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By | August 28, 2011
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Despite what you think, by now, neither EB nor I do drugs. So we’re not featuring this site because all the fonts are on drugs. The word “high” has other meanings you know. EB’s pay is high. Mine is low. The roller-coasters at Cedar Point are high. The price of gas is high. You can say “hi!” which sounds like high.

Over the past week we’ve had several readers who asked us for a safe place from which to download free fonts. And, OK so we’re in love with fonts too. We have a lot of them. I mean how can I ramble on too much about fonts. Fonts are fonts. I love all fonts, even fonts named after machines of war like Trebuchet MS. It’s one of my favorite sans serif fonts. Do you like serif fonts like Times New Roman? Or sans serif fonts that make you laugh like Comic Sans MS.

I can’t make this article any longer than it is needs to be because fonts are fonts are fonts. You either love fonts or you don’t. If you don’t you won’t read the rest of this, no matter how humorous you find me. Well, if you don’t like fonts, it’s fine by us. We can lead you to fonts but we can’t make you font fanatics. Right?

We’re sure some of you love fonts too. The trouble is, finding free fonts is not so easy these days. Some free-font sites are smothered in popup ads, flashing and blinking ads, and questionable ads for spyware and badware. And sometimes even the fonts come in bundled installers. You have to be careful.

So what’s a font lover to do? Well, thanks to our love of fonts we’ve found a site without all the garbage. A site where you can go grab great free fonts in peace and quiet – and without worrying about badware or scummy ads floating across your screen. This site is supported by sales of professional type fonts, but don’t let that scare you – there are plenty of nice free fonts here.

So go ahead, satisfy your craving for fonts – indulge yourself by visiting this Cloudeight Web Site Pick – High Fonts.

5 thoughts on “A great place to get free fonts – Cloudeight Site Pick

  1. Ken Roberts

    I am very fond of the old English font and thank you even if I do not find here . I do it free hand but I do enjoy using it with letters at times. Microsoft does not supply that font any longer .

    1. Tom

      At the bottom of the “O” section, select the number 2 and Olde English is a few fonts down.

      I received a 404 error when I tried to access it. Maybe after a while, the broken link will be fixed.

    2. Kim P

      @Ken Roberts There is a font called Olde English on this site. This may not be the exact font you’re looking for, but I just thought I’d tell you about it anyway.


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