Wishing You All a Very Merry Christmas

By | December 24, 2020
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Thoughts at Christmas

Merry Christmas

All the children’s eyes are smiling,
Christmas Eve is finally here!
Outside my window snow is falling,
This brightest evening of the year.

Children dream of Christmas morning.
Santa Claus is on the way …
And I, a father, watch it snowing,
And drift back to another day

When I, a child, watched in wonder
As Christmas filled the world with joy.
I see myself, in faded shadows,
Long ago, a little boy.

The house is quiet, dark, and still,
And I can’t sleep although I’m trying.
The children’s dreams are filled with visions
Of Santa Claus and reindeer flying.

In the silence of this evening
I watch the winter snowflakes fall;
Time is such a precious gift…
But love’s the greatest gift of all.

Wishing you all the very best at Christmastime and always!

Merry Christmas!


15 thoughts on “Wishing You All a Very Merry Christmas

  1. Doug

    Thank you for the warm wishes and all the things you do for all of us. May you also have a safe and Merry Christmas. Doug


    Merry Christmas to both of you, TC and Darcy. God Bless and Be Safe.

  3. (Aussie Norm ) Ogier

    Greetings from Down Under
    Thanks for your kind wishes.
    Both you and Darcy enjoy a Merry Christmas day and stay safe.
    Trust that 2021 will provide an improvement around the world with better health.
    (It is already Christmas day down here)

  4. Anna M. Cumming

    We have all been though so much it is hard to say,
    Merry Christmas in the traditional way,
    With so few family and friends around,
    Cherry Holidays together are scarcely to be found.
    But have a “Happy” day in whatever way you can
    Perhaps next year our wishes will be “Merry” once again.

    Many thanks for helping us navagate through the trial and tribulations of the computer world, many thanks for good advise, many thanks for answering questions (even dumb ones), many thanks for countless hints, and many thanks for your good wishes.
    Merry Christmas and a New Year that will be filled with new hope to everyone at Cloudeight!! Anna


    Christmas Day is here! I bring you both, Darcy and TC, the best Christmas wishes and praying that 2021 is a happy year for all. Thank you both for everything you have shared with all of us: the stories, your honesty, advice, and behind the scene work and knowledge. You both are a blessing to each of us who come to you for help with our mistakes and messes. God bless you! Vicki

  6. Sue Young

    Merry Christmas to both of you and a very Happy New Year Thank you both so much for what you do for all your flowers I appreciate both of you and what you do so freely I have learned so much about how to use my computers because of you both God bless you both and stay safe

  7. Debbie Fahlman

    May you both have a Merry Christmas!
    Thank you for all you do for us, that is a gift you give to us each day throughout the year.

  8. Sharon King

    There is still so much goodness and hope, if we only look. You two are part of that “goodness”.

    Wishing you a Merry Christmas and God’s many blessings.
    Sharon ♥

  9. Patty M-Bray (pseudonym)

    Y’all have taught me all I know (and a lot I have forgotten) about the internet. If not for your guidance, I would be here all alone, with nothing to occupy my mind besides my many comorbidities
    Thank you for those of us with many birthdays who would find our disappearing years to be so empty if we could not communicate with and see (on Facebook, etc.) our friends and families.
    Blessings, Darcy and T.C. (Hey, Old Man, did your mama give you a NAME?)

  10. Patricia Mann

    Wishing you both a blessed Christmas season, may the New Year bring hope and healing to all.
    Thank you for filling our year with information, tips and tricks and keeping us up to date with the fast moving computer world.
    Seniors like myself rely so much on the help you give so freely each week , and the knowledge that your help is available to us all around the world when we need it! Good luck and good health for 2021.

  11. Regina Petrutis

    Thank you for the greetings… and for everything you do for us… Hope your Holidays are merry and bright..
    Only the internet connects all of us throughout the world… These days when we cannot get together physically,
    we still can greet each other… Hope the next year will be different….

  12. Donna

    May you both have a very Merry Christmas and may 2021 be a big improvement over 2020. Thank you for all you do for us. We don’t know what we’d do without you.

  13. Mae

    Season Greeting and a happy New Year to TC and Darcy.
    I appreciate your expertise. It has help me for so long. I think it started with he stationary.


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