Windows 8 Will Deliver a Cloud Service to Rival or Beat iCloud

By | February 23, 2012
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The Windows 8 Consumer Preview is scheduled to be released next week. In keeping with our goal of keeping our readers up-to-date on all things computer-related, we the Windows enthusiasts among you would be interested in this article detailing how Windows is fighting back against Apple and its iCloud service. The following is from Computer World and PC World.

Windows 8

“In Windows 8 Microsoft will merge its free online storage service SkyDrive and syncing software Mesh to provide the backbone for what looks to be a service that will rival or beat iCloud.In Windows 8, those tools together will automatically sync all your important files to the cloud, and then sync them to your devices. So if you write a Word document, for example, it will get sent to the cloud, and that document will then be available on a Windows Phone, a Windows 8 tablet, or other Windows 8 device. It will also be available from any Internet-connected device.

Those details and more are spelled out in the Building Windows 8 blog. SkyDrive itself will be available as a Metro app, and a version of it will be in the upcoming Windows 8 Consumer Preview. In addition, SkyDrive will be available from any Metro app, built right into the Open/Save dialog box. That means that from any Metro app, you’ll be able to save file to your SkyDrive, and open files from it. When the files are saved to SkyDrive, they’ll be available from any Windows 8 device …”

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