Windows 10: Print to PDF

By | June 12, 2016
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Windows 10: Print to PDF

For over two decades, Windows users have had to download 3rd-party software in order to save files as PDF. And today with so many 3rd-party freeware programs being bundled with all manner of PUPs and malware, you’ll be glad to know that if you have Windows 10, you don’t need no stinkin’ 3rd-party software. Just open your document, click on the Print button (or press Ctrl – P ) and choose “Microsoft print to PDF”.

See the image below:

In the screenshot above, note that Microsoft Print to PDF is selected — and please note, because it’s important, that Print to file is also selected. When you click Print (assuming the two items are checked) a Windows explorer window will open giving you a chance to choose where to save your PDF file and to name it.

It works well. For our test we chose a simple Notepad file and used Microsoft print to PDF to create a PDF document without using any 3rd-party software. You will, of course, need a 3rd-party program to open it (or use Google Docs to open it). I use Foxit as my PDF reader, I have no idea what EB uses. You can use whatever you like including Adobe PDF Reader. Those of you with MS Word 2013 and newer can open PDF files with it.

I called my PDF test file “MyTEST” – I know, it’s very creative right? As you can see by the screen shot below, the Notepad text file was converted to PDF and saved to my desktop. It opens and looks like any other PDF file.


Next time you need to save something as a PDF file and you’re using Windows 10 – just choose Print to PDF.


One thought on “Windows 10: Print to PDF

  1. Don Maclean

    Microsoft Edge will open PDF Files also.
    Therefore there is no need to install 3rd party software to either create or read PDF Files with Windows 10


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