Windows Key Shortcuts for Windows 10

By | November 11, 2018
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Windows Key Shortcuts for Windows 10

Windows Key

Windows Key shortcuts are so useful and such easy and friendly time savers, we like to do remind you about them every so often so you don’t forget them.

Where oh where is the Windows Key? We have had people ask us where the Windows Key is; until then, we thought everyone knew where it was. We’re guessing if you’re one of the many who never uses the Windows Key, you might not know where it is. In the screen shot above, you can see the Windows Key – right beneath the Z key and right to the left of the Alt key. On laptops it is usually between the Fn key and the Alt key. On desktops, it’s usually between the Ctrl key and the Alt key. It’s almost always on the bottom row of your keyboard – that’s the row with the space-bar on it.

Here is a list of Windows keyboard shortcuts updated for Windows 10. Some will only work on Windows 10, others will work on almost any version of Windows. The shortcuts are written with a plus sign to indicate you have to press the Windows Key PLUS another key, for instance Windows Key+A means press and hold down the Windows Key and press the A key. Got it? OK great!

Windows Key  Opens the Start Menu.
Windows Key+ A Opens the Action Center.
Windows Key+ B Highlights the Notification Area (System tray) of the taskbar.
Windows Key+ C Opens Cortana in listening mode.
Windows Key+ D Minimizes all open applications and shows the desktop.
Windows Key+ E Opens File Explorer (Windows Explorer).
Windows Key+ G Opens the Games Bar.
Windows Key+ H Opens the “Share” charm.
Windows Key+ I Opens Settings.
Windows Key+ K Open the Connect pane to connect to wireless displays and audio devices.
Windows Key+ L Locks your device and shows the lock screen.
Windows Key+ M Minimizes all open windows and shows the desktop.
Windows Key+ O Locks device screen orientation (mainly for tablets and smartphones).
Windows Key+ P Opens Projector to search for and connect to external displays and projectors.
Windows Key+ Q Opens Cortana.
Windows Key+ R Opens the Run dialog.
Windows Key+ S Opens Cortana / Search 
Windows Key+ T Cycles through the apps on the taskbar.
Windows Key+ U Opens the Ease of Access Center.
Windows Key+ V Cycles through notifications.
Windows Key+ X Opens the advanced menu. (The same as right-clicking the Windows 10 Start button.)
Windows Key+ Ctrl + Enter Opens Narrator.
Windows Key+ Tab Opens task view.
Windows Key+ Plus sign Zoom in
Windows Key + Minus sign Zoom out
Windows Key+ (Windows Key and the + Key)
Open Magnifier
Windows Key+ ESC Close Magnifier
Windows Key+ Left Arrow Docks the window in focus (the window on top) to the left side of the screen.
Windows Key+ Right Arrow Docks the window in focus to the right side of the screen.
Windows Key+ Up Arrow Docks the window in focus to the top of the screen.
Windows Key+ Down Arrow Docks the window in focus to the bottom of the screen.
Windows Key+ Home Minimizes all nonactive windows and restores them when you press this key combination again.
Windows Key+ Prnt Scrn Takes a picture of the screen and saves it to the Computer –> Pictures –> Screenshots folder.

We’re making this chart available to you as a PDF file you can download to your computer. You can print the PDF file or just keep it as a handy reference.

Download our Windows 10: Windows Key Shortcuts PDF file from here.

4 thoughts on “Windows Key Shortcuts for Windows 10

  1. Gail Bartley

    Thank you so much for this Win10 tip! I printed it out for easy access.

  2. Virginia Borders

    MANY thanks to you two for making this list available in a PDF file. Now I’ve got it!

    1. infoave Post author

      Hi Ron,

      This is what I get for not checking every single one of those shortcuts. I never use narrator or magnifier, so I screwed up by not checking those shortcuts to make sure.

      I have fixed the article and the PDF.

      Thanks for the heads up.

      Best wishes,



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