You Still Have Until October 31, 2014 to Get a New Windows 7 PC

By | September 25, 2014
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Windows 7’s slow sunset continues with October 31st deadline

As PC users anxiously await the release of Windows 9, many are beginning to worry about the latest impending deadline for Windows 7. On the Windows lifecycle fact sheet, Microsoftnotes that it will no longer provide copies of Windows 7 Home Basic, Home Premium or Ultimate to third-party manufacturers for inclusion on new consumer PCs.

This means that the current stock of computers withWindows 7 preinstalled is the among the last that will ever be commercially available. It’s probably safe to assume this was originally meant to push consumers toward Windows 8, but it might end up convincing them to skip the current generation all together once the technical preview for Windows 9becomes available to the public.

Business users aren’t going to be affected by the October 31st deadline — the end of sales date for Windows 7 Professional still hasn’t been established and Microsoft promises that it will provide at least one year of notice before the cutoff.


2 thoughts on “You Still Have Until October 31, 2014 to Get a New Windows 7 PC

  1. JoninOz

    Windows XP is still alive and kicking in Australia, many individuals, small & large businesses, government and communication companies are still using it, the main factor is that funds to change to a later OS is not available.

  2. Bob Palmer

    I sincerely hope that the historical Microsoft production of a good system, followed by a lemon, continues to apply.
    XP was great, Vista a lemon, 7 is great and Windows 8 has a distinctly lemonish flavour so it bodes well for the next one off the rank.


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