Harold wants to know about AVG

By | May 21, 2011
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Harold asks about AVG
I have MacAfee in my PC now I was going to renew it but the price is very high, I intend to use AVG but after reading this now I have my doubts but I would like some input about AVG.

Our answer
AVG as well as most antivirus programs with names you’d recognize will protect your computer from viruses and malicious files. But many have an aggravation factor – McAfee and Norton being the leading aggravators. And now with the safe-site or safe-surfing aspect many antivirus programs are even more annoying. How much aggravation are you willing to endure?

The further away from its main mission an antivirus program gets (to protect your computer from real threats) the more aggravations a security program presents. You’ll receive more warnings for sure. But how many of those warnings will be legitimate?

There is no correlation between what an antivirus costs and the protection it provides. We recommend and we use Microsoft Security Essentials. It’s free, it protects our computers and it’s the least annoying antivirus we’ve ever used. As the years roll by, we become less and less fans of Microsoft – but we have to give credit where credit is due.

AVG, Avast, McAfee, Norton, Panda, Trend Micro, etc. will all protect your computer from viruses and malicious files adequately. The aggravation factor is what we consider – and using the least aggravating, least annoying, easy-on-resources antivirus we can find – one that protects our computers well – is what we use, and right now that’s MSE.

7 thoughts on “Harold wants to know about AVG

  1. Edith

    My daughter used AVG, and it cost her to have all the times she got trogens & virus problems, and getting her PC cleaned up. I use Avast and so far it’s been good. Agv, has got a free version, and the one problem with them, is their free version , if you don’t get their paid for version they will automatically quit keeping your internet free from getting the protection with out even saying anything at all.You won’t know it at all. One minute you have it and the next none. So far avast has been good. I liked Stop Sign also . You pay a one time fee for life. Which I really liked that.

  2. Bruce Urlich

    I’ve been using W7 for 20 months with NOD32 from http://www.eset.com This runs extremelty quietly in the back ground. I had my first infection 3 days ago even though I’m running MSE. Eset, on their website provide a DEEP Scan facility, this found this ‘sucker’ and ‘ripped it out’, I don’t believe I would have had this service from any other Software provider. I have used this in-expensive service for 6 years now, after I got fedup with Nortons. Eset have a 30 day free trial, you won’t want to un-install this program after your trial. No I don’t work for and am not an affiliate for Eset, just a very happy user. Very often you get what you pay for, especially when it is FREE.

  3. LaTonya Powell

    I’ve used several well-known AV products and most of them had too much baggage for me until I tried VIPRE AV Premium. I was offered a free trial for a year and after the year was up I was most impressed with the performance of the AV, therefore I renewed for another two years because it hardly uses any space, the footprint of the software is unbelievably small and there’s no extra garbage or offers included in the program. And I must say that I’m very satisfied so far with its performance. The tech support is astonishing as far as their assistance with their customers, they stay online until your problem is solved or they will research and get back to you ASAP. Unless something very extreme happens with-in the next two years I will be renewing my subscription with them. And the cost is very competitive with other AV programs and so far I have no complaints!

  4. Joyce

    I was so glad to read your info about MSE as that is what I use only because when I got my newest computer it was windows 7 and it had no mail program. I actually just happened on it by accident… it is not very well publicized. I have often thought I would go back and buy Norton (I hate McAfee) but like you say it is so aggrivating. So at the moment, I am happy. I do wonder if I would put something else on my computer would I have to remove MSE? Thanks. Joyce

  5. Marcie

    I like MS Essentials but am having a problem with it. I have to uninstall about every 3 to 4 weeks because it refuses to update. If anyone can help me with this would greatly appreciate it.

    1. infoave Post author

      Sounds to us like you have a 3rd-party firewall installed.


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