25 Funny Limericks Only Clever People Will Get – A Cloudeight Site Pick

By | May 9, 2022
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25 Funny Limericks Only Clever People Will Get

Cloudeight Site Pick

Ok…OK…this is more of a webpage pick than a website pick, but it’s a page of limericks we think you’ll find entertaining – if not amusing. And I guess you have to be kind of “clever” to get some of the humor here. But you’re all smart and clever!

First of all, what is a limerick? Well,  our site pick describes a limerick this way.

What is a limerick?

It is believed that limericks date back to the 14th century and originated in the Irish town of Limerick. The limerick is a humorous five-line poem with two rhymes: one shared by the first, second, and fifth lines, and the other shared by the shorter third and fourth lines.

Limericks were popularized in the 19th century by the British humorist Edward Lear, although limerick examples are found in the works of authors as diverse as William Shakespeare and Dante Gabriel Rossetti. Because the limerick is such a flexible form of verse, limericks for kids can be just as funny as clever limericks. These funny limericks use their bouncy rhyme scheme to explore concepts like math, science, and philosophy, and the twisty, punny verses will get you thinking—and giggling!

Well, all we can hope is that you’ll find the humor in the 25 limericks on today’s site pick We are (hopefully) going to whet your appetite and offer you the following examples.


Here’s a clever limerick about an oft-forgotten relative of the stork – the pelican. I’m not sure about this poet or how wellican write limericks…  but I like this one. What do you think?

Cloudeight Site Pick - 25 Limericks


The next one will irritate all of you grammar and English experts!

Cloudeight Site Pick - 25 Limericks

The flea and the fly

Of the 25 limericks featured on our site pick, this one was my favorite. It makes you realize how hard it is for someone who doesn’t speak English to learn English. Time flies like the wind, but fruit flies like bananas, eh?

Cloudeight Site Pick - 25 Limericks

The man from Nantucket

The next one will sound familiar but thankfully it’s not THAT limerick.

Cloudeight Site Pick - 25 Limericks

OK, you have enough samples. It’s time to visit our site pick and see the other 21 limericks, right?

Visit this Clodueight Site Pick right now and read “25 Funny Limericks Only Clever People Will Get”. 


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  1. Dawn

    We all need silliness in our lives to keep us sane!!! TFS!


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