Play and record songs from Internet Radio with this Cloudeight freeware pick

By | June 4, 2011
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We once featured Pandora and boy were we sorry and embarrassed. We were ostracized by people who live in countries other than the USA. We are so ethnocentric that we sometimes forget that there’s a world beyond the McDonald’s, Walmarts, Burger Kings, Chik-Fil-As, golf courses, unemployment lines and shuttered warehouses and factories – all those ubiquitous icons of Americana.

Yes, we do know there’s a China because we have cell phones. Honestly, we don’t very often forget you wonderful folks in Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand, and the other countries that I can’t think of the names of right now. And no, we didn’t forget you dear Sgt. Muldoon – living alone in Lower Slobovia; eating carp gizzards isn’t fun is it Muldoon?

It seems that Pandora doesn’t like 80% of the people on Earth and only wants to canoodle with American ears. But we want to make amends to all our wonderful readers wherever you are. Even if you live under a bridge in Bukloon, if you have internet access, you’ll be able to get your ears tickled. So to heck with Pandora.

Those of you over 40 may remember Tappan ranges – they were big and white and ugly. We all had one. Fess up. Anyway, Tappan is no more, they’re now made in China and they’re now called Nappat Segnar cooktops, which are a far cry from the ranges where Dale Evans and Gene Autry played with antelopes, and sang sappy songs beside fake campfires.

For those who are nostalgic for Tappan ranges, we’re sorry to tell you that TapinRadio is not even remotely related. But if you like to listen to music – and chose it by gender genre, you’ll really love Tapin radio. It plays songs you’d never get on a Tappan range, and it costs a whole lot less. It’s free as opposed to $25 for a Tappan range at a salvage yard… if you can even find one.

So if you’re living in the USA and you’re fed up with Pandora because it’s become a Yuppie hangout, or if you’re living someplace else and Pandora just doesn’t much care for you, you’ll want to give TapinRadio an audition. Not only can you listen to your favorite kind of music (the search feature works great – much better than the salvaged Tappan range) and you can also record your favorite songs – thus probably breaking all kinds of copyright laws and treaties; but do not fear reprisal from Wyatt Earp or the Internet Police, recording songs from Internet Radio is like taking a glass of water from Lake Michigan. Who cares? Michigan is glad to give you the water, they have plenty. It’s the same way with Internet radio songs…you can take it and they still have plenty left.

The author is pretty funny too, although not quite as absurd as we are. Right? Oh, sorry…

Here are a few words from the author:

“TapinRadio is an internet radio player that works most of the time. And if that’s what you want then give it a go, if not then I’m sure you will find what you are looking for somewhere else.

Key Features

  • Quick in memory search
  • Many stations
  • Plays them
  • Records them
  • Portable version available
  • Benefits: Free – while stocks last”

The author is a pretty witty and laid-back kind of guy. I like him! He loves you all wherever you live. Unlike Pandora, he loves English ears and Aussie ears just as much as American ears. If you’re in the mood for music and you want to hear what you want, when you want, as much as you want, without gaining weight or suffering toil, you’ll love TapinRadio. And you can record with it too, I nearly forgot. It’s a free download and you can get it here!

Cloudeight InfoAve Premium
Above: TC proves he has more class than this article indicates.

PS: You might be able to listen to Gene and Dale sing “Home on the Range” on TapinRadio. I didn’t try it, but if you want you can try.


TapinRadio works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 (32 and 64bit)

11 thoughts on “Play and record songs from Internet Radio with this Cloudeight freeware pick

  1. MSgtMackel

    I am really puzzled by your snide remarks about Pandora. Since when does someone with a idea have to cater to the whole world if they chose not to. I bet every country in the world has it’s own thing and doesn’t share it with the rest of the world. So what is the point of this ridiculous attack. I just don’t get it. Your argument is venomous and absolutely silly without any merit. I guess you forget this is a free country and, might I add, world, to do what one wants to. Shame!

  2. infoave Post author

    My what a great sense of humor you have. Nothing like “America: Love it or leave it” philosophy. We didn’t denigrate America. You can sit in your little world and think whatever you want. We have subscribers from all over the world, and believe it or not, they’re just as important as Americans. They’re not a lower class. I bet someone in Australia thinks they live in the best country in the world too.

    We no longer live in an isolated world. And you can bet your last dollar that Pandora would be streaming music to every single country in the world if they could cheaply get around International copyrights. But they’re capitalists and they’re not going to spend a penny more than the have to in order to make a buck. I assure you that not everyone is as good-humored, ethnocentric, or as wonderfully altruistic as you are.

    Have a nice weekend! Lighten up a little.

    1. grayeagle

      Read the article for fun, it was. Congrats for your usual good nature and realism w MSgtMackel. Can’t recall if it was Pandora or something else, but awhile back I was harassed with constant marketing – imagine that – on registering with some free radio software. On the other hand, your ideas are… no, I shouldn’t commit, can’t bring myself to … what I mean is maybe I’ll give it another go & try some toe Tapin!

  3. Barbara

    MSgtMackel: You’re looking for venom where there isn’t any. The post about Pandora is funny as hell. Maybe it’s hard for some to appreciate humour (that’s the Canadian spelling of humor) when there is so much doom and gloom around, but that’s the whole point. Try to find humour where ever you go, and release some of that stress with a good belly laugh.

    Greyeagle: “toe Tapin!” now that’s funny.

  4. ML

    Since I haven’t tried Pandora, I won’t comment on it. I’ve used Windows Media Player, the Microsoft website of stations (pretty lacking) and the actual radio stations’ websites to listen to internet radio, but Tapin Radio is by far the best and most comprehensive. With the places I’ve lived and their local stations that I now miss, it’s like going home again, listening to them. I’ve even submitted a station with the suggestion feature. Thanks for finding this gem for us.
    Oh, and what I find hilarious is the ad for the kitchen range. Like you said, you have little or no control over the ads. Funny that they picked up on the stove, but not the radio.

  5. Doug

    It’s really funny you should mention Tappan. My brother-in-law worked for Tappan. When we built our first house in 1971 he got us a stove, dishwasher and garbage disposal at his employee discount. We got an upgrade to what you mentioned. They were harvest gold!!!! That stove lasted 27 years!!! We sold the house with it still working.

    1. ML

      When I was a kid, I always thought it funny that my grandmother had a Coldspot stove, and a Hotpoint refridgerator. Somebody was really thinkin’ (not) when they came up with those names!

  6. Ken Davis

    Thanks for the freeby Tappon Radio. It’s brilliant, and suitable for all tastes. I now listen while on my computer. And I’ll tell all the members of our little computer group. Many Blessings to all your gang. Ken

  7. Brian

    Thanks very much for this one. I very much appreciate your handling of Mackel. It is he that spouts off with his venomous response to your humored insertion concerning Pandora. Welcome to the global village Mackel. Well done TC & EB…as usual!


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