with added music and top or bottom frames make little difference just lovely pictures is all I ask for. Also lots of Fun Letters. Lets hope windows 8 will allow for what we all want – Lovely Stationary to use.

  151. Ellen

    I don’t like any of the email programs anymore, but you quit making letters for IncrediMail, so I have no use for any of them. My paid membership means nothing. A true waste of money on my part.

  152. Tracey Marie

    I’ve enjoyed your stationery for years now ~ would love to see some Celtic designs as well as landscapes of Scotland & Ireland! Thank, so much!

  153. avril harley

    I would like to see you use Incredimail again
    I have had no problems with it. and have used it for years. I liked using cloud eight stationery in my emails. any thing will be ok with me.

  154. Ron Hoffman

    I would like to see some square dance stationery. Unknown to a lot of people it is very popular. It is the state dance of Washington state. Here in Spokane, Wa we have 12 clubs.

  155. Audrey

    I use outlook 2010 from my pc, but I do more from my iPhone than I do from pc. And then there’s the iPads and web mail… Really, why not redirect the focus? How about doing some pretty background things we can use on Facebook? Or more with the smiley cons ~ that we can download an ap that integrates with our keyboard like emoji? I just wonder if the days of email are now numbered – soon to be replaced with instant Msgs and txts and tweets.

  156. Pat Spinelli

    I have Incredimail and haven’t had any problems with it so wish you’d start making stationary for Incredimail again!!! I miss it!!

  157. Emilie Walling

    I would like to see more CHRISTIAN stationery. In the times we live in – more Christian stationery is BETTER.

  158. dorene

    Already posted, but wanted to say more about Thunderbird – glad to see some others like it. Make sure you follow this tutorial – http://thundercloud.net/help/tbird-new.htm and then just kind of open up different stationeries on the http://thundercloud.net/ site and look for ones that have “windows Mail” on them. There is still a nice large variety! I also just notice don the instuctions it said to try the quicknotes ones – i hadn’t done that but will as quicknotes were one of my favorite types when I used Outlook — glad I reread the tip page!

    Here’s a stationery I just downloaded as an example:


  159. Valarie Wise

    I use INCREDIMAIL and your stationary and I love it .I like Country, Animals,Country Scenes,and I love Trees.Thank You for all the years of Happiness you have given me with your Stationary

  160. jeanne cody

    I would like to see some new birthday and anniversary motif. Also several of my email people have commented on missing the music that was on my emails before.

  161. Cherry

    I don’t seem to use your stationery as much anymore, partly due to the restrictions with 7, having to go outside the email program to find a background etc.
    I would like to see some nice music, especially happy birthday etc, available as files that can be easily added to the backgrounds if and when required. That option would be fantastic.
    I also would like to see more themes on weather like rainy days, hot, fine, sunny etc.

    A combination of some with border and others without gives choice.
    I like realistic nature scenes.. and not all American style!! I’m Aussie. πŸ™‚ Soft florals, backgrounds easy to read the text on though.

    Thanks heaps for everything you do.

  162. gralormalm

    I’m a Red Hat Society Queen and I would really like to have this Society added to your stationary. I send out many emails for the ladies I have in my chapter and would appreciate a page just for us. We are a World Wide Organization.. Our Headquarters is in Fullerton California for more information if you need it…
    My Chapter is registered as “Summer Wine” our logo is 2 Red Hatted ladies sitting at a table with a glass of wine…

  163. Joan Mudge

    I too, would like to see Outlook Express return. I have a paid Incredimail account and have had nothing but problems with it and have to use Yahoo to get my mail. I can still send with incredimail and would love some sympathy notes. I send my classmates lots of updates on my class and because we are an aging group I sometimes have to let them know that a classmate has passed on. I am using windows 7 Please recommend a decent email program. I too have been with you for many many years and miss my XP Outlook Express. Now when I send some mail with the letterhead or notes some people don’t receive them as they were when I send them. So disappointing. I love you guys and love the wide selection you offer to us and also the great tips that help the newbies and those that think they are computer savvy.

  164. Linda

    As I’m still using W’s XP, I miss using stationery like what you made “in the old days”. I loved using all the different types you made, although I tend to be partial to the scenic, seasonal and holiday kinds. I always found Cloudeight to be THE best stationery creators on the web!! I truly hope Windows 8 will listen to all us old die-hards and include a stationery-compatible email program! Thanks to both of you for being my “go to” place for stationery and W’s tips/fix-it. You are truly appreciated!

  165. Ilona

    I would like stationery to do with music and musicians but not professionals. guitars, musical notes, instruments, musicians jamming together for fun. I send at least 2 notices a week to a large group of musicians who jam twice each week for the past 9 years. New stationery would be greatly appreciated.
    I also only use Incredimail since purchasing my new computer with Windows 7. I totally dislike Windows Live Mail.

  166. J.

    I would like to see a guy’s stationery,like cool cars,hot babes,motorcycles,speedboats,electric guitars,sports,spaceships.Remember men send emails too.

  167. Harold

    I like the musical stationary have been using it since outlook express you chaps are great at it and to bad you cant do what you want I realize your hands are tied with what you want to do and what you can do , I loved outlook but that was the past and nothing lasts for ever not even us , so do the bast you can and please make it as easy as possible.Now I am using incredi mail in my window mail I am not to happy about change when something is good why not leave it alone guess that would be to easy.
    Bottom line you guys keep doing the great job that you are doing I am sure all of us that are getting you good tips and helpfull info are greatfull we have 2 such carring people.

  168. Ron D Australia

    You are both great with the effort you make.

    I would find some Australian themes good to use on sstationary.

    Secondly I have asked this question before but must have missed your reply. Your stationary is designed for different email programs. If I send an email using your stationary from Outlook Express on my XP computer to a friend and he might have Windows Live Mail on his computer will he receive the stationary?

    Regards Ron.

  169. Veronica Fannaly

    Your stationery is wonderful, no matter what the version, the type or the mode is. I started using it at work so many years ago and made some friends and correspondents happy and some bosses and IT people mad. They didn’t like your pretty pictures, the scrolling and the music, so I just used Quick Notes. Made most everyone happy doing that, but you can never make everyone happpy, so some were on my list to get blanked email. I remember the days of sending you all $1 in an unmarked envelope to help defray some of your expenses. $1 didn’t hurt and it was well worth it. You all have grown and do a lot more, so you don’t need those $1 envelopes anymore. Personally, I have only been using the Quick Notes and I have them all, but can’t use them on Windows 7. I still use Outlook, not Express after all these years, but if Express is better for using the Quick Notes now, I will change. The music and scrolling were ok, but they were being extracted out of the emails anyway, so I just quit using them at home and work. I have all your Quick Notes going back to #1 and would like to be able to use them. I even have some that you don’t have anymore or you don’t list them. My vote is for the Quick Notes, just for ease and expediency. Now if you would just fix the program so that I can use ALL my Quick Notes, I’ll be happy.

    Thank you for all your wonderful stationery, scrolling or not, full page or not and music or not. I always had great comments from friends about my stationerym whether the bosses liked it or not. I just didn’t share with them anymore. Being retired now, my stationery should be what I want, not what I am limited to, so please help those of us who have Windows 7. Thanks….

  170. Ron Chalecki

    I loved Outlook Express before my previous PC went belly up. As you know Windows 7 with Live Mail isn’t stationary friendly. I thus began using Incredimail, but much of it takes up too much space and some of their stationary isn’t appealing, but have found some I can live with. The stationary I’d like to see for 7 or 8, when I make the switch, is non-musical and non-scrolling. I find that distracting. Full body backgrounds that are subtle and not busy are great. Top border is fine too, as long as the text body colour is light and not busy. As for subject material, I’d like to see classic/vintage vehicles, plus trains; steam or diesel. Nostalgic settings of these with your top borders would be great. As I close, I hope I’m not too late with my comments and choices.
    Regards, Ron Chalecki

  171. Virginia Borders

    I wish I could contact Dorene (june 16) to find out how she gets stationery to “work” in Thunderbird, I’ve been trying for the longest and can’t get it in there. I’ve saved every stationery you’ve offered over the years so I have a folder full of it. And can’t use it. If it ever gets to where I CAN use stationery, I would prefer the full page backgrounds, soft stuff; stars, snow, clouds, muted colors so that the type shows up on top of it. No scrolling. No music. If Win8 is going to offer Outlook Express again you can be sure I’ll be in line to get that OS as soon as it comes out, let us know as soon as you find out, o.k?

  172. Mary A Tansey

    I have been a member of Cloudeight since day 1 – your hints, advice, and suggestions have been most informative over the years, and helped me out of a lot of computer jams. Your stationery has always been a delight – when I would send any email using your stationery, they immediately knew who was emailing because of the music. I would love to see some stationery military oriented with each service’s emblems displayed (and of course, the theme song of each, but since that will not happen, just emblems would be nice.) Thanks for all that you do!


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