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Our Lucky 13 Freeware Picks (PLUS)

Our Lucky 13 Freeware Picks (PLUS) We grew up with freeware. When we first jumped on the Web over two decades ago, almost all software was freeware. Things have changed. But we still use love freeware – not just because it’s free – but because it’s good stuff. And you can’t beat the price. We have probably left… Read More »

YouTube Downloader Extraordinaire

    YouTube Downloader Extraordinaire For several years we’ve resisted the urge to recommend a free YouTube downloader because it seems that every time we’ve done this in the past, a few months after we recommend it, the developer decides to monetize the freeware – and that almost always means bundling it with something else – usually something… Read More »

Easily Backup Your Gmail With UpSafe Free Gmail Backup

    Easily Backup Your Gmail With UpSafe Free Gmail Backup First, we want to point out that Google lets you backup your Google Account (including Gmail) free. It’s a bit convoluted and somewhat time-consuming, but it can be done. We show you how to do that here. But finally, there is an easier way to backup your… Read More »