Learn and Explore Magic Tricks and Illusions

By | May 3, 2020
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Learn and Explore Magic Tricks and Illusions

Hi there! I’m one of those “vulnerable” folks (older/pre-existing conditions) and I’m staying home during the coronavirus pandemic whether the government tells me to do so or not.

For the time being, I’m not venturing far from my (very) humble abode, so I thought I’d take advantage of being a voluntary shut-in and learn a new language. Well, it sounded good but I found out it is not much fun — especially if you’re an old coot — and I doubt I’m going to ever be a government interpreter anyway.

And then, for whatever reason, the thought of becoming a magician waltzed into my cobwebby mind. And do not dismay my friends, I’m not going to start making videos of me doing magic tricks and stick them in our newsletters.

However, I do have grandkids I could impress if I mastered a few magic tricks and amazed them – whenever I get to set them again – the pandemic has kept us apart. But maybe I could do some magic tricks during a video call sometime. YES! And I imagine it would be a lot easier to do magic tricks if the lighting is dim and the webcam is fuzzy :).

So I began my trek by searching the Internet for a site that could turn me into an instant magician.  I wanted to learn some easy card tricks first, then move on to more advanced magic like, perhaps, making EB disappear!  Just kidding, EB fans…only joking about making EB disappear… but not joking about learning magic tricks.

All this yammering just to introduce a Cloudeight Site Pick – a site pick that can teach you how to do all sorts of magic tricks and illusions. And if you don’t want to learn some nifty magic trick, our site pick can show you magic tricks and illusions are done. So whether you want to learn some magic or just see how magic tricks are done, you’ll find this site pick a fun and interesting site to explore.

So, without further yammering, it’s time to call in the developer and let them yammer for a few…

…Goodtricks.net is designed as an aid to learning about the exciting world of magic. You will find lots of complimentary easy magic tricks to learn and master at your own speed.

Enjoy this cool site and have lots of fun with your freebie magic tricks and pranks…

There are many magic trick sites and videos available online that are all competing for your attention. The problem here is that the amount of choice is overwhelming. Sorting out the good from the bad can be a long laborious task and can require a significant amount of time invested before you realize that the tricks are more difficult to master than you thought or that they are not explained clearly.

Magic is an incredibly rewarding form of entertainment and art. Whether practicing how to do magic as a hobby to entertain family and friends or to jump onboard and take it to a professional level ? The choice is entirely up to you.

All we are trying to provide at GoodTricks.net is a hand picked selection of relatively easy tricks to do with a high entertainment value. They are explained in an easy to learn manner and will hopefully provide you with a kick start into this exciting and incredibly rewarding hobby.

Probably the most popular magician category is tricks with playing cards. While there are many diverse areas of this field, card magician tricks tend to be universal and a firm favorite with audiences…

They ramble on, but by now you get the gist, right? There are a lot of magic tricks you can learn from this website – the easiest ones are the card tricks. But don’t forget to check out the other magic tricks and optical illusions too. 

So, if you’re ready to visit a fun website, learn some tricks with which you can amaze your friends, family, kids, and grandkids… visit www.goodtricks.net right now!

Where’s the trick that shows me how to make EB disappear (KIDDING!)…

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