Who is the Worst: The Malware Miscreants or the Companies Who Make False Promises?

By | September 5, 2015
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apologiesWho is the Worst: The Malware Miscreants or the Companies Who Make False Promises?

It’s a shame that we all have to be so careful when we download or even just browse the Web these days. The more mature the Internet gets the more sophisticated the tricks become.

And it’s bad enough when criminals and miscreants posing as Web developers bundle up their otherwise decent software with all sorts of malware trying to make money by deceit.

I wonder, however, what’s worse: The ones who try to trick people into downloading malware laden software or to click a poisoned link, or companies who mislead trusting souls into installing antivirus software with the promise that it prevent all sorts of malicious infections, keep their identities safe, protect them from hackers and even save them from the nuisance of spam.

First, you have to remember that the most pervasive threat you face every day is not a virus or a Trojan – but malware. Browser hijackers, Internet connection hijackers, search engine hijackers, and all sorts of other useless software installed unintentionally by the user via software bundles

We have worked on hundreds of computer whose owners thought they were protected by AVG, Avast, Norton, McAfee, MSE, etc. whose computer were rife with all sorts of hijackers and all kinds of malware. it’s a shame because the claims these companies make are simply not true. They may well protect users from viruses and trojans, which users are not likely to encounter frequently, but allow all manner of malware, scum-ware, junk-ware, and hijackers. So much malware passes through that ultimately the computer becomes listless and slow to respond, sometimes to the point of barely being operational.

So who’s worse – the miscreats who trick users into installing software laden with malware, or the companies who promise to protect users from viruses, malware, hackers, identity thieves, and all manner of garbage adn don’t.

We have been recommending Emsisoft for a couple of years now and the reasoh isn’t because we make a little money on each sale, but because Emsisoft protects users not only from viruses and Trojans (it’s antivirus engine has won many awards) but from the malware and hijackers and garbage users are almost certain to encounter every day the venture onto the Web.

We could have been selling Norton or McAfee for a lot more money than we’re making on Emsiosft – but we will never intentionally deceive our friends- the people who count on us to provide them with the truth.

So it is not about money, it’s about integrity; it’s about fighting the trickery and deception so prevelant these days – not only on the Internet but in real life too. Emsisoft doesn’t make ridiculous promises they cannot keep in order to make more money. The don’t make empty promises they can’t keep.

No software programs are perfect. There’s not an antivirus/antimalware that can protect you from 100% of everything – and not one can protect you from yourself. You still need to use common sense and reasonable care every minute you’re on the Internet.

And any software program that promises to protect you from identity theft or hackers is not telling you the truth – and that’s a fact. No firewall made is going to protect you from hackers – ask Sony, Target, and others who have been attacked and all of whom used much stronger firewalls than any security software with a firewall you could ever buy. And any security software that promises to protect you from identity theft is just being dishonest.

Integrity, honesty, and trust are hard to find on the Internet – the almighty dollare rules and some companies would say anything and promise anything to get your dollars – or try to.

So which is worse – the criminals who trick and deceive to get their malware installed on your computer – or the companies that promise to keep you safe from everything and don’t?

What do you think?

3 thoughts on “Who is the Worst: The Malware Miscreants or the Companies Who Make False Promises?

  1. Carol Munson Ross

    If you mix them all together & remove the name tags it would be impossible to tell them apart.

  2. Aileen Richardson

    I agree there are so many virus protecting sites that promise miracles with viruses and malware in abundance. I have had Emisoft for almost 2 years after having my computer crash big time with so called Avast and they promised the earth. Never again. EMISOFT for ever.

  3. Caryn Sears

    I think the deceivers are the worst. Having said that, I totally agree with Carol. Both deceive – one using trickery, the other using lies.


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