How to with Windows | Simply Windows

By | May 4, 2020
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How to with Windows | Simply Windows

Here’s a little-known Microsoft Windows 10 resource that can help you master Windows 10.

And when I say”little-known resource”, I mean that not very many people have discovered this Microsoft Windows 10 YouTube channel. When this article was written, this channel had only 3816 views —  hat’s not a lot considering goofy videos like levitating dogs and exploding cupcakes get millions of views.

I’ll grant you that these videos are not as fun as watching a cupcake explode, but they sure can help you master Windows 10.

This Microsoft Simply Windows YouTube channel currently features 8 short videos that can help you become a better Windows 10 user. And more videos are being added frequently.

Here’s some information from the page and a list of the 8 videos available right now.

Whether you’re new to Windows 10 or still trying to master the basics, learn how to do more, and save time with these short videos from Microsoft.

Cloudeight Windows 10 tips, tricks and resources

Tips for better video chats 

How to use Quick Assist 

How to make your PC easier to use

How to manage Windows updates 

How to personalize your PC

What is a Microsoft account

How to get apps from the Microsoft Store 

Three ways to quickly find things on your PC

Ready to be a better Windows 10 user? Take some time to watch these short Windows 10 videos from Microsoft.

Visit the Microsoft Windows “Simply Windows” YouTube channel right now!

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  1. Ron

    Windows Office also has many instructional areas available in their “Help” sections.


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