Gardening and recipes go hand-in-hand with this Cloudeight site pick

By | April 29, 2011
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Cloudeight InfoAveWe have gardens. I grow tomatoes, squash, peppers, lettuce, and other ordinary stuff. EB grows tobacco, cotton, gingerroot, nightshade, catnip, giant Venus fly traps and arrowroot. I don’t know what she does with stuff out of her garden, but I eat stuff out of mine. One day I was looking at EB’s garden, and being a naive fellow from Ohio, I was about to pluck a flower from one of the plants, when I notice my little finger was being eaten by a plant. EB just laughed. It was her heritage Venus fly trap – the Wild Borneo variety – nibbling the end of my little finger. It wouldn’t let go. I nearly lost my whole hand. If you go to visit EB, stay away from her garden.

It’s almost summer here in our neck of the woods, and we’re all looking forward to planting things and seeing some sun and warmer weather. It’s been raining nearly every single day since it stopped snowing every single day. Sooner or later we’ll be out there planting stuff – I my tomatoes and EB her fly traps and you, whatever you like.

Amazingly, we’re going to offer you something useful today – whether you like to eat, like to cook, or like to garden. For those of you who don’t garden, you should know that you can cook with the stuff you grow. All you need are recipes. So whether your garden looks like mine, or EB’s or your supermarket’s produce section, we have a site you’ll enjoy. Cloudeight InfoAve

Don’t turnip your nose! You will really like this site whether you have a garden or not. You don’t even have to like vegetables. Do you like roast beef? You’ll like this site. Do you like hamburgers on the grill? You’ll like this site. Do you like Quiche Lorraine? You’re not a real man? You’ll like this site. You like Doctor Jughead’s jerky? You’re a real man! You’ll like this site. Everyone will like this site. I know that because EB found it. And if she found it, you’ll like it. You better. You don’t want to get on her dark side. I’ve been there and, trust me, you won’t like it.

Our site pick today is GardenGuides. Here’s what Garden Guides has to say:

Garden Guides’ mission is to be the best online resource for gardening enthusiasts. We have been a popular internet resource for many years, due to our collection of top-quality gardening information, including gardening how-to’s by top garden writers, plant fact sheets and guide sheets, seasonal tips and garden techniques, garden recipes, and much more. Garden Guides’ crack team features gardening enthusiasts just like you, with differing shades of green thumbs from pale to dark green. Some of us barely maintain cacti, while others frolic in verdant gardens that are the envy of the neighborhood. We have a wide range of expertise, which helps us make sure Garden Guides is a resource for all types of gardeners, from novices to experts.

See? They have recipes. Even for stuff with meat in it. Our site pick is not just for veggie eating yuppies. It’s for you, me and even EB. That’s why GardenGuides is our site pick today. Harvest some great gardening tips and recipes today – it won’t be long before the frost is on the pumpkin and the fodder’s in the shock. Summer’s date hath all too short a lease and all that Shakespearean stuff. Get growing! Visit GardenGuides right now.

One thought on “Gardening and recipes go hand-in-hand with this Cloudeight site pick

  1. Irene

    Hy Cloud8 and EB. Just read and subscribed to your site on garden etc… I get such a good laugh when I read C8 rants about EB. EB you should get back at him but I know it’s all done in a friendly way. (Or is it ha ha). You two keep having a good time as it makes my day and others too. I just love all the freeware picks and tips and tricks you give us. Have a wonderful Sunday. Love Irene


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