Trouble typing on Windows 7 laptops

By | April 30, 2011
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Gene has trouble typing on his Windows 7 laptop
While typing on my Toshiba laptop, without warning, the type begins appearing in another part of the sentence. When I look up at the screen, I have a mish mash sentence. I spend more time correcting than typing! Any solution to this problem?

Our answer
EB says: Mine used to do it all the time, and I disabled some of the touchpad features and its fine now. He should go in and adjust the settings – culprits tend to be the ones that let you scroll by touching edges of touchpad (that is probably why he all of a sudden appears in a different spot) and also disable drag and lock feature as this can cause this too (a touch of the pad just right can cause you to go back or forward a sentence, a line, or a word).. needing a reboot should not be a cause or a fix. something makes you move the location of the cursor, and its the mouse pad.

If you’re having other problems with typing text – TC’s experiences may help too:

TC says: I have a Dell laptop running Windows 7 and I’ve had similar problems. Sometimes the type will not appear when typing then suddenly it will all appear at once. There are three things I’ve found that cause this:

1. A browser is open with a lot of tabs open and there’s a script running in one of them that is either hanging or which has stopped running. Solution: Close all open browsers or reboot your computer.

2. The laptop is overheating. You should always make sure the air vents at the bottom of your laptop are clean and unobstructed. Sometimes we use our laptops by setting them on a sofa or a bed or some other soft surface (even our laps) and this partially blocks the air vents on the bottom. Solution: Shut down your computer for 10 minutes then restart it. Try to remember when using your laptop to place it on a smooth, flat surface to ensure sufficient airflow to the inside of the computer.

3. I use my laptop very often. In fact, my Windows 7 laptop has become my main computer lately. Before I go to sleep at night, I check my email and then put the computer in “Sleep” mode. Many times I’ve awakened in the morning to find the computer never really went to sleep at all. It was restless I guess. In any case, I seldom reboot my computer. But even Windows 7 needs to be rebooted very few days. Yes you can leave it running for two weeks or more – but I’ve never gotten very good performance out of Windows 7 if I’ve gone more than 4 or 5 days without rebooting. In every case of the mysterious missing words when typing – rebooting my computer always fixes it.

EB has covered the “jumping text problem and I’ve covered the “invisible and suddenly appearing” text problem. We hope this helps you, Gene, and others who are experiencing similar problems.

2 thoughts on “Trouble typing on Windows 7 laptops

  1. Amber

    I had the same problem on my laptop, but I disabled my touchpad completely and can type without any problem. I would disable the touchpad.


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