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How to with Windows | Simply Windows

    How to with Windows | Simply Windows Here’s a little-known Microsoft Windows 10 resource that can help you master Windows 10. And when I say”little-known resource”, I mean that not very many people have discovered this Microsoft Windows 10 YouTube channel. When this article was written, this channel had only 3816 views —  hat’s not a… Read More »

YouTube Downloader Extraordinaire

    YouTube Downloader Extraordinaire For several years we’ve resisted the urge to recommend a free YouTube downloader because it seems that every time we’ve done this in the past, a few months after we recommend it, the developer decides to monetize the freeware – and that almost always means bundling it with something else – usually something… Read More »

A solution for blurry YouTube videos

Sally wants to know why some YouTube videos appear blurry while others are fine I have a high-speed Internet connection and I enjoy watching YouTube videos. But I can’t understand why some of them are very clear and others are blurry. I searched for an answer to this problem but I couldn’t find one. So I figured if… Read More »

Do something really special with your photos – Cloudeight freeware pick

You have a lot of photos, don’t you? Most of you have tossed your old film cameras and moved into the 21st century and bought a digital camera. And with a digital camera, you just snap merrily away because you don’t have to worry so much about how many pictures you can take before you run out of… Read More »