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By | April 11, 2011
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You have a lot of photos, don’t you? Most of you have tossed your old film cameras and moved into the 21st century and bought a digital camera. And with a digital camera, you just snap merrily away because you don’t have to worry so much about how many pictures you can take before you run out of film. No more 24 or 36 pictures to a roll. Depending on the size of your SD card (or whatever kind your camera uses), you can take hundreds of photos without giving a thought to running out of space.

So, you take a lot of photos and you load them on your computer and there they sit. So why not pick out some of your best photos and make a stunning video slideshow – complete with music, fancy transitions, zoom, pan effects and more. You can burn your slideshow to DVD and play it on your 50″ high-definition, LCD TV and swoon over your photographic skills. Or be generous and share your slideshows by making DVDs for your family and friends. You can also share them with the world by uploading them to YouTube, Facebook, or just play them on your computer and enjoy them on your computer.

Fortunately, for you, the author of this program is quite verbose, and that means I don’t have to yammer so much trying to describe our freeware pick this week. So, let me introduce you to the author so he can tell you – in his own words – about his great program:

“Socusoft Photo to Video Converter Free version is an absolutely easy-to-use tool to create MPEG-1 stunning slideshows with your still digital photos. Whether you are an expert or a novice, you can easily but professionally combine still digital photos with background music by using this excellent MPEG photo slideshow video converter software. It includes built-in dynamic Pan&Zoom, transition effects for photo slideshow creation and a Powerful high speed MPEG-1 video convertor engine. You can share your special memories with your friends and families on YouTube, Facebook, MySpace or other MPEG video player by the help of this free photo to video converter easily.

The free Photo to Video Converter Version allows you import your all kinds of format digital photos, add background music, set the dynamic pan & zoom and transition effects, create the eye-catching MPEG-1 movie slideshows. With this easy-to-use Photo to video converter Free version, you can convert your still digital photos to the dynamic MPEG-1 movie slideshows for playing on PC, Windows media player, office PowerPoint, YouTube, Facebook, MySpace or other multimedia MPEG movie player device. You can add more than 1000 photos and various pieces of background music and use the photo to video converter free version to create your eye-catching MPEG-1 movie slideshows in .mpg format. You can make your own MPEG-1 movie Christmas slideshows, Wedding MPEG-1 movie slideshows, New Year MPEG movie slideshows, Birthday MPEG movie slideshows, Vacation slideshows, Halloween slideshows or more to share with family, friends or customers….”

If you’ve got folders full of photos, why not do something with them besides letting them wallow in anonymity? Make a great video slideshow – with all kinds of creative special effects. Be the creative movie-maker you’ve always aspired to be. Our freeware pick today is Socusoft Photo to Video Converter Free version – will make it easy to create fantastic video slide shows from your digital photos. Learn more about or download Socusoft Photo to Video Converter Free version – right here.

The Details:

Socusoft Photo to Video Converter Free version
Operating systems: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
32-bit and 64-bit systems
File size: approx. 8 MB

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