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By | May 21, 2011
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Windows 7’s start menu is a vast improvement over the start menu in Windows XP and Windows Vista. In fact, except for its lack of a good email program, Windows 7 is the best operating system Microsoft has ever made – at least in our opinion.

Still it’s not perfect. The start menu, while improved, doesn’t give you a clear view of what you’ve installed and searching through the “All programs” menu usually leads us to typing in the name of the program we’re looking for in the start menu search field. It works well for finding things – but still it’s an extra step.

We’re not big on programs that claim to be start menu enhancements or replacement. They’re usually worse then the start menu we wanted to enhance. Then we stumbled on a program called Start Menu 7. Don’t let its name fool you. It’s for Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 – both 32bit and 64bit versions.

Once you install it, you don’t’ have to do anything. Just click on the start button and your new enhanced start menu will appear. It shows you everything the old start menu showed you – and a whole lot more. It gives you one-click access to your programs, folders, videos, photos etc. There’s not much you have to learn or do – it’s automatic.

The start menu produced by Start Menu 7 is clean, bright, and well-organized. We think most of you will find it a big improvement, regardless of which version of Windows you’re using. If for some reason you find you don’t like it, it comes with a complete uninstaller. Once you remove it, your old start menu is back – just the way it was. You’ve got nothing to lose and a nice clean, well-organized, start-menu to gain.

We think most of you will agree that the Windows start menu – in whatever version of Windows you’re using – leaves something to be desired. Start Menu 7 provides the best alternative to the Windows start menu we’ve ever seen.

There’s a free version (which we’re using) and a pro version with added features. We think you’ll be very happy with the free version. It’s a six megabyte download. Start Menu 7 might just be the start menu you’ve been looking for. It sure works great for us.

If you’re interested in a brand new, clean-looking, well-organized start menu, you’ll do well to take a look at Start Menu 7 .

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