Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Coming Soon. Take Our Poll!

By | October 14, 2017
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Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Coming Soon. Take Our Poll!

Microsoft will be rolling out the Fall Creators Update for Windows 10 next week (October 17, 2017). Of course not everyone will get it on that day or even this month. If the Creators Update roll out was any indication, it could be weeks, even months before a most Windows 10 users get the Fall Creators Update via Windows Updates.  Of course, those in a hurry to get it will be able to install it from the Microsoft download page as soon as it is released.

Given your experience with major updates to Windows 10 (for example the Anniversary Update, the Creators Update), vote in our poll and tell us how you feel about the upcoming Fall Creators Update.

We look forward to your seeing how you vote!

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8 thoughts on “Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Coming Soon. Take Our Poll!

  1. David Norcott

    So far I have been happy with Windows 10 and the auto. updates, with only a few minor ‘glitches’ which either resolved themselves with use, or with the old ‘shut-down -re-start’ scenario ! While a little aggravating at times, I am still a big fan of Windows 10 and it’s ‘seeming’ continued commitment to improvement even if I don’t always agree with some ! Now if they would just give us back a GOOD E-mail program !!!!!! Dave.

    1. Carol Gallo

      David, that would be great! Really loved Outlook Express. Nothing even comes close to it as far as conveinence and ease.

  2. Libby

    I am not sure about Windows 10, let alone Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. Libby

  3. D.

    I don’t care if they call this update Fall , Autumn, Spring , or Summer…lol. I just want the bugs worked out as many as possible before they get to me. I can wait for this update. I could take a few of the updates and the rest security and I could walk away from this one at this time. We know that is not going to happen 🙂 .

  4. Mae Watson

    I have a blue box that comes up on my screen periodically. It says, “LIVE UPDATER the new version is ready to be installed. Install updates.” the symbol on the left is a circle with an arrow on the left and a blob on the right that could be a face or an outline of Africa. Is anything that I should ignore or remove?

    1. infoave Post author

      I would have to see it to know what it is. If you see it on your screen, you should have an icon in the taskbar for it. If so, right-click on the icon and it should tell you the name of the program.


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