Have Some Fun With Puzzle Prime

By | April 4, 2020
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Have Some Fun With Puzzle Prime

During the current situation in this crazy world, with many of us hunkering down trying to stay safe from the coronavirus pandemic, we’re on the lookout for sites you can visit to get your mind off things, as well as have some fun and challenge your brain.

Now, EB doesn’t think I’m an expert at many things, but one thing she does think I’m an expert at (or is that at which I’m an expert?) is:

1. Procrastination

2. Wasting time

Neither is true, of course. I just put forth the effort that is commensurate with my pay!  Sometimes procrastination leads me to wander about aimlessly, looking for new ways to kill or time. I don’t like to say killing time since it’s time that is killing me. Be that as it may…

Here is some info about our Site Pick, lifted right off the site by my sticky fingers:

Cloudeight Site Pick "Puzzle Prime"

1. What is Puzzle Prime?
Puzzle Prime is an online platform that provides tons of educational content for free. We have brain teasers, detective mysteries, optical illusions, and anything puzzle-related you can think of.

2. How much does Puzzle Prime cost?
All content on Puzzle Prime is free to use for personal purposes. A lot of the materials on Puzzle Prime are copyrighted, so you may need permission from the authors to use them on a website or other media.

3. How do I get in touch with Puzzle Prime?
Feel free to send us your questions via our CONTACT FORM. We will do our best to answer as soon as possible.

So if you like puzzles, games, procrastinating, illusions, messing around, goofing off, etc., then behold! This is the site for you. This Cloudeight Site Pick is called Puzzle Prime, and I assure you that you can waste many hours – even days or weeks playing. You’re sure to have fun wasting time.

Let’s forget the crazy world and COVID-19 and all the other crazy stuff!

Come goof off with me, let’s head over to Puzzle Prime – because you know what? It is now an official Cloudeight Site Pick! Puzzle Prime is a fun site, I tells ya!

Have fun. Be well. Stay safe.

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