The Care and Feeding of USB Flash Drives

By | August 28, 2011
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USB flash drives are convenient for storing data either for backup purposes or data you need to carry with you when your travel. USB flash drives are safe storage devices because they are so durable. With a little care, flash drives can last for years and years.

Here are some suggestions for you to help you keep your flash drives in good condition:

  • Keep from temperature extremes
  • Use the “safely remove hardware” feature. This will ensure no files are being read/cached or written. Removing while it is active can corrupt the drive.
  • Do not use on a laptop with a low battery; this can cause the USB to fail.
  • Close all Windows explorer windows that may be displaying your USB drive.
  • When plugged in, be careful you do not bump it against your lap or anything that will cause the flash drive to bend; this will ruin your USB drive.
  • Do NOT install programs to your USB unless they are “portable” programs which are specially made to run from a USB flash drive.
  • When not in use, keep your flash drive in a protective case to protect from dust and dirt.

3 thoughts on “The Care and Feeding of USB Flash Drives

  1. Joan

    Thank you for explaining in depth and super clarity on USB Flsh Drive uses. Sometimes due to other commitments I let some things slip by. Your patience in going over these items again in greatly appreciated.

  2. Dorothy King

    Where can I find “portable” programs which are specially made to run from a USB flash drive?

    I am the Web Administrator for an art guild. I created a website for the guild on my personal home computer since the guild (at that time) did not have a computer. The guild has now purchased a computer and I need to transfer everything to the guild computer. I was wondering if one of these flash drives would serve my purpose.

    If not, should I download a website builder program to the guild computer and then transfer the files with a flash drive?

    Do you have any suggestions on how to transfer everything to the guild computer without having to completely rebuild the web site?

    Any help you can give would be greatly apppreciated. I have been a member of Cloudeight Information Ave almost from your beginning and trust/value your advice.

    Information Ave has made it possible to be “computer wise” at the age of 82. The guild and my friends think I’m a genius. How sweet is that?


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